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Chapter Eighty

Sakura was sitting alone at the bridge, lost in thought. She was alone, because there was no training for a few days, and she had simply needed to get out of the house so she could find a quiet place to think.

She was thinking about Naruto. Well, not just about Naruto. About both her teammates.

She was very flattered that Naruto had trusted her enough to come out to her, but now her mind was full of suspicions. Suspicions in which Naruto and Sasuke were a lot more involved than even she knew.

But she had no way to prove. Not for sure at least. While Naruto had trusted her, she highly doubted that Sasuke would just come prancing up to her and announce that he liked guys and that him and Naruto were doing the naughty while they were holed up in his house together.

She giggled at the thought. Then the more serious side of her mind took over.

It would explain why Sasuke had been so upset when Naruto had died. She had never seen the Uchiha in such utter despair. The look on his face had been heartbreaking. And that had only served to increase the pain she had already been feeling. There had to be something going on between Naruto and Sasuke.

But how could she find out what?

Various scenarios started flashing through her mind, and one by one she narrowed them down. She couldn't force a confession out them. They would just lie. And she was able to admit to herself that she wasn't a good enough ninja to find out by spying on them. They'd be onto her before she could make her first observation.

So. That only left one option. She'd have to trick them into telling her. She didn't think it would be too hard.

Sasuke was only a little irritated. Here he was, face to face with Sakura, and she had reverted back to her annoyingly obvious crushing on him self.

But he wasn't completely annoyed. He just had to figure out how to make her get the hint that he had absolutely no interest in her without revealing exactly why he had no interest in her.

"Sakura." He paused to think for a second. "I- there's someone else." That was likely to work, right?

"Oh." Her face fell, and she pouted for a second. Then the pout turned into a look of mild curiosity. "Who?"

'Damnit!' Sasuke mentally cursed himself. That had backfired on him big time. "Well, I- I'd rather not say at the moment." Oh god. Did he really just sound that lame?

"Oh." Sakura pouted again. "Okay. I'll talk to you later, then." She turned and walked away, successfully hiding her smirk from Sasuke. Oh, he was so readable sometimes. And for her purposes, that was as good as a direct confirmation.

Ino was smirking to herself. She had just witnessed Sakura getting turned down by Sasuke, and she was smugger than a newly laid horndog. So, Sasuke had his sights set on someone that wasn't Sakura, huh? She had a nagging feeling that it just had to be her. Of course, no one in their right mind would choose billboard brow anyways, right?

In her mind it all made sense at least.

That was why she was "stealthily" following Sasuke home, completely oblivious to the fact that he was aware of her every move. No. She was too focused on planning her next move: she was going to make Sasuke hers. Oh, yes she was.

Or so she thought.

She knew the moment she landed outside the closed door of the Uchiha manor that it was too much to hope that Sasuke would have so foolishly left the door unlocked.

But, much to her surprise, he did.

And apparently it wasn't too much to ask that she would know exactly where to go, because there was a trail of clothes leading from the front door. Sasuke's clothes. The excitement was building in her chest. He was naked!

She followed the trail of clothes and came to the partially opened bathroom door. She heard a little bit of splashing and could see the steam seeping out into the hallway. Ino had never been more excited. Sasuke was naked, and in the bath, obviously waiting for her.

Repressing the girlish squeal that threatened to tear out of her throat, she carefully pushed the door open wider…

…only to reveal the site of her worst nightmare, even if it was the first time she was having such a nightmare.

Sasuke wasn't alone in the bath. He was there with someone. Not just someone. He was there with Naruto. And he wasn't just there with him. He was straddling him, and they were making out. Oh, and did I mention they were both naked and wet?

Ino tore off down the hallway as fast as she could and darted out of the house. It was terrible. She had to go find comfort. She had to go find Kiba.

Meanwhile, Sasuke and Naruto were staring at the spot Ino had been standing only second's before.

"You did that on purpose, didn't you?" Naruto asked, playfully nuzzling against Sasuke's neck.

"Yeah." Was Sasuke's simple answer before he attacked Naruto's mouth with his own.

"There's something in the water, I tell you!!!!"

Tsunade gaped at the old man who had just made the statement. Something in the water? Were they still on the same subject? "Wait? Something in the water?"

"Yeah!" Another one of the villagers joined. There were almost twenty different people crammed into her office. "There's something in the water that's turning our finest shinobi gay!"

Tsunade snorted. "Don't be stupid! There's nothing in the water!"

"Then how do you explain it!?!?! First, the Hyuuga, Neji and Nara, Shikamaru are caught together! They're two of the most promising prodigy's! And now the last Uchiha! And with the demon boy no less! It can't be aloud! They have to carry on their bloodlines, and how do they do that if they're taking it up the ass!?!"

There were many sounds of disgust, and Tsunade's eyebrows rose even more. "What do you want me to do? Tie them up in a room with a bunch of fangirls and let them have their way with the boys?"

"YEAH!!!!!!" Came the chorus of agreement.

"NO!" Tsunade was suddenly on her feet, scowling darkly at the people surrounding her. "Just who the hell do you think you are? All of you! Coming in here and complaining about something that is none of your business. It's their choice, and their life. If they don't want to procreate, it's up to them, and there's nothing you, or anyone for that matter, can do about it. Even if I wanted to intervene, it's not my place. But since I am perfectly content with whatever they choose, I will personally make sure that NO ONE intervenes." Her voice was steadily getting louder. "Is that understood!?!"

There was a somewhat stunned silence. Finally someone spoke. "So… what? Are we supposed to just let them be gay?"

Tsunade's eye twitched, and her voice grew very quiet and very dangerous. "Yes."

Sasuke was very much amused when people started avoiding him. It had spread through the village like wildfire that he was gay, and that he was with Naruto. He had also found out that Neji and Shikamaru were involved, a fact that he found absolutely hilarious, for some odd reason. But Neji didn't care. He was too busy being smug over the fact that he had known about "Naruto and Sasuke" before there even was a "Naruto and Sasuke".

Naruto was thoroughly embarrassed to suddenly be out of the closet and in front of the entire village, but he wasn't unhappy. Sasuke was standing firmly at his side, even if he could hardly stand himself. (Who knew the Uchiha had so much libido? Naruto was sure he'd be walking funny for a week! And who knew Sasuke could get so turned on after they had been walked in on by Ino, of all people!)

Sakura was happily standing by and supporting her friends. She was more than a little furious with Ino, and had gone to find her the same day she had opened her fat mouth and revealed Sasuke and Naruto to the entire village. Ino was walking around with a fat lip and a black eye.

Kiba was avoiding everyone. He had gotten himself into quite the jam when he had picked a fight with a Jounin again, and he didn't have anyone to back this time. Hinata had ditched him, and Ino had no desire to stand by him when everyone was starting to turn against him.

Gaara, Temari and Kankuro had gone back to Suna. After all, the ninja that had been causing all the trouble were mostly all dead, and if they weren't, they were in hiding.

Naruto had said goodbye to Gaara and thanked him for everything. He had even pushed a disgruntled Sasuke to do the same.

Overall, while everything was far from perfect, life was going pretty good for Naruto and Sasuke. While they had to endure a lot of grief from the villagers, it was nothing compared to how life would be without each other. (I know that line is so corny, but I'm always really bad at the endings.)

Training was always the same. Kakashi always read his stupid book, Naruto and Sasuke would continuously sneak away together, and Sakura and Kakashi would laugh their asses off at conspiracy's of what exactly the two boys were doing. And They loved every minute of it.

The End