Yes, this is an authors note, yes I know it's against the rules, yes I know someone's gonna go whine about it, you'll all live. The point to this author's note is to say, I dunno when the sequel will be out, it might take a muse has been six feet under and sinking since I finished this fic..however, if you would like to read more of my work, please go to darkenedxphoenix . Deviantart . Com to find some of my one shots. If you want to watch me, please watch the account desuxdecchi. Hehe, I liked the name too much to not make an account name out of it. .;;

the desuxdecchi account is at desuxdecchi . deviantart. com

and take out the spaces..

I'll work on the sequel once my muse comes back to life..dunno when that'll be. Sorry to everyone who has been waiting on it.