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Looking into a mirror, the young girl smiled. She smoothed out her hair, which was cascading down with a simple tiara on top. The hairdresser had assured her that this style was all the rage in weddings.

Her wedding dress was white. Pure white, that seemed to be laughing to her, asking why she was wearing this color when she had already 'had relations' with a man? Not just a man, but the man of her dreams.

It didn't matter. This was her wedding day and she loved her dress just the way it was. Off shoulder straps adorned with beads that joined into a flowerlike pattern on her bust. The skirt was floaty, princessy like she had always wanted.

She had been nine years old when she saw her first wedding. Since then, she knew just the dress that she needed, though the other details fluctuated throughout the years. Thankfully, though it had taken five months and quite a chunk of money, she had The Dress. The perfect dress she had always dreamed of,

Taking some lipstick, she put it on, trying to not cry. She wasn't sure if she was crying out of fear, joy, or just plain excitement that after all these years, all these moments, she would finally be married.

Michael was the perfect boy, she knew. Her blue eyes shone brightly, thinking of how sweet and adorable and wonderful and everything else he represented to her. They had been close since childhood and everyone seemed to be rooting for them, which helped.

Her lips were now a pretty shade of red. Michael loved that color, she knew. He told her that she looked three inches taller in it. Poppa Red had simply said that she looked trashy.

Poppa Red. She sighed in sorrow. He had passed away tragically years ago. Nana Kitty had joined the angels unexpectedly earlier then anyone had realized. Red couldn't live without her, and spent his life in hospices, his only wish seeming to be that he could get offed already and join Kitty.

Not that he didn't love his dear grandchildren. There were so many now. After all, who expected Laurie to give up her salacious ways and become a baby machine? However, nothing seemed to compare to Kitty. In the end, everyone said that he would be happy now. Uncle Eric had joked that'd he be happy for a minute then it'd sink in what would happen when Kitty was around again. It was a bad joke, but people laughed anyway.

That had been a sad day.

"Scarlett?" Jackie came in and gasped, "Oh," She whispered, walking over to her. Seeing her mother, Scarlett saw that her makeup was ruined beyond recognition. She laughed,

" do I look?"

"Like I always imagined," Jackie smiled, "Only better,"

"Was this like when you and Daddy got married?" She asked, brushing though her hair. She was glad that the hairdresser had straightened out all the frizzes and promised her that it would stay straight as long as she was out of the humid weather. Scarlett told him that they were going to Vail. Not at all humid, she thought, knowing from previous experience what happened with dry weather, frizzy-afro hair, and having the XY chromosome.

"No, Daddy and I were married when I was pregnant with your brother," Jackie smiled, tears coming to her eyes, "It was just the two of us, a pastor, and your Uncle Kelso."

"I was just thinking about Poppa Red," She said, looking at herself in the mirror,

"I named all of you after that cranky old man," Jackie sighed, "I still don't know why. He was a good man though, after all's said and done,"

"Daddy said that he helped you out a bit during your pregnancies,"

She nodded, "Kitty didn't pass away until you were about seven. Her cancer started around the time that Steven started to freak out about Doug's biological father being your Uncle Kelso,"

"Then Poppa Red knocked some sense in him," Scarlett giggled

"We made up, nine months later brings you. Of course I had to name you after Red," Jackie said, "Scarlett Katherine, though. That took me a minute after learning of my pregnancy to think of,"

"So?" She asked

"With Doug, it took until the exact moment his water broke," She laughed, "I thought it was a sign. Douglass Robert Reginald Kelso-Hyde, I shouted, and then my dress is suddenly wet," She chuckled

"What about Little Red?" Scarlett asked

Jackie laughed, "Steven was out of town. We had planned to name Little Red, Judah Dashel, but I was three weeks premature when he decided to have some fun with my slide, so to speak,"

She sighed, "Red answered my call, rushed right over and ran over to the hospital before I even started to dilate. He came shooting right out four hours later and I had to name him Reginald Steven Hyde, to thank Red yet again," She laughed, "Of course, Reddy is the baby and I think if I had another kid, it'd probably wouldn't be blessed with that cranky man's name,"

"Someone talkin' about me?" A younger boy popped in, grinning. He had his mother's sleek black hair that Scarlett had always been jealous of. His blue eyes shone brightly and he stood erect at 6'0, the tallest of the whole family.

