By: Maiwyn Hearts

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Chapter One

(Meeting By Accident)

A booming stereo, flashing lights, and enough sound to make her ears bleed was what Naminé endured through the night. Kairi's concerts were always pounding with the same vibrating sounds every night. Well, it wasn't that Kairi's singing was bad, no, it was just loud. Naminé tried her best to tune out the pumping music and tried to focus on her schoolwork.

The famous Kairi Gainsborough just had to be her sister. Of course, it was hard to tell, what with Kairi's flaming red hair contrasting sharply to Naminé's pale blonde hair. Kairi was outgoing and a magnet for attention, while Naminé was a shy wallflower in comparison.

Naminé didn't have to go to Kairi's concerts (which were at least three times every week), but she still attended each one, perhaps it was because of the nice backstage, or maybe it was the free soda… well, no one would ever know. Half an hour later, the loud concert finally ended.

It's about time, she groaned inwardly. She checked her watch. 11:28 p.m. Then she remembered. Fans and groupies were already gathering backstage.

They were all crying her sister's name over and over again. She sighed. It was times like these that Naminé wished she was just as popular as Kairi. Naminé's way of coping was to turn around and continue working.


"Hurry up, Roxas; we'll miss Kairi!" Sora called to his twin brother. Roxas grumbled in response and followed. It was by mere luck that they had been able to acquire the amazingly hard to get backstage passes, and Roxas knew that he should be grateful.

At long last Sora and Roxas emerged from the line of backstage pass-people. Sora immediately flew off to find the famous Kairi Gainsborough Harada while Roxas wandered around.

Roxas wasn't the kind of guy to be into the kind of music that Kairi wrote/sang. He was more of a rock person. In fact, the spiky-haired blonde boy had founded his own band called Oathkeeper. It was because of his lack of interest that Roxas found himself bumping against a girl quite by accident.

"I'm so, so sorry!" the girl stammered, her eyes lowered to the ground. Her papers had scattered to the floor. Feeling slightly guilty, Roxas kneeled down and helped her retrieve the fallen papers.

"Here you go," he said, handing her a few sheets of paper. The girl blushed.

"Thanks," she muttered. At that moment, Sora came up and grabbed Roxas' shoulder.

"I got autographs!" he exclaimed in an ecstatic tone. Roxas rolled his eyes. When he turned around, the girl was already gone.


"So, Naminé how was the concert?" Kairi asked her sister.

'Shouldn't you know?' the blonde girl thought. She shrugged.

The limo containing the two girls slowed to a stop in front of the Gainsborough household. Kairi strolled in glamorously while Naminé followed her timidly.


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