Title: Defying fate

Rating: T

Warnings: Twincest, Yaoi, Het, Ignorant idiots.

Summary: He wasn't supposed to fall in love with his own brother, much less his twin. Will they ever realize that they aren't acting anymore?

Parings: Kaoru/Hikaru, implied Tamaki/Haruhi

Category: Romance, Drama, and some comedy thrown in.

Defying Fate

It was a double act and he was the only one who knew of it. Everyone thought it was only a game that was used to draw more customers in. Hikaru and Kaoru, the forbidden love. The tragedy of two brothers tangled in a web of lust, love and ease.

The first act was one that everyone, privileged enough to be in the Host Club, knew about. In fact, the club's 'king', Tamaki, was the one who came up with the plan in the first place.

Every host was required to please women, yet their job was slightly contradictory. There were set romances throughout their club in order to show their customers that true love was within their grasp.

Tamaki, being the brilliant dreamer of the group, fell in love with the idea of a forbidden romance, and what better kind then Twincest?

The second layer was where everything got much more complicated. Hikaru was the only one who knew that it existed. It was all centered upon the one person that took them for two different people, rather than two halves of a whole.

Hikaru was scared. Haruhi was the first person to see him as separate from his brother. And to make matters worse, it seemed that Kaoru still didn't understand that he wasn't acting anymore; he really loved his brother more than a sibling should. Hikaru began to panic and that's when he created the second act. He was afraid of rejection from his closest and most cherished companion.

Fear makes people react in different ways. It would make Tamaki make himself look like an idiot more so than usual, Honey cry and Kyouya charge people more money for his petty activities. In Hikaru's case, fear made him hide. He hid behind the one person he was closest to besides his own twin. He hid behind Haruhi.

Hikaru, afraid to declare his love, figured that the only way to run from his problems was to pretend that he was in love with another. He pretended to want Haruhi. He started spending time with her, and through that process became better friends with her. Yet, it was in vain. All of his actions became robotic. Hikaru would act one way the outside, and think the exact opposite on the inside.

He would stare longingly in her direction, pretending to be thinking of no one but her, yet in reality he was thinking only of Kaoru. His longing for his twin began to gradually grow.

Hikaru's plan, however, did not work as he foresaw.

His twin began to act in a way that he did not expect. Kaoru began to try and get Hikaru to become closer, if not 'involved', with Haruhi. This shocked him a great deal. He knew his brother didn't love him the same way, but he didn't think Kaoru would try to get rid of him.

Hikaru always knew his brother would move on to someone else, but he never expected to be thrown away for no one in particular. He began to question himself. What had he done to change his brother's opinion so much? Had he done something repulsive?

As he began to think along these lines, Hikaru reached a state of hysteria. Keeping a secret is hard, especially when you share the same bed with the person occupying all your thoughts and dreams, but what is worse than having to keep your own secret is thinking that someone else knows your secret. What else could make Kaoru change so drastically?

Hikaru began to play along. All he wanted to do was make Kaoru happy, and if his brother desired to get rid of him, he would leave. He would sacrifice himself to help his brother.


Kaoru was confused to say the least. His brother had begun to act strangely and he was beginning to jeopardize the act they fronted together. Of course that wasn't his biggest worry, but he preferred to mention it first seeing as the shadow-king could be pretty scary when he wanted to be.

Kaoru actually didn't care about the money at all, what he really cared about was his love's happiness. Yes, he did mean love. And no, he hadn't met some strange foreign girl who had wandered into the host club, lost. He was in love with the one person that was strictly forbidden.

He wasn't supposed fall in love with his brother, much less his twin. He was meant to fall in love with the young maiden. He was supposed to create a fairy tale. He was supposed to fight his brother for her. He was supposed to win, and Hikaru was supposed to fall in love with her best friend. However, he defied his fate.

This is not a story of the fantasy that should've taken place. This is the story of two boys' reality. The story of those two stubborn puzzle pieces that were not meant to go together, yet somehow they fit together perfectly.

Kaoru sighed as he looked over to his brother. When had everything gotten so complicated? It used to just be the Hikaru and Kaoru show, but now it was the Hikaru and Haruhi, oh and Kaoru, show. He hated seeing his brother with someone else, it was tearing him apart inside, but he couldn't bear to see his brother unhappy.

Kaoru knew he was holding his brother back. Hikaru always was the stronger one, so it made sense that he would be the one to move on first. He just, wished that one day he would rise to Hikaru's greatness; to finally have enough strength to move on.

But, unlike his brother, Kaoru wasn't blind. He was smarter than his other half and foresaw things happening before Hikaru came up with them himself.

