Phantom meets Deity

When Night finally exited the Digital World, he was amazed at his first new world! It was almost identical to his own, except there was a certain energy which filled the air. He was relieved when he found out that he spoke the same language as the citizens of the city. But the biggest shock had yet to come!

Loki was bored, and Mayura was pestering him as usual for new mysteries. Yamino was cleaning and cooking. It wasn't until around midnight that Loki noticed something was amiss.

"Yamino, is it me or is something different?"

"Now that you mention it…"

"Ah well. It can wait until morning. Good night!" said Loki before he went to bed.

Night was very bored. He silently thanked Loki for whoever came up with the idea for laptops! He was lucky that this world had WiFi (Wireless Internet) or he would have never have survived the night! He decided to visit the museum in the morning. Night fell asleep on a high tree branch, oblivious as a log.

At the museum, Night was admiring the art pieces immensely. But quite a few of them caught and held his attention. The world he left had magic, but apparently so did this one! He could instantly see that several items in the gallery were cursed or bewitched. He would have let them be if he hadn't seen a group of children falling prey to the dark magic. Something had to be done, and Night would be the one to do it.

"Hey Loki did you hear about the weird letter someone sent to the police last night?" asked Mayura.

"I saw it in the paper. But I don't know who or why someone would send a letter before they steal something. Whoever did this has a serious ego problem!" grumbled Loki. The phone rang and Yamino answered it. He then went up to Loki and told him the news.

"Master Loki, the head of the police would like you to help them protect the art work mentioned in the note."

"Well we don't have anything planned for tonight, so I guess we could go. But Mayura, you have to promise me that you'll stay out of everyone's way, ok?" said Loki before she could even ask to go. He knew her too well.

"Sure thing Loki!" said Mayura happily.

At the museum, close to the time mentioned, Loki was anxious. Something wasn't right, the police were giving him strange looks the entire night! He couldn't take it any more so he finally confronted the police chief about it.

"Is there something you neglected to mention when you called me?" Loki grumbled.

"Actually there was more on the note than we let on. The perpetrator who sent the note left a calling card near the bottom."

"Mind if I have a look at the card?" asked Loki.

The chief handed Loki the original card and he read the full contents. It wasn't until he saw the name of the crook that he became annoyed.

"Who would go around calling himself 'Phantom Loki'?!" he growled angrily. Now he understood the looks he had been getting.

"That's why we called you. We thought you might know who sent it."

"I don't know who this guy is, but when I find him there'll be some serious explaining to do!" growled Loki as he went back to the art piece.

"It's almost the time mentioned on the card…" muttered Loki. Yamino had seen the look on his face and decided not to ask until Loki was in a better mood.

The clock rang and the lights suddenly went out all through the museum! Loki and Yamino were the only ones who weren't panicking.

"Master Loki, what happened?"

"A fuse may have blown…"

"One fuse I can understand, but every light going out at the exact same time?! I think someone cut the lights!" exclaimed Yamino. He quickly turned around when he heard a sudden noise from behind.

"What's going on?! What happened to all the lights?!" the man exclaimed.

"Why don't you tell me? Mr. Phantom Loki!" roared Loki.

"Heh, you're smarter than your size lets on…" Phantom Loki said evilly.

"Why are you stealing…" started Loki before the thief cut him off.

"Tell ya what, meet me in the park at midnight and I might explain a few things. Until then…" said Phantom Loki before he vanished. The lights came back mere seconds after he left the building.

"Loki, did you see anyone…?" asked the chief.

"No, he took the piece and left before I could stop him," lied Loki.

"Whoever this thief is, he's good…" muttered the chief. All the police left quickly after that.

"Yamino, lets go home and get ready…" said Loki.

Night had finished sealing the cursed art with plenty of time to spare before midnight. He decided to wait in the tree until the strange child from the museum arrived. Ironically he didn't have to wait that long. Loki arrived two hours earlier than the specified time.

"If you were hoping to beat me here, you're out of luck." Night laughed.

"Show yourself you imposter!" Loki growled.

"Imposter?! What the hell are you talking about?!"

"I mean that stupid alias you used on the card!"

"What's wrong with the nickname of Phantom Loki? I thought it was pretty apt for a phantom thief…" said Night, very confused.

"You're insulting the dark god of Norse mythology! Why did you choose that particular name out of all the others?!"

"Wait a minute…you know about Norse mythology?! Are you a fan of the old folktales as well?"

"I'm not a fan of Norse mythology, I'm part of it!" roared Loki.