Magical Fox, Explosive Ninja, Energetic Boy

Chapter 18

Chuunin exam Finals


Naruto was in a dilemma, he was completely out of usable Shinobi cloths. This was the Chuunin finals he had to be flashy, but also serious. This took any costumes out but it also took out all of his currrent shinobi wear because thy were all really worn. Most of them were falling apart at the seams from so much jutsu practice with his friends so not impressive enough. He considered buying some more clothes but he didn't have enough time to deal with the villagers. Naruto was sadly thinking about using his school uniform which is meant for studying not fighting. Naruto opened his trunk taking one set of cloths out. Naruto noticed under the cloths a package he couldn't remember what exactly it was. Naruto opened it to find a smaller replica of the Yondaime's cloths. Naruto grinned happily, this was perfect.

(Harry's guest room)

"Man this is going to be awesome, we are going to see real ninja battle it out," Harry said exited to himself. "Just seeing what Naruto can do gives me shivers,"

Harry was thinking of all the stuff that he had learned from Naruto and from the scrolls and he grinned happily to himself. 'Dudley will never be able to bully me again,'

(Ron's guest room)

Ron was currently unconscious on his bed getting as much sleep as absolutely possible.

(Hermione's guest room)

"There we go," Hermione said finishing what looked like her 5th essay. "That is all of my school homework done."

"Yo guys let's get going or I am going to be late," Naruto yelled in the hallway for his friends. "I will wait for you guys out front,"

(The front of the house,)

Harry, Ron, and Hermione were waiting at the front of Naruto's house waiting for Naruto.

"Wasn't he the one that told us to hurry up," Ron said rubbing the sleep from his eyes.

"I did, but you guys took so long that I decided to get us some breakfast," Naruto said holding a small bag for each of them.

"What is that?" Harry asked looking at the bags.

"Cinnamon buns." Naruto said thrwoing a bag to each of them. "That should be good,"

"Wow these smell great," Ron said opening the bag to dig in. "Nice cloths Naruto, you look really sharp,"

"Thanks Ron," Naruto said digging into his first bun.

'He looks so hot in that,' Hermione thought trying really hard to suppress perverted thoughts.

"These are delicious," Harry said finishing his first bun.

"Yeah, when you guys are done, want to race to the stadium," Naruto asked finishing a cinnamon bu.

"Sure," Everybody said. They all devoured their buns within two minutes.

"Done," Naruto asked.

"Yeah, what is the prize for whoever wins," Hermione asked.

"How about to whoever wins, I finish your Hogwarts homework for you," Naruto said smiling knowing Harry's and Ron's reaction. And a predicted by Naruto both of the boys were drooling at the thought of not having to do their homework.

"That isn't fair, I finished my homework," Hermione said pouting.

"Okay, then how about if you win Hermione, I do whatever you want for a day, that doesn't include any life changing events like getting married," Naruto laughed followed by Harry and Ron. Hermione blushed because that was one of the things that would have come to mind.

"okay," Hermione said.

"3...2...1 Go!" Naruto yelled all of the vanishing reappearing when they had to turn or reorient themselves.

'Should not have taught them how to enhance their muscles with Chakra,' Naruto thought with Harry close behind him.

(2 Minutes later at the stadium's gate)

"yeah I won, now Naruto had to do my homework for me," Ron said looking around for his friend.

"What are you talking about Ron," Harry said, "I have been waiting for a while now,"

"No way, I had enough time to get a snack in the time it took you guys to get here," Hermione said holding a small tart.

"Huh somebody say something... Oh it is you guys I thought you would never get here," Naruto said henged into an old man with a large beard and hearing trumpet. Naruto turned back to himself leughing. "Well since we can't prove who was here first, why don't we call it a four way draw."

"Okay let's get to our seats," Hermione said.

"Naruto we can do that by ourselves you need to get your mind set for the battle, don't worry we will be able to find our way," Harry said.

"Okay, See you later," Naruto said running into the building.

(Inside the arena)

"Yo whats up," Naruto said smiling at the mostly leaf ninja crowd.

"Naruto what is with that outfit you trying to copy the Yondaime," Ino yelled at him while secretly thinking. 'I wish I could go against Naruto there is no way I wouldn't pass if I went up against him,'

"No, these were a gift from somebody," Naruto said walking next to Shikamaru.

"How troublesome," The Nara said.

"Are you dressing like that to trick fate into thinking you are the Yondaime because that won't work," Neji said to Naruto as grim as he could ever be.

"Neji if that were true then I would be the Yondaime Hokage." Naruto said sarcastically. "Cloths don't make the man," Neji just left.

"Everybody line up and prepare to look dignified," A jounin with a senbon in his mouth announced. Everybody lined up, Naruto at the end behind Shikamaru.

Naruto and the group of eight gennin walked into the gigantic arena met by the roaring crowd.