"Baby Red," Jackie smiled and hugged him, "Doesn't your sister look beautiful?"

"She always does," Little Red grinned, "Mom, Dad's a little drunk. He uh-" Little Red coughed, "Drank a little at Mike's bachelor party,"

Jackie scoffed, "On our daughter's wedding day? I thought after he did this at Doug's, it'd be out of his system,"

"Dad's a complicated man, Mom," Little Red grinned, "Doug's sending in the little men to carry Scarlett's train, but I doubt they can carry the train,"

"I've been training my grandbabies for this moment, Reddy," Jackie said, "I had to fight with Scarlett to get three boys to carry her train and I'll be damned if I'm not getting to see that,"

"Fine," Little Red sighed, "The bridesmaids want to come in, by the way and wish you luck,"

"Sure," Scarlett giggled, "Mom, go find Daddy and make sure he can walk me down the aisle,"

"Of course, baby," Jackie kissed her on the cheek and left, arm in arm with Little Red.

"Douglas!" Jackie found her oldest son laden with his boys. Camden, Caleb, and Cade.

"Mom," Doug smiled, "I'm afraid my wife's dumped me with the boys and left to show off her new, non triplet pregnant figure to the ladies and be a bridesmatron." He sighed, rolling his eyes.

"Gamma!" Camden said, hugging his grandmother's legs. He and his fraternal brothers all wore adorable OshKoshB'Gosh overalls and little jackets that people were surprised to find were for little people. Camden had his grandpa's frizzy hair and a smile always lit up his face. Jackie should know, she babysat them most Saturday nights when Doug dragged Eve away for anything not related to babies.

"Grammy," Caleb added, his hair straighter with Eve's reddish locks almost clashing harmoniously with his blue eyes. All three boys had true blue eyes that everyone said came from Grandma Jackie. Jackie didn't see the blue, but Dougie, Scarlett, and Little Red had it.

Caleb was Mr. Shy Guy who didn't like adapting to anything. Jackie liked to joke that he would grow up to wear awful tinted sunglasses, tight t-shirts, and a dislike of authority figures.

"Grandma," Brown haired, dimpled Cade corrected. He was going to be the genius. He spoke perfectly at twelve months, two weeks before the other two, and did everything faster and smarter, almost. He embraced her, along with his two brothers, as happy as mischievous two year olds can be.

"Hey Cade," Jackie said, taking Cade from Doug, "They got the steps down pat?"

"Camden should go on the right, Caleb on the left," Doug said, "They might rip the dress a tad, but as long as they follow Cade, I think we'll be fine,"

"How are you recovering from that vasectomy?" Jackie asked, "When Steven had it done to soothe me that he wasn't knocking up any other girls after Little Red's complications, he complained that-"

"Mom," Doug smiled, "Let's not talk about anything that makes me want to hurl,"

Jackie laughed. Doug, her perfect boy, was so much like Steven and Michael, it was hard sometimes to believe that he was the biological product of only one of them. He had Michael's brown eyes and his cleft chin. However, he also had a deep, passionate love of music like Steven. Also, Jackie was sure, she didn't know how, but she was positive that Doug had Steven's special piney smell. That scent that made her pretty much fall for Steven Hyde.

"Fine," She consented, "You're walking me down the aisle, and the boys go on after Trixie walks down with Dan. Dan was a cute boy, everyone agreed, surprised to hear that his father was none other then fifty five year old Michael Kelso, and yet another illegitimate child.

