Magic Fox, Explosive ninja, Energetic boy


"Dumbledore are you sure, this is very unexpected. We should have found him a year ago, I mean. What are we supposed to do, and plus we have to do some complicated magic Just to get the boy." a dark haired elderly women was saying to an extremely old man. He had long hair and bearded that was as long as his hair, and just as white.

" I promised when I took up the post of headmaster of Hogwarts, to take all young mages no matter when we find them, and where they are. We have the unfortunate duty of taking many of these special cases. I think that it is time that I go off and collect the boy." Dumbledore said. He disappeared with a pop the sound of a champagne bottle cork blasting out.

In a land far away, on a different world, in a different universe in fact, a young boy the age of twelve blonde hair that was spiky, in an orange jumpsuit. He had a birth mark the shape of fox whiskers on his cheeks. He was fighting a young man that looked like a young girl in a mask. The boy was next to a young black haired boy that was full of needles and laying on the ground.

" Sasuke!!" the blonde haired boy screamed, his nails grew longer, the marks on his cheeks were growing, and burst of red energy were exploding from his body in streams like nine fox tails. "I Naruto Uzumaki will kill you if it is the last thing that I do!" screamed the boy smashing the masked boy to the ground ten yards away.

After this very bloody seen, back in the village hidden in the leaves (Konoha), Dumbledore appeared in the leader's office.

"Ah if it isn't the Hokage," as Dumbledore said this the Sandaime Hokage tensed drawing a kunai from under his desk " don't worry I am not an enemy, I am here to talk about a young boy that has some extraordinary powers,"

"Well you will have a job finding him Mister, many boys have many special abilities and extraordinary powers." the Sandiame spoke laughing with a guarded tone.

"Well, I know who I need, Naruto Uzumaki," Dumbledore announced.

"Naruto, you want Naruto Uzumaki, he is very dangerous or so do many people think in the village." the Sandiame said.

"He is a hero, and nobody, but a select few people know. We cannot separate him from this village" "The Sandiame announced with a grim face. "He is now twelve many villagers hate him and he has saved all their lives,"

"The Kyuubi no Yoka I believe you call him was sealed inside Naruto," Dumbledore said the shock on the Sandaime's face apparent, "Your former leader was known as the Yondiame, am I correct. "Well those twelve years ago, an extreme amount of magic was released into your world. 

The magic took the form of Kyuubi no Yoka,"

"What are you talking about, I was there, and I fought the fox. The fox destroyed half the village." The Sandiame cried in fury.

"yes we are aware of the abilities and destruction of the magic," Dumbledore said, " we are also aware that the magic was sealed in Naruto, he is now able to focus the magic, with extreme emotions, at least until he gets further training. He is a wizard. He will, with your permission attend a magic school in another world." The Sandiame was startled into silence.

"Will you permit this, I promise that he will be safe as he possibly could be, he could train on his own, but he will attend classes that no one in your world could even dream of. And this isn't a permanent arrangement, he will return periodically when the terms end" Dumbledore explained.

The Sandiame said "Well only if he would like to go himself, I will not force him, and I believe that there are enough in reserves for the village to pay his tuition for a few years. He will be back from a mission tonight, so if you could wait in his apartment building. The only reason I am trusting you this far is because it has the possibility to save Naruto from hatred, if you hurt the boy you will have the full force of Konoha to deal with"

Dumbledore disappeared with a small pop and he reappeared sitting on Naruto's bedroom. A short while later a door opened.

"Well, well you are finally home," Dumbledore said. Naruto jumped up in a start and he drew a kunai. "Calm down Naruto, I am not here to hurt you I am here to offer you an opportunity that is your choice to accept or deny, you are a wizard, and have and incredible amount of magic. It took us a surprising amount of time to find you though. I should have come here when you were eleven rather than now that you are twelve. I am here offering you a place at my school, Hogwarts. So we can help you focus the magical ability in your body,"

"You mean that I will be able to leave this village, all of these people that hate me, I am despised for this stupid fox inside of me. Of course I want to leave, when do we go." Naruto said excitedly.

"Well then hold on to my arm very tightly, this will be very uncomfortable, but this is the only way. All of your things will be at the school I have it arranged with the Hokage to bring what will be necessary. We have to go to Diagon Alley for some supplies and your wand" Dumbledore said.

"MY WHAT," Naruto said, but he was whisked away into a dark blur.