(The Hokage's box)

"Thank you all for making the effort to arrive at this Chuunin exam," The Sandaime announced. "Without further to do let us get to the first round,"

(Back to the battlefield)

"But where is Sasuke?" Naruto asked everyone in general.

" If he doesn't arrive for his fight then he will forfeit that is just how it will be. There has also change to the match," The Jounin said holding up a new chart.

Naruto looked over the chart which went like this for the first round.

Chuunin exam brackets

Naruto v.s Neji - Naruto v.s Shino – Gaara v.s Sasuke – Ino v.s Konokuro – Shikamaru v.s Temari

"Wait why do I have to go twice," Naruto yelled loud enough for almost everybody in the stadium to hear him.

"You were unlucky," The Jounin said "Now everybody except for Naruto and Neji please go to the competitors box. Everybody vanished except for Naruto and Neji.

"Why don't you just give up now, You can't change fate and fate has decided that you will lose today." Neji said falling into a jyuuken stance.

"If I gave up what kind of idiot would I be," Naruto said taking out a bejeweled kunai in his left hand and his wand in his right.

"What are you going to do with a kunai that has been covered in sparkles and a little stick will allow you to defy fate?" Neji asked scornfully.

"No, but I know your style and your style is extremely close range combat since in your battle with Hinata during the preliminaries you and Hinata didn't stray two yards from each other," Naruto said remembering Neji's style.

"Begin," The proctor said getting out of the way of the two competitors.

Neji charged in so confident in his abilities he didn't think Naruto could possibly counter attack. Naruto to Neji's complete disbelief blocked his first jyuuken palm strike to return a kick to Neji's stomach sending him four yards away.

"What," Neji coughed up some air.

"Like I wouldn't expect you to come charging in, that is what happens to those who underestimate me," Naruto said raising his wand. " Incedio," Naruto focused a nice size of chakra at the tip. The chakra enhanced the flame into what looked like a flamethrower.

"Kaiten," Neji yelled going into the heavenly spin defense of the Hyuuga's. The flamethrower was pushed aside by the spin which kept on going until Naruto let up his assault. Naruto put his wand away throwing his kunai at the slowing Hyuuga. Neji dodged to the side seeing the kunai cut a little bit of his hair. Neji was surrounded by a four foot radius of clean grass which was surrounded by fire.

"Katon jutsu," Neji panted after his spin.

"No... magic," Naruto said putting his wand back in it's case. "This is a jutsu," Naruto flashed through several hands seals that was missed by the mostly civilian crowd.

(In the stands)

"Naruto is planning something, that is the wind jutsu that he taught us," Ron said squinting at Naruto.

"What? But that jutsu was for keeping flames alive," Harry said looking at his friend in disbelief.

"Just telling you what I saw," Ron said looking perplexed.

(the arena.)

Naruto finished his hand signs and shouted out his jutsu " Fuuton Noboru no Ho," (wind style rising of the flame.) This jutsu took very little chakra to use because it was usually used to keep camp fires alive during rain. Useful outside of battle but completely useless in unless you were doing what Naruto was doing and pumping about twenty times as much chakra as you actually needed into it. An enourmous wind erupted from Naruto's mouth doing absolutely nothing to Neji but to the flames that surrounded him they started growing and growing and growing eating in on the place that Neji was in.

"Kaiten," Neji yelled starting his heavenly spin again to protect himself from the approaching flames. The flames vanished around Neji leaving the same four foot radius that was there before.

"That is completely useless, as long as I have Kaiten," Neji said.

"yeah, but that halo of fire does do a good job of keeping you away from me doesn't it," Naruto said sarcastically. Taking his wand out again.

"You will see that fate will not allow me to lose," Neji said getting back into a jyuuken stance.

"Is it fate, or is it you that will not allow you to lose, what is to stop you from giving up right now instead of fighting for what you want." Naruto said raising his wand. " Protego," Naruto said as bunch of kunai being thrown at him and veered off course into the wall. And none of them were coming from Neji.

"You see what I have had to put up with, even during a test I haven't been able to relax because everybody hates me," Naruto said glaring at the stands, even in a very important event like this finals he wouldn't be able to completely focus on what was at hand.

"You don't know what it is like having a seal predetermine your fate," Neji said taking off his forehead protector showing everybody the caged bird seal. At this Naruto began to laugh, he was laughing so hard that he was on the ground holding his sides. "What is so funny,"

Naruto started to return back to normal. "You have... no idea how well... I know that..." Naruto said just getting his wand back in his case.

"You are putting you weapon back, what do you give up," Neji asked.

"No, but I think it would be better for everybody if I stop with the long distance, so seal which of our seals has the bigger burden." Naruto said moving away from the flames.

"No you don't," Neji yelled jumping out of the flames after Naruto.

Naruto threw a back fist to Neji's face but Neji dodged sending strike after strike after strike at Naruto who managed to block them barley. Naruto grabbed Neji's left wrist and flipped him over his shoulder.

