By: Hiki-chan

Naruto's Pov

There I see them... walking together. Again.

I can hear the whispers. They say that Sasuke and Sakura look cute together.

I want to go over and say hello... But my legs won't let me.

So I observe them from a distance.

The girl who is now a woman, whom I once thought I had loved. And, the bastard, who is still a bastard, has become the one I really loved.

What the hell is this irony?

I grudgingly admit that yes, Sakura's pink hair does contrast nicely to Sasuke's raven one.

She is like pink... he is like blue.

Both colour's match don't they?

Mine is... yellow. It's too bright. It doesn't belong in that circle.

So I am left here... alone.


An outcast.

Sakura's Pov

Here I am trying to convince this idiot to admit he likes Naruto.

Che! He won't budge.

I've been trying for weeks! Still I'm at a no-go situation.

It's so easy to see...

When I stand aside, when I see them together.

You get the feeling of fire and ice.

Light and Dark.

Ying and Yang.

Just complete opposites that attract each other.

Hell, even their hair colour's match. Yellow outshines my pink and matches so well with black and blue.

Slowly, they'll realise.


Hey, he's beginning to respond!

Sasuke's Pov

Stupid girl keeps tailing me to get my to admit I like the dobe.

I know I like the dobe, woman! Quit tailing me.

What? I'm not doing anything about it?

I'm going to bloody do something about it if you don't shut up!

You're going to talk more?

All right, you asked for it.

Naruto's Pov

Huh? Bastard? What do you want?

What do you--- Mpppphhh!

Sakura's Pov

Pictures, pictures! Got to take lots of pictures!

It was a blur of orange, yellow and black and blue!

Oh my, did he just use a tongue?!


Sasuke's Pov

Hn, there. I did it.

I really like it when your lips are swollen and red, dobe.

Naruto, absolutely kiss worthy yes.

Stupid woman still taking photos... che.

What's that dobe? You want another kiss?


Much obliged.