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Pairings: Hikaru/Kaoru, implied Kyouya/Hikaru/Tamaki, actual Kyouya/Tamaki

Chapter Four: Give Up

Kyouya looked upon the sight before him, and sighed, as he seemed to be doing more often than not lately. One would think that admitting ones love to each other would only make life easier, but apparently, when someone turns your lover into a girl, that is not the case.

Hikaru and Kaoru had not been the same since that day two weeks ago. Kyouya had a feeling that Kaoru becoming a girl was not the only problem. There was something else going on, something deeper.

He needed to think of a plan quickly though, for he was losing money fast. With Tamaki being out of commission for trying to out-wit the mysterious green eyed goddess, and the Hitachiin twins gone, nearly half of the host club customers had left.


Kyouya glanced up at the mention of his name, "What is it Haruhi?"

"I have a plan."


"Hikaru," Kaoru whined hopelessly, "Please talk to me."

Things had been going relatively smoothly until the end of last week, well, as smoothly as things could go when one was turned into a girl. Hikaru had been showering him with attention and affection trying to prove his love. After a week though, he had suddenly stopped.

Hikaru had gotten frustrated with Kaoru. He knew that it would take a while for Kaoru's walls to come down, but he couldn't stand knowing that he wasn't trusted. He had tried everything that he could think of to prove his love to Kaoru, but, alas, nothing seemed to work.

Looking upon his twin's saddened face a storm of emotions began to swirl within Hikaru.

"Kaoru," he said emitting his frustrations, "How can you not believe me? I love you with all of my heart! I always have! I never even liked Haruhi. I only pretended to love her so that I wouldn't hurt you. I didn't want you to be disgusted. There's only one person for me. It's you Kaoru. It always has been. You and only you."

Hikaru then proceeded to sweep up his twin in a mind blowing kiss.

Kaoru's eyes widened at Hikaru's sudden words and actions, slowly closing as he became swept into the moment. He whimpered when Hikaru pulled away, wanting the moment to have lasted longer.

Hikaru glanced down at Kaoru hopefully frowning when he took in his brother's appearance.

"Why the hell didn't that work…" he mumbled to himself out of frustration.

Kaoru, unfortunately, had heard his brother's words. "It's not like I asked to be turned into a girl, Hikaru. I trust you and I love you, so I don't know why it's not working."

Hikaru's eyes widened with a sudden thought. He was so overcome by it that he stormed out of the room leaving his brother in his wake.

Kaoru sighed helplessly, "I hope he isn't mad at me." To which he would allow himself to believe for a few moments longer before throwing himself into a world of confusion.


Haruhi winced as her door was slammed open, glancing towards the aforementioned object only to see a distraught Hikaru. The boy was dripping wet from the storm raging outside, for it had appeared that he had run all the way to her house, having forgone his car in all of his haste.

"Haruhi." Hikaru collapsed next to the girl, panting from all of his efforts. "I don't know what to do anymore. No matter what I do Kaoru won't believe that I love him and not you."

Haruhi began to speak, but Hikaru cut her off, not wanting to know what she was going to say. "I don't know what you're going to say to comfort me, but don't. I'm sick of everyone only giving me advice and not actually trying to do anything. I really need you to do something for me. I need you to talk to Kaoru."

The girl, exasperated with Hikaru's outrageousness, decided to placate him by playing along, if only for a while. "What do you want me to say?"

"Could you just tell him that there was never anything between us? I've tried to tell him but he just doesn't trust me. I think he might listen if it comes from you."

"No Hikaru-" Haruhi was cut off once again by an irritated twin shaking her shoulders.

"Please Haruhi; I'll do anything. I can't stand this any longer! I need to be with him."

She sighed; this whole situation was getting way out of hand; times like these made her resent Kyouya for holding her debt over her even more than usual.

"Hikaru," she began, pushing the boy off of her, "There is no need for me to speak to Kaoru. I think I have a solution to all of your problems."

Hikaru glanced up surprised as Kyouya entered the room.


"Kaoru please just come to the Host Club. Everyone is really worried about you."

"Fine Hikaru, but I'm not happy about it."


"What do you mean you and Kyouya are dating? How could you mother? How could you leave me for your own daughter!?"

"Tamaki, I am not your wife."

"And I am not your daughter."

This was the scene that Hikaru and Kaoru came upon once they had entered the Third Music Room.