"I am kind of impressed that you can keep up with a Hyuuga in Taijutsu," Neji said landing on his feet. "But you can't beat me you will never be able to beat fate because you are in my area of divination,"

"What the hell?" Naruto said confused at what Neji had said.

"Hakke Rokujuyon Sho (Eight Trigrams Sixty-Four Palms)" Neji vanished and reappeared right infront of Naruto. Naruto couldn't dodge it was to close and two fast.

"two palms," two strikes to Naruto's tenketsu. "Four palms... eight palms... sixteen palms... thirty two palms, sixty four palms." Naruto felt almost every tenketsu stopped and Naruto collapsed.

"Proctor this fight is over, you should call the match so Uzumaki can get some medical attention." Neji said.

"It doesn't look like he agrees," the proctor said pointing at Naruto who was struggling to get up.

"Just fall, many people would have been killed by that strike," Neji said looking at Naruto.

'Naruto use some magic infused chakra, that amount of chakra will be able to open your Tenketsu,' Faith said in his head.

"Thank you but I need to say something in this state first," Naruto muttered.

"Just give up you can't fight fate." Neji said now yelling.

"Neji you have had your family even though many don't care for you. But you fight blindly, trying to hurt people just for what they are," Naruto said crying lightly. " You hurt a person that meant no harm to you and even tried to help you behind the shadows."

"What are you talking about," Neji said.

"Hinata, she has been trying to protect you, make it so you were as close as family is supposed to be, and even tried to get that seal off of your forehead," Naruto yelled now. " You have had at least one person that cares about you. For the most part of my life, people have hated me for the seal the is designed for them, I don't fight fate, I fight for fate, because fate is ever changing with everybody's smallest choice," Naruto said having magic infuse a small portion of his own chakra having every tenketsu exploded, reopened.

"What the," Neji yelled being blinded by the amount of chakra being released.

"I am sorry that I won't drag this out a little longer, but I have another match after this" Naruto said pulling out his wand. " Patrificus Totalus," a flash of light hit Neji across the chest snapping all of his limbs together and he fell to the ground still.

"Proctor, He won't be able to move for twenty minutes," Naruto said. "I could go up to him with a kunai but that would take up time,"

"Okay, this match goes to Uzumaki Naruto," the proctor yelled being met by an uproar of support and approval. Apparently Naruto trumping a genius was one way to win support.

"Okay with that out of the way, I will bring Neji back to full mobility," Naruto said moving closer to Neji. " Finite Incantatem," A flash of blue light and Neji was able to move.

(In the stands)

"That is great Naruto won," The three wizards were saying things along those lines.

"Naruto-kun good job," Hinata said quiet enough that nobody heard it.

"Go, Naruto," Sakura yelled even though she thought Sasuke would do even better.

(Back in the areana)

Naruto ate a single pill that he had though he would need even with his insane amount of stamina. Naruto's system was flooded with chakra almost instantly.

"Next match, Naruto Uzumaki V.S Shino Abarame," The proctor announced to the general dissent from the crowd.

"it appears that people don't like the idea of you fighting twice in a row," Shino said just loud enough for Naruto to hear.

"Yeah, but I will deal with it," Naruto said taking his wand out. "I am sorry but I won't be able to play with you like I played with Neji,"

"Do you really think that you can beat me, after you have already been in combat." Shino asked quietly.

"Yes," Naruto said. "I know your style of fighting, using your kekkai bugs to drain the chakra out of your opponent also impeding your enemy,"

"You have taken in more then I thought you would," Shino said eyebrow raising.

"I have changed since I left," Naruto said twirling his wand in his fingers.

"Begin," The Proctor interrupted. Shino charged sending out a cloud of bugs from his sleeves. Naruto wasn't even bothering to move.

"I am sorry," Naruto said under his breath. Naruto raised his wand calling out " Ventus," A bust of wind blew the bugs away giving Naruto some time to plan. Naruto raised his arm again waving it whispering "Incendio,"

Naruto only let a regular Incendio out only creating a flame the should be used for camp fires. Naruto felt as if his strength was leaving him slightly like he was constantly using tree climbing but he ignored it.

"Shino, you know that that spell could have been infinitely stronger, I have nothing against your companions or I would have completely annihilated all of the ones outside of your body." Naruto said raising his wand again whispering "Lumos," leaving an ominous light coming from the tip of it.

Shino was clearly shock, he had attached the twenty starving Kekkai bugs which were having a feast on Naruto's body but they didn't even seem to have an effect on the boy, and what he was feeling that they were gorging themselves on chakra. Naruto's consideration for his bugs also confused him, before this strange change Naruto would have destroyed any number of Kekkai just because.

"Proctor I have no will to have my colonies destroyed senselessly," Shino said. " I forfeit,"

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