Kelso had three out-of-wedlock kids in all, Douglass, Betsy, and Daniel. Beatrice 'Trixie' Kelso was the only 'egiminate child Kelso had, and he lasted roughly three years with her mother, Brooke. He was crushed, but moved on easily, being a shockingly amazing father and a not so shockingly amazing bachelor boy.

"Now boys," Doug bent down to their levels, "You be good for Aunty Scarlett. Weddings are only once,"

"Lest you get d'vorced," Camden said obnoxiously, grinning a little tauntingly. That one was all Michael Kelso, Jackie had to admit, but with the right handling, he'd turn out decent.

"Burn," Steven whispered behind her. Jackie smiled, breathing in the peppermint, pine, and soap that lasted. Many things had changed, but Steven and she: they were timeless, universal.

"Hey babe," She said, kissing him, "I hear someone's hung over," She added, glaring at him, "And at Scarlett's wedding!"

"Reddy's never been able to keep a secret," Steven grumbled, "Just like you, Miss Loose Lips,"

"I know, I trained him especially," Jackie said, giggling. She pecked Steven on the lips, "Can you believe that it's Scarlett's wedding?"

"Feels like just yesterday we were rushing you to the hospital to deliver Doug," Steven admitted

"Dad," Doug smiled, "Good. Watch the boys while Mom and I start off the marches."

"Of course," Steven smiled, "How are my boys?" He asked, bending to the triplet's level.

"Gampa!" The boys leaped at him, searching Steven's pocket's for lollipops, poking his now outdated afro and trying on his vintage sunglasses Jackie had bought for him a few Christmases past,"

Jackie laughed. Steven was always like this with boys. Scarlett was different. He was kinder, gentler, sweeter, almost. Doug and Little Red were given rough 'n tumble attention while Scarlett was allowed to do tea parties and dress up with Daddy. Paid off anyway. She was still her father's best friend and vice versa. They understood each other better then most fathers and daughters.

Jackie wasn't jealous. She knew Steven needed Scarlett more then the other two. Figuring out that Douglass wasn't his had hurt him deeply and Scarlett rescued him. Sure Red had a hand in it, but Jackie knew that Red was only the rope, and Scarlett the life preserver tied to it. Little Red was simply an added bonus. As for Doug, he had never thought anything past it then simply the fact that Scarlett was a female. Jackie always thanked whoever was out there that her Scarlett was both a girl and came at the perfect time.

Speaking of timing. Jackie ballooned up with her Scarlett when Donna was well into pregnancy with her first, a boy that would turn out to be named Asher Michael Forman. What Kelso had done to deserve middle name status of their firstborn son, no one knew. However, Asher disliked his first name and insisted on Michael or Mike. He and Scarlett had been three months apart, and stuck together since.

Everyone knew they were meant to be. Just like how Jackie and Steven were meant to be.

Jackie took one last look at her boy, her Douglass. He smiled at her, Steven's smile and she kissed him on the cheek before walking to her seat. Not too long came Steven, a sobbing mess, his glasses missing and everyone seeing a puddle of Steven Hyde for the first time in-Well, the first time, actually.

He had trouble letting go of his Scarlett, but walked to Jackie, trying to man up. She smiled and kissed him.

"I'm proud of you, Steven," She said, smiling

"Do you love me?" He asked

"Yes," She laughed

"Stand up and say that you object. Scarlett made me promise I wouldn't," He said, scowling.

"No," She said, chuckling, "But I do love you,"

He sighed, "I'm not saying it back,"

"Twenty-five years and I still can't squeeze a lousy I love you at our only daughter's wedding?" Jackie teased

He rolled his eyes before looking at Jackie, smiling the exact smile Doug had, "I love you, babe,"

She smiled, sidling next to him, resting her head on his chest as they watched their daughter's ceremony.

Jackie smiled. Her life wasn't anything like she had wanted. In fact, in an ironic twist of events, it seemed somehow, to be better. Sure, she hadn't had the perfect wedding, but she had the perfect marriage.


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