Kyouya had an arm around Haruhi's waist and Tamaki looked like he was about to bite of one of their heads; however, Kaoru could not tell if it was Haruhi or Kyouya their lord wanted to hurt.

"So you two are together," Kaoru stated hesitantly, trying to gauge the situation in front of him.

"Yes, we are," Kyouya and Haruhi stated in synchrony, both glancing towards Hikaru to see a gigantic smile upon his face.

"And how long have you been together," he continued to question.

"Well," Haruhi began, placing a fake blush upon her cheeks, "For quite a while actually."

Kyouya continued Haruhi's thought for her, his arm tightening around her waist, pulling her closer to him, "Nearly as long as she has been here, ever since that one vacation we took to the beach."

Hikaru's grin widened, if possible; the two were quite good at acting. If he didn't know any better, he would've thought that they were actually together. In reality, Haruhi and Kyouya were pretending to be dating in order to quell Kaoru's minds.

He wasn't quite certain why Haruhi was helping out, probably because they were being annoying rich bastards, but he was quite positive that Kyouya was playing along because of all of the money he was losing from the Hitachiin twins' absence.

Kaoru's mind was reeling. How could the two have been together so long without anyone finding out? He truly had thought that Hikaru and Haruhi had been together.

Kyouya sensed the younger twin's doubt and he could not allow that to remain. Therefore he pulled Haruhi close to him and up towards him to compensate for their height difference. He stopped quickly by her ear murmuring a quick, "I'm sorry," before planting a kiss on her surprised lips. He kept his eyes opened and locked on Tamaki's own eyes.

Kaoru's eyes widened, shocked. He had no doubts any longer. If Kyouya and Haruhi had been together that long, then that meant that Hikaru had been telling the truth. He had never liked Haruhi.

Kaoru could trust Hikaru again.

"Hikaru," Kaoru whimpered in a tiny voice, "Kiss me."

Hikaru's eyes widened, "In front of everyone?"

"Yes, just do it now damn it!"

Hikaru had no problem with complying with Kaoru, once he knew that his twin meant it. He pulled the boy in a girl's body towards him, one hand grasping around his brother's waist, the other gently turning his twin's jaw upwards.

Kaoru lifted himself up onto his toes and clasped his arms around his neck, pulling himself as close to his twin as humanly possible.

Their lips met, each grasping at each other as if afraid he was going to disappear forever.

They pulled apart reluctantly, neither wanting the moment to end. Unfortunately, their bliss did not last much longer.

Hikaru glanced down at his brother, hoping that he had returned to his original form. However, his eyes met with his brother's feminine qualities and a little part of him died inside.

What had he done wrong? Clearly trust was not the issue any longer; Kaoru finally believe that he had never had any feelings more than platonic for Haruhi. He could conclude only one thing: his brother did not truly love him.

Kaoru glanced up at his brother's eyes and met with a sight he had never seen before. He had seen Hikaru disappointed, heart broken, and devastated, but he had never seen this. Hikaru's eyes were void of hope. His brother had given up on him.

Kaoru could not figure out what was wrong with him. He loved Hikaru, he truly did. He trusted him and he wanted to be with him in any and every possible way. What the hell was his issue?

Hikaru detached himself from his feminine brother and left the room without even a glance back at the members of the host club.

"Kaoru-chan," Honey bounced towards the girlish figure near the doorway, "I'm sure everything will work out! Here have some cake!"

However, Kaoru did not accept the deceivingly older boy's offer, and instead left the room, leaving the hallway in the opposite direction of his brother.

"What are we going to do Kyouya?" Haruhi whispered, stepping out of her sempai's embrace.

"I have an idea, Haruhi," the older boy spoke so that he was only audible to her. He once again grabbed her around her waist and pulled her flush against him, glancing over her shoulder at Tamaki, and locking eyes with him, all the while whispering in her ear.

"I do believe, however, that we must keep up our act. We cannot allow any more suspicions to creep into Karou's mind. That would undo everything that we have worked for."

Haruhi sighed in compliance, getting the feeling that there was another side to Kyouya's involvement in this role than monetary profit.


A week had passed, and it was time for the Host Club to host yet another ball. Kyouya was forcing all the members of the club to attend. He had threatened the twins each in his own way, so that there was no possible way for them to refuse to attend.

