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Chapter 1 – Lifestyle


Namas sadarumara lotis sotiran!

Kyo and I finally defeated Darva, of course with the help of Frey Weilhausen, Nyozeka, Billy MacDowell, Pai Mei Lin, and Christopher William Orson Andrew Roland XIII (A/N: hah. I guess you can say it was fun giving out the full names).

They all had to return to their own branches. Luckily, I was able to keep in touch with everyone.

While I was putting up the supplies away, for a minute, Nyozeka was there to remind me of what I still had to do.

"Kyo…There's something I have to tell you…I've wanted to say this for a long time…I love you!! I really love you!!" I've finally said it.

Kyo just stood there. I wonder how he would react… He just stared at me for about 3 seconds.

"Oh…Alice…" He smiled at me. He was just inches from my face. "I love you too." We kissed for what seemed like forever.

I guess you can say we're a couple now.

Kyo walked me home. Mayura, mom, and dad seemed extremely happy when I got home.

"Hey guys, what's up?" I was pretty curious.

Mom turned red.

"MOM HAS A BABY!" Mayura exclaimed. Dad's hand was on mom's stomach.

"Oh my God, YAY!!" I was so happy. I've always wanted a little sister. "How long has it been?"

"Three months, according to the doctors. Your mother will be going to the doctors next month to check whether it's a boy or girl." Explained dad.

"How cool!" said Mayura.

Six months later


Everyone had tears in their eyes. Tears of joy.

My, no, our baby sister was finally born. She had light-ruby colored eyes, as well as her hair. Her hair was actually very long for a baby. She had pale white skin.

Then it hit me. The words Master Lotsuan said.

"She will be reborn soon, very close to you...as a true human. That was her wish."

"She will?" I questioned.


Tears ran down my cheeks. I was so happy that Nyozeka is going to return.

A nurse came in to ask for a name since it has to be added to the system (to track people) and also for the birth certificate.

"Mom… Do you have a name for her yet?" I wanted mom to name her Nyozeka, I knew that my baby sister HAD to be her…

"Well.. Your dad and I actually thought of naming her Sakura. Why do you ask?"

"Well… I want her to be named Nyozeka. Please mom."

Mayura knew why. She knew that my rabbit was named Nyozeka. Mayura knew that she died…but didn't know of the words Master Lotsuan spoke. She supported me. "Mom, me and Alice really like that name, so will you please name it Nyozeka?"

"Why..certainly…" mom looked puzzled, but she told the nurse. "I'd like her name to be Nyozeka Seno."

A month later…

I shared my room with Nyozeka. Constantly bunny ears would pop out of her head. I guess Nyozeka had chosen her human form, but it took time to develop.


I checked my phone, I had a text message.

"Aliceeee! My dear. I'm going to be coming to Japan tomorrow. Want to pick me up? Flight's at 12:00AM here so I'll be at Japan at 9:30AM. –Frey"

I replied, "FREY!! I MISSED YOU SO MUCH! I'd love to pick you up."

The next morning. It was a Saturday. 7:30AM.

Beep beep. Beep beep.

Alice hurried to shut her alarm so then Nyozeka wouldn't wake up. I got ready and called Kyo.

"What's up?" he answered.

"Frey's coming!!" I whispered excitedly. I didn't want Nyozeka to wake up.

"WHAT?!" I can tell he was surprised.

"Yup. I'm going to pick him up… so I guess we'll come by your house after I get him, okay?"

"Sure thing."


"Bye Alice."

I got there at 9:45AM.

"Goshh I'm late. Sorry Frey!!" I said to myself.

"Sorry for what?"

I looked up. I had been running with my head down all along.

There he was, Frey.

"FREY!!" Boy was I happy to see him. I gave him a big hug. "How have you been???"

"Hmm…" He took a while to think. "I just finished rebuilding my sanctuary last week."

"That's great!" I really was happy for him.

"So how's everyone?"

"Well.. Mayura's fine now and me and Kyo are doing great."

"You guys still together?"


"Oh." He didn't sound that happy.

"I have a baby sister now! She was born last month."

"That's awesome. Shall me go now?"

"Sure thing." I helped Frey with his luggage and we went to Kyo's house.

To Be Coninued…

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