A Celebratory Set-Up

By Ticklesivory

Written for Lealynnkenobi for the 2006 LJ Santa-Fic Exchange


It was Senator Amidala's first holiday season away from home and she missed her family. Her close friend and bodyguard Dormé was always with her, but it wasn't the same as being back on Naboo with her mother, father, sister Sola, and her nieces. She would send a holomessage, but that was all there was time for. Senate meetings were scheduled throughout the holidays and she just couldn't get away.

It was disappointing and revealing at the same time. Besides her duties as a Senator, there was very little that brought happiness to her life here.

It was going to be a rather gloomy holiday.

­­Every end-of-the-year celebration in the Temple was difficult for Jedi Knight Obi-Wan Kenobi, but even more so now that his padawan, Anakin had grown up. The boy's joy and excitement of participating in the planned Coruscant festivities had been a distraction. But now that Anakin had outgrown most of the functions, it left Obi-Wan time to ponder over the memories of the Republic Days he had spent in the Temple as a boy when his Master, Qui-Gon Jinn was alive. And the year his Master had gifted Obi-Wan a display case that he had made himself. A place to store all of the rocks that his Master had given him for his naming days over the past nine years.

What struck Obi-Wan as strange is the fact that the display case only had eleven compartments. Almost as if his Master knew that Obi-Wan's twenty-fourth naming day would be the last one they would share.