Hikaru and Kaoru had arrived together; however, they were no where near one another. Hikaru was standing near the base of the stairs as if he was afraid he would have to make a quick escape at any moment. Kaoru, on the other hand, was sitting at a table, trying to hide the fact that he was dressed in an elegant gown. Honestly, he couldn't believe that the customers believed that he was just dressing as a girl.

Kyouya approached the girlish figure with determination in his stride. Haruhi stood off to the side watching her pretend boyfriend approach another woman.

"Kaoru," Kyouya bore down on the younger figure, "You must dance with me."

Kaoru began to protest, but recognized the look in the shadow king's eyes and knew that there was no possible way for him to refuse unharmed.

Kyouya led the younger twin towards the dance floor and nodded at the orchestra to play a slow waltz.

"Kaoru," Kyouya began a conversation as he spun the twin around the dance floor, "Why is it that you doubt your love?"

"I don't really even know," Kaoru glanced up into Kyouya's eyes and suddenly felt assured of himself. "I just feel that this is all so impossible. Hikaru's love for me appeared so suddenly and it seems unreal. He has been trying so hard to prove to me that he loves me that I think that maybe he's just trying to convince himself that he loves me, so that he won't hurt me by rejecting me.

"Sometimes I even doubt my own love for him. Maybe I'm just misinterpreting my feelings for him. I might actually love someone else and I just don't know it yet.

"I know that he doesn't like Haruhi since you two have been together, but that doesn't mean that he doesn't like someone else. I mean he could like Tamaki since he always plays pranks on him and-" Kaoru was suddenly cut off by Kyouya's lips.

The twin's sempai had gotten frustrated. Kaoru was spouting a bunch of nonsense. He had planned on letting the boy go on before he kissed him, but then he just had to go and mention Tamaki. He could not have Kaoru bringing Tamaki into this situation.

"Listen Kaoru," Kyouya began as he pulled away, "You don't like anyone else. You felt nothing from that kiss and you won't feel anything from anyone other than Hikaru. He has always loved you. He always sneaks glances at you when he thinks that you aren't looking. Sometimes people just don't act on their feelings until something provokes them to. Sometimes that's by invoking emotions, such as jealousy in them, or sometimes its by flat out stating your feelings for them.

"Regardless, you love him, and he loves you. Stop thinking about it. Trust your instincts and let your love consume you. Now I must leave you to deal with my own idiot."

Kyouya left a stunned Kaoru, following the fleeing figure of their king.


Kyouya grabbed Tamaki's shoulder, stopping him from running any further.

"How can you do that, Kyouya," Tamaki sobbed both angrily and sadly, "How can you just go around kissing people like that?"

Kyouya pulled the boy towards him, their bodies fitting together like two long separated puzzle pieces.

"To get a certain idiot's attention."

Tamaki glanced up, his words being muffled by Kyouya's shirt which he was clenching onto, "From now on it better only be me!"

Kyouya leaned down with a devilish smirk on his face, "Of course."


Kaoru ran off the dance floor towards his long neglected brother. The distance between the stairs and his current location had never seemed so long before.

Finally, he reached his destination. "Hikaru."

He flung himself towards his brother, tackling him to the ground. He smashed his lips upon his brother's, not thinking about the reasoning behind it.

Hikaru gasped into the kiss, wrapping his arms around his brother and ran his arms up his back. Suddenly, the twins became even closer as Kaoru's upper body dropped onto Hikaru's. Their legs suddenly became entangled as Kaoru returned to his original height.

Hikaru reluctantly pushed Kaoru away from him, glancing at his brother's form. "Kaoru! You're a boy!"

The aforementioned twin grinned, grabbed his brother's hand, and pulled him up off of the ground. He began to run up the stairs, dragging his brother with him; they had some long delayed business to attend to at home.

The crowd in the ballroom looked confusedly towards the garden and the staircase where Kyouya and Tamaki and Hikaru and Kaoru had disappeared, respectively.

Mori sighed and pushed Haruhi towards the center of the room.

"Ladies, we hope you enjoyed tonight's performance entitled 'The forbidden loves: brothers and best friends' written by our very own, Kyouya-Sempai."

Haruhi meandered out of the ballroom tired of everything that she had to deal with.

Mori followed with Honey keeping his eyes on Haruhi's retreating figure, thinking to himself that he might act on his own instincts soon, too.

Meanwhile, Honey laughed as Haruhi muttered to herself:

"Rich Bastards…"


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