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Chapter One: Irony

On the last Chapter: Must Escape!

"Cheap Shot!" I yelled and hit him with my pillow.

I swear you could hear our screams late into the night as we exchanged blows with our pillows. I don't remember when we fell asleep. But I do remember that neither of us slept on the floor.

No Point of View:

Syaoran woke up to a huge headache. He opened his eyes groggily and yawned. Just then his hand made contact with something...soft, not like a pillow, more like...He turned to see Sakura lying so close he could feel her breath on his arm. Gulp.

Then he remembered what happened last night. The pillow fight and all. How they ended up in the bed he would never know. he tried to move away slowly so as not to end up in an akward position later.

Then Sakura moved. Syaoran froze. She stretched, her eyes still closed, and fell off the bed...sort of. Her head was on the floor but her feet were still on the bed. Syaoran panicked and looked down where she fell. She was still asleep and relatively unphased. He sighed and layed back down. Before he could even think too much more about their predicament he fell back asleep.

back to sakura's Pov:

I wish I could tell you that the one night in the room made us realize that we were meant to be and we were stupid to not notice it before now but...it didn't. When I woke up I realized that my head was on the floor and my feet were still on the bed. Suddenly a stunning revolation came upon me. Why is it that in so many songs that girls sing they talk about how they want to be with the guy that cheated on them, or that they wish they hadn't broken up with their old boyfriends. Or! This is my favorite, when girls sing about how they love this guy they haven't even talked to...Why? I think I must have bumped my head. Ow. Yeah there's a rather large bump.

Then something else came into my head. If I don't get out of here I'll probably fall in love. Wow, must have hit my head harder than I thought. I can't let that happen. I will not be in a situation where I love someone who doesn't love me. Must Escape!

Ok I need a plan. Plan.Plan...I sat up and pulled myself over to the not-so--mini fridge and pulled out an energy drink. I took a big swig, careful not to wake up Syaoran. Let's see, what do I have in my arsenal? Hmn...No balcony, one window, but it's really high up. That'll be my last resort. The bathroom has a few items that have potential. Floss, tooth paste, bobby pin... Ok I can work with this...

I picked up the bobby pin and twisted it into a relatively straight shape and tip toed over to the door. Shoot! There's no way to pick it from inside! I cursed under my breath, and stuffed the bobby pin roughly into my pocket.

Ok back into my thoughts. I rested my head on my fist and stared at the door. I could always pull a cleche 'tie the bescheets together and slimb down the window ploy'. Nah. Wait! There's a balcony on the other side of the house. If I could just get onto the roof I could climb over it to the other balcony, go inside and unlock the door! That Just Might Work...

I moved stealthily over to the window and opened it. It didn't seem hard to get up, but I've had experience with roofs. They never look hard to get up at first. I sat on the window sill and pulled myself up on my feet. I could just barely touch the roof from here. Now was the tricky part.

I rested my foot on the shutter and pulled myself up. The shutter moved back suprisingly fast. I almost lost my footing. I let out a sigh of relief. Carefully I brought my other foor up to stand on the other shutter. Next I held onto the top of the window as I reached for some grip on the rooftop with the other. Finally getting a solid grip I quickly moved the other hand to up before I lost balance. Fhew...Ok...PULL! I heaved myself onto the roof. I did it!

I carefully crawled over the roof to the far side. This was the easy part. Once I spotted the balcony I switched gears and slid painstakingly to a good position. Now I jsut had to slide down onto the floor...no problem. Ok...I'm doing good...almost...almost...Contact!

I smiled proudly to myself. That was cake. I pulled on the handle of the door and ...here's the kicker...It didn't budge. NO! Not after all THAT! Wait...I reached into my pocket and pulled out the bobby pin. I am SO glad I didn't throw that away!

If I didn't say earlier. I am a master lock picker. Really! I had a lot of practice. I won't go into detail. I peeled the plastic thing off the end of the bobby pin, and stuck it into the key hole. I'm not going to tell you how to pick locks so I'll just skip this part. When I got the door open I walked triumphantly into the house. Yes!

Nothing can bring me down! When I got to the room that we were trapped in I unlocked the door and left it ajar. Then, when I was out of ear shot, I bolted for the front door. Sweet freedom was only a few feet away.

Boom! Ow! I tried to open the door but it stayed stubbornly shut. NO! Not after all that! Wait. I'll just check the back door. Big suprise, the back door wouldn't budge either. I tried all of the first floor windows, and in desperation I checked all of the second and third floor windows too. They were all bolted shut. Completely unopenable.

Impossible! Not after all that! NO WAY! I screamed in frustration. Then I heard a loud crash from three doors down. Huh? Someone was running down the hall. Syaoran burst into the third floor room I was searching through. He had a rather large bump on his head. ok, that would explain the crash.

"What happened?! What's wrong?!" Suddenly he seemed to realize that he was out of the room. I would have laughed if we weren't still stuck here. "Wait... how did I get out here?"

"I climbed onto the roof, crawled to the balcony, came in, and opened the door..." I said this as nonchalantly as possible. His jaw dropped.

He recovered rather quickly. "Why did you scream?"

"Oh, well, we're still trapped.I can't open any of the doors or windows."

Syaoran didn't origionally wake up in such close proximity to Sakura but the more reviews I got from you guys the more people I realized how many people wanted them to wake up in a suggestive position so I changed the beginning. Origionally Sakura's head was on the floor while her feet were on the bed, and I liked that part, but I didn't want you guys to get bored so I satisfied us both!

Also, the reason it took so long for me to update was because of the huge Ice storm here in Oklahoma. Plus, my sister was in a bad car wreck; The boy driving died too. The car was upsidedown and it was more a pile than a car. So I didn't feel like writing happy funny stuff just then.