He saw from the moment that Haruhi told them apart, that he wasn't the only person in Hikaru's world anymore. He knew things would start to get harder after that. He started to see that Haruhi was starting to rank higher in Hikaru's world. She even got her own ring-tone!

In order to protect himself, Kaoru started to push Hikaru towards Haruhi. The way he figured it was that if he was the one pushing his love away, it might not hurt as bad.


That was when everything started to fall apart. Nothing was ever just an innocent conversation anymore. Everything meant something more than it used to. Their act, for example, was so much more special to them than it used to be.

It wasn't just an act anymore. It was what they wanted their life to be like. They weren't acting anymore. In fact, their life had become an act and their act had become their life. They lived for their time in the third music room. Those few hours together, when they didn't have to pretend anymore, were the highlights of their day. They looked forward to the times where they could show their true feelings without worrying about their secrets being revealed because it was all just an act, right?


The host club was falling apart in front of his eyes, and he wasn't happy about it, for he was loosing money. Kyouya frowned at the declining numbers kept in his top-secret notebook; this wasn't supposed to happen. What happened to the story he had originally thought of?

Weren't the twins supposed to fight over Haruhi? Hadn't they learned anything from the fairy tale he had oh-so-cleverly placed on their bed one evening?

He looked up as he heard the objects that were causing him more trouble than they were worth. Unlike the other members of the club, Kyouya could see what the problem was. Everyone, except our favorite shadow-king, thought that Hikaru and Haruhi were the main source of trouble in the conflict.

But, alas they were wrong. Kyouya could see that Kaoru was the one who was causing most of the trouble. Kyouya might not have been able to tell the Hitachiin twins apart on the outside but he definitely could tell them apart on the inside.

Kyouya sighed; Kaoru caused him way too much trouble. The younger Hitachiin twin was much different from the elder. Although they both felt emotions deeply, Kaoru chose to think before revealing what he thought, which is probably why Kyouya got along better with him than his more impulsive brother.

This, however, was not the most important difference between the twins. It seemed that emotions were cause of all of the differences between them.

Kaoru, it seemed, had no weakness when it came to emotions, for nothing would make him back down from what he thought was the right thing. He would never act impulsively, without thinking about the consequences of his actions.

Hikaru, however, had one weakness. Kaoru was his weakness. He usually never backed down from blurting out what he felt. He never cared what anyone else thought. It seemed that the Kaoru was the person he cared about the most in his life.

Thus, Kyouya came to the conclusion that the twins, were madly in love. They just didn't know that their love wasn't unrequited. Kyouya figured that Hikaru was scared to tell Kaoru about his love because he was his one weakness. He also figured that Kaoru was pushing Hikaru towards Haruhi in order to protect himself.

He shook his head, as he looked upon the scene taking place in front of him. He saw everything so clearly now. Hikaru was pretending to talk to Haruhi; however, his eyes gave it away, for he was looking, rather, glaring at Honey who was engaging in conversation with Kaoru.

Kyouya sighed, and wondered when the twins would stop being so blind.


Honey glanced up when he felt eyes upon him. He flinched as he saw that Hikaru was glaring at him.

Hikaru looked upon Honey, when his conversation stopped suddenly. He followed his companion's gaze and saw that Hikaru was causing trouble once more.

He smiled encouragingly to Honey and walked towards his brother.

"What the hell is your problem," he asked quietly. He wasn't usually this angry or forward, but his brother had been scaring anyone he talked to lately, and it was getting annoying.

"My problem," Hikaru exclaimed outraged that his brother thought the he was the one with the problem, "Don't you mean your problem?"

"I'm not the one glaring at everyone my twin talks to! What are you trying to do? Rid me of all my friends," Kaoru whispered angrily.

"Kaoru," Hikaru whispered hurt, he wasn't trying to make him unhappy; he just didn't want to share his love. His eyes searched his twins.

Haruhi backed away carefully, for she could see that this wasn't going to go anywhere she wanted to be.

"Kaoru, that's not it. I'm not trying to do anything of the sort…"

"Well then," the former whispered hotly, "What is your problem Hikaru?"

"I-I…I can't tell you," he managed to get out.

Kaoru's eyes showed that he had taken a major blow. He started breathing heavily. What did his twin mean that he couldn't tell him? They told each other everything…at least they used too, before everything got complicated.

"Hikaru," he started to get tears in his eyes. If the host club's guests thought they were getting a show before, just wait until they saw the real thing.

"Kaoru it's just, I-I I think," He stuttered nervously, "I think… I love you."

Kaoru's eyes widened. His love wasn't unrequited? He couldn't take it. He had been denying his feelings all this time for the good of his twin, when his twin in fact had desired the same as he did.

He couldn't take it.

The pressure to answer.


He ran.


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