Chapter one

"Well we are here," Dumbledore said "We are in the London, just outside the Leaky Cauldron, muggles or non-magic people I should say cannot see it, even though you can and any other witches and wizards could. I have to warn you, we are no longer in the world that you know. People here aren't away off your world so please be descrete,"

Naruto was still in aw, they walked in and went to the back of building into a courtyard, Dumbledore tapped the third brick from the left from a small hole in the wall. The wall opened up into a large door that opened up into a large street full of shops. All of the shops filled with unbelievable merchandise. Cauldrons, flying broomsticks, shops full of potion ingredients, shops full of books bound in gold and silver, and many other things besides. Naruto was standing in many complete aw, eyes popping out of his head.

"Where do we go first," Naruto sprawled, "Professor Dumbledore,"

Dumbledore looked at the excited boy, "Well I don't think that you need me around, I will give you the money that the Sandiame passed on to me in wizard money. There are gold Gallions, silver sickles, and bronze knuts. Gallions are the most, sickles are in the middle, and knuts are the smallest. I will give you about 100 gallons, that should be enough to get all your school supplies and a few things for your entertainment. You have a school list that I will give you now. When you are done, I will send you to the train, which will be the way you get to Hogwarts."

"Thank you Professor Dumbledore, but with all of this on my list, I will run out of money, will I be able to make some more money," Naruto was a little worried.

Well I am sure that I could arrange something along those lines, I will send somebody for you at school, now go and get ready, I will wait at the Leaky Cauldron." Dumbledore left Naruto in extreme excitement. Naruto being a very impatient Ninja, used his Kage Buunshin no jutsu to send clones to get the required potion ingredients, cauldron, and school books. He went to go for school robes. He split his money with all of the clones, and he went straight too Madam Malkins Robes for all occasions. He went to the lady inside the building and asked the lady inside for some school robes, and winter robes.

"Well, are you going to Hogwarts too, I am, I am so interested about magic," a brown haired bucked tooth girl, her hair was long and very bushy. She was in some long robs and having them fixed for her height. "I am Hermione Granger by the way who are you?"

"Well, I am Naruto Uzumaki," Naruto responded with a little hesitation because this girl was talking incredibly fast.

"Uzumaki so you are Japanese," Hermione said quickly.

"No," Naruto's answered "I am not that smart, I didn't even notice that I was a wizard until Professor Dumbledore told me,"

"Albus Dumbledore, you were picked up by Albus Dumbledore, he is one of the most famous wizard currently alive today." Hermione started to stuttered, "I wish I was picked up by him, my non-magical parents sent me to the Leaky Cauldron,"

"So you weren't aware of being a witch either," Naruto sighed in relief. But by this time Naruto's robes were done. He said good bye too Hermione, and walked outside, down an alleyway, he met up with all of his clones, he was surprised that all of them was a lot of money 

left. He had about 50 gallions left, but he still had to get a wand, he went to Olivander's, a wand shop that was near the end of Diagon alley. He opened the door and there was a small bell noise, while he carried all of his bags. He dispersed all of his clones, so it wouldn't look strange to have five Naruto's at once.

"Well it looks like I have a customer," an old man, that Naruto assumed was Olivander. "Well I guess you are a new wizard, well let's get a move on. Put all of those on the floors if you are comfortable with that." Naruto did as he was told; he was slightly scared about the strange aura about the place. "Well stick out your wand arm," Naruto not really knowing what he was talking about he stuck out his right hand, and Olivander began to measure Naruto in all sorts of places. "We use many types of wood, and three separate magical substances, the tail hair of unicorns, heart strings of dragons, and feather of phoenixes. We will test you with this one first, Mr. Olivander gave Naruto an oak wand that was about 8 inches, and he mentioned something about a dragon's heart string.

Naruto gave the wand a wave and it exploded in his face sending him back a foot or two. Mr. Olivander took the wand away as soon as Naruto came to, "NO, no, no that is defiantly not it" Olivander said. Naruto tried many wands full of phoenix feathers, unicorn hairs, and dragon heart strings. All of them ended up blowing up in his face or changing his hair blue and back.

"Well that is defiantly not the one" after the wand let out a loud fart. "I wonder, this would be the only one of its kind, but I think that it should be the one, this is a very strange boy." Olivander said as he grabbed a silver box and opened it to reveal a magnificent wand, "made out of Spanish oak, and has a large whisker from a rather magnificent creature. An extinct creature, a large nine tailed fox." Naruto was looking startled, and looked at his stomach, at the seal of the nine tail fox. "Why don't you try this," Olivander prodded the wand at Naruto. Naruto gave it a wave, and a surge of power left his hand, the same red Chakra was focusing through his hands, an blast of energy grew and grew into the shape of a fox. "Well that settles it, that is your wand now, I will need a small amount of money for it about 3 gallions,"

Naruto gave him the money and walked back to the Leaky Cauldron and meeting Dumbledore.

"So you have all of your school supplies then," Dumbledore said.

"yes I did, could we please go," Naruto said not looking at him.