When he first saw her, there was something in his brain that clicked. Something about her lying there on the grass. And then he saw her face and somehow something in his heart quietly acknowledged her as the one that would make him better. Without realizing it, Inuyasha fell in love with her, a woman he didn't know.

She was lying on the lawn, her hair splayed around her head like black silk on the coarse grass. One arm was draped across her stomach, the other above her head, and then above that the stars in the sky. A long leg trailed onto the driveway. Each breath she took came out as a silent snore. Her half-unbuttoned blouse was bunched high up on her waist, and in her hand she held a bottle of God-knows-what.

The party had been over for a good hour or so. All the cars had disappeared from the street, taking their drivers safely back into the comfort of their beds.

Inuyasha stared down at the girl who lay in her own bed of clovers. The grass was covered with paper cups and beer cans and cigarette butts, like dandelions in a junkyard. Her tan skin shone in the darkness from the light of the moon, and he stood in wonder at the thick dark lashes that rested on her cheek. He thought he should get her off her back, in case she choked on her own vomit, but he was frightened that she might wake up, and then he wouldn't know where he'd find himself then. He didn't think he could lose himself anymore then he was should he see himself reflected in her deep dark eyes. He was quite sure of it.

He searched the street to see if there were any cars still parked besides his own. There were none. She had walked here, he guessed.

He decided to take her home.

Home? Where would a creature like her call home? He should wake her up, he knew, but still he didn't think he would be able to meet her eyes and not get lost. He didn't think he could handle it. So he would just take her to his place, just for the night. He bent down and gently pried the empty bottle from her hand. Slowly, he scooped her light form into his arms. He watched her face apprehensively and waited for those dark lashes to rise from their resting-place. She continued to snore gently.

Out like a light.

Opening his car door he carefully placed her in the passenger seat. He got in and slammed the door shut and breathed in heavily. The fragrant scent of her skin lingered in his nose. Rain.

He started the engine and the car made its way down the street. Back to his place.

Breaking at a red light, he glimpsed at her cautiously from the corner of his eye. Should he have left her where she was? Maybe she had been waiting for someone to take her home. Maybe. But who? Whoever it was, they were late. Why would anyone want to leave her lying on the grass in the cold anyway, he thought. Anything can happen. Yes, he should have just left her there. Someone had definitely been taking care of her before he'd come along. They had probably just left to take a piss or something. She had been waiting for them to come back and take her home.

He laughed. Even in his head it sounded ridiculous. He knew. It had been him she'd been waiting for.