By: Rachynn
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Looking back on that time, she now realized that she wanted everything. She wanted peace, happiness and the best of both worlds. Most of all, she wanted him. Could anyone really fault her for wanting what was best for everyone in the long run?

Of course, in the end, she did get everything she wanted. The enemy was eventually defeated and everyone was able to go on living happily. Life balanced out between the present and the past. She finally had him, fully and completely.

There was nothing wrong with wanting it, right? It wasn't like she wanted great and terrible things. No, what she wanted was for the good of them all.

Why did she feel so empty and alone inside if she had got the things she wanted?

In the house he built for her, in the bedroom that they shared, they lay together under the covers. His head rested on her shoulder, his warm breath tickling her bare skin. His silver hair covered them both like a blanket, and she wound her hands through it, holding on to him like he was her anchor. Her eyes stared up to the dark, wooden ceiling. Through the uncovered window the stars twinkled, laughing at her.

What about everyone else? Did they get what they wanted?

She saw him sometimes, staring off into space. It almost killed her to not be able to know what he was thinking about then. Was he thinking about her?

Everyone else seemed happy enough, but were they really?

Had she just been selfish all along?

The thoughts that swirled around in her head were not unlike the many she had been having lately. Maybe what she had wanted and what she had gotten hadn't necessarily been what was best?

He still loved her right? Only her?

Small tears began to prick at her eyes, the only outward sign of her inner confusion. Unconsciously, she tightened her grip on his hair, never wanting to let him go.

Want. Want. I want. I want… I don't want… Want.

She had always been the confident one, the optimistic one. She wasn't supposed to doubt him. How could she doubt him, after all the ways he proved his love to her?

Slowly, he roused himself, both the tightening grip on his hair and the scent of her tears preventing him from staying in wondrous dream land. He raised his head so that he was staring into her glossy eyes, the star light reflecting of the teary sheen.

"What's wrong?" he whispered, tired and confused.

She was silent. The silence allowed his eyes to adjust to the darkness, and he noted how red and swollen her face was, how her mouth was opening in a small 'o' shape.

"Was I wrong, Inuyasha?" she whispered quietly.

"What?" he yawn, shaking his head. What was she going on about? Was she wrong about what?

"Was I wrong to want you Inuyasha? Was I wrong to love you?"

Her voice faded on the air and Inuyasha stared in silence at his tormented wife, at a loss for words.

A/N: I doubt that this is a oneshot, the next chapter will probably be from Inuyasha POV. I've confused myself with this fic, which didn't happen until the fifth or sixth chapters with all my other fics. Yes, if your confused, YOU'RE NOT ALONE. Hopefully, it will start to make more sense later on.

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