Author's Note: Finally! I'm not writing a one-shot but a reasonable chapter story! I guess you were a bit frightened when you saw the story's title like that of a song. (And that usually means it's a one-shot.) I'm going by the ages of the book but this story is very loosely based on the movie. "More Than It Seems" is a Peter/OC (if you didn't figure that out.) Another chapter depends on how many reviews I get.

Chapter One: A Not-So Happy Beginning

"I swear, Aceline, why are you always reading?" Thirteen-year-old Aceline Hethers looked up. True enough, a book was in her hands. On the nighttable beside was a book that she had just finished. In front of her stood her older sister, sixteen-year-old Emilia.

"Well, unlike you, I do not want to be depend on a man to take care of me." The older girl's eyes flashed. Aceline smirked. She loved using her sister's words against her. It was cruel, but what kind of little sister would she be if she wasn't annoying? Emilia stomped off in a huff. Aceline gave a chuckle as the door closed. She turned back to her book.

Presently, she heard an alarm sound. She quickly got out of bed, taking two books, a flashlight and her favorite stuffed animal (she still considered a kid) and ran out of the room. She stomped down the stairs when she felt herself being pushed.

"Come on, Aceline!" It was Linda, her mother. The girl felt confused. Just then, a bomb dropped near their house. The force of it sent the two females crashing to the floor. Aceline got up, her legs shaking with surpressed fear. Her flashlight had rolled across the floor. She made to get it when Emilia called out.

"Just forget it! We have enough in the shelter." She ignored her sister's protests as she crawled on the floor to get it. Her hand clasped the cold metal just as another explosion occured, this one closer than the last. The glass from the window next to her shattered. Some of the pieces cut her legs. She ran, oblivious to the pain.

"Aceline, hurry!" The girl had tears streaming down her cheeks now. The pain was getting worst. She collasped in her mother's arms as she walked into the shelter. She fell to the floor, clutching her right leg, which had the most cuts. Emilia gave a sharp intake of breath as she tried to comfort her sister.

"Are you alright?' she asked softly. Aceline nodded, not believing what was happening. The war, the bombs, the bruises-she couldn't take it. It was just too much for a girl of thirteen to handle. If anyone had decided to take a look inside the shelter, they would have find the two older fair-haired females glancing sympathetically at a girl hunched up in a corner. Thick and curly midnight black hair fell down to her waist. Pale skin was blemished with blood that oozed from the cuts on her legs. A stuffed rabbit named Angel(a gift from her father, William, before he went to war) hung limply in one hand. If anyone had bother to lift her head up, they would have seen violet eyes with gold flecks in them.

"It's too dangerous." The Hethers sisters looked at their mother, who had a decided look on her face.

"Mum?" Emilia said in an unusually timid voice.

"I have to send both of you away. It's gotten worse here." Aceline immediately forgot the pain in her legs.

"I'm not leaving you." Her tone was firm. Linda gave her an imperious look.

"No, dear. Emilia, you shall go to stay at Polly Plummer's, an old friend of my mother's. Professor Kirke would love to have you, Aceline." The girl nodded. She wouldn't dare disobey her mother's orders when she knew it was for her own good.

"Wait." They turned to Emilia. "Why can't we stay at the same place?"

"Aceline is curious, like Professor Kirke so they would get along. Em, you are ladylike like Polly." The young woman looked a bit put out and glanced glumly at her sister. Aceline returned the look.

"You should rest," Linda said while bandaging her daughter's legs. The sisters nodded. Aceline hunched herself in a corner, pulling Angel closely to her chest.


"Keep this on, alright?" Linda asked. She was pinning a tag onto her coat. Aceline glanced down at it. It read: Aceline Hethers, Finchley, London, England. It continued to include her height, weight and who to contact if she was found. She felt a bit hollow inside. She didn't want to leave her mother. Her father had put her in his place, seeing as she was firmer than her sister. But he had died a month ago. So the only thing keeping her from being "the man of the house" (even though she was a girl) was Angel. And she had no intention of giving her up until she was about thirty-five.

A whistle suddenly echoed through the station. Anxious mothers pushed their children toward the train, their faces screwed up in odd shapes in attempts to stop from crying hysterically. Linda Hethers was no different. She embraced Emilia first.

"Be safe and be strong. Don't worry about me. I'll be fine," was all she said. And that was all it took to make the sixteen-year-old cry. Tears filled up in her own eyes as she was embraced.

"Aceline, I'll miss you, my dear. What shall I do without my firm daughter?" There was a bit of tremor to her voice. The girl hugged her tightly, fighting a losing battle against the lump in her throat. "Have fun at the Professor's." Fun? While her mother was here? It's going to be hard, she thought, to have fun.

"Go. Your train is about to leave." They nodded, picking up what little luggage they had. She gave the tickets to woman, who took them with a "Off you go, my dears." She instinctively nodded, not trusting her voice. She boarded the train, her sister behind them. Just as Emilia closed the door, the train started to move. Aceline quickly opened a nearby window and stuck her head out. She saw her mother's face staring at her from a long way off. Her hand was waving goodbye.

"Bye, Mum, I'll miss you!" The older sister soon joined the latter, waving in a most unladylike way.

"I'll miss her," she said sadly. Aceline nodded her agreement. They picked up their suitcases and started towards the nearest compartment, which was mercifully empty. The youngest (who also had the most strength) helped her sister store her suitcase after doing the same with hers.

"What do you think Mrs. Plummer will be like?" Emilia asked.

"Probably ladylike, fond of music, poised, elegant, refined, and very fussy about manners."

"Oh, I hope she doesn't drive me insane!"

"Don't worry. If she is what I think she is, then she will make you lose your sanity." The older Hethers sister gave her a playful glare to which Aceline laughed to.

"It was just a joke, Emmy," she said, using the nickname their father had given her.

"I know that, Ace." Hours passed by, the sisters discussing about what their temporary guardians would be like. And then...

"Coombe Halt." Aceline hugged her sister before turning away, her luggage at hand.



"I'll miss you. Be safe and have fun at Mrs. Plummer's."

"Same to you, Ace." Fighting back tears, she got off the train just as it moved out of the station.

You know what to do.