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Hips grinding, hands groping, bodies slick with sweat. This was a normal scene for the brunette. At least, it was in his head. After five years of waiting and cowardice, Natsume was finally going to be someone he should have been five years ago: a man.

Easier thought than done.

It's not that homosexuality was taboo in the Academy. After all, when you spend time with the same people year after year, things happen. Sometimes, it just happens to people of the same sex, that's all.

No, that was not the problem.

The problem was found within the man Natsume was after. His head was either too high in the clouds or simply oblivious to the hints the brunette handed out like cookies. Or maybe— oh God, why the hell don't you get it?! Almost everybody knew about it. Heck, Mikan was one of the first few who figured it out by themselves and that fact is amazing.

Senses heightened, heat overwhelming, blood pumping to every part of his body. Natsume has had enough. After years of dropping clues that everyone else but him got, it was time to take another approach: bluntly tell him about it. If not, Natsume would explode into a thousand emotions, each connected to love, lust and irritation.

Casually, he grabs his friend's arm and pulls them both deep into one of the Academy's many gardens. Natsume feels cerulean-sky-ocean-bed sheet blue eyes contemplate him silently as he leads them both deeper into the thick clump or trees and bushes.

It took a lot of mind over matter to stop him from kissing him right then and there.

Body twitching, eyes shifting, breathing unstable. They were secluded but Natsume found that he lost his voice. What— wait, you can't back out now! Instead, he eyes the other's outfit and gruffly says, "Still wearing that sweater?" Holy shit, where did that come from?!

But the blonde plays along, even though his eyes shows confusion. He starts taking it off, saying it was his favorite but if you don't want me to, I won't wear it. Natsume reluctantly tells the blonde to put it back on, he was just kidding etc., etc. Excitement and curiosity and this other feeling all flood inside him and— did he really have to put back the sweater?

Natsume clears his head. He opens his mouth to speak—

Mouth moaning, clothing shred, eyes closed with pleasure and loss of sense and oh my God— don't stop Ruka. Natsume was glad that the feeling was mutual and shared and just as intense. He was surprised at how dominant the blonde can be. Probably used to being in so damn control of his animal friends, the brunette lazily concludes. Well, he was not an animal! But, right now, if it meant that his friend would stay on top of him, then by all means.

As the two starts putting back clothes, Natsume realizes he doesn't have to be an animal for the blonde to like him. This was further proven by the long (slow, romantic, intoxicating, wet, sloppy, meaningful) kiss given to him.

Hips grinding, hands groping, bodies slick with sweat. This was a normal scene for the brunette.


I realize how out of character Natsume sounds like in my narration.

And yes, I purposely mentioned Ruka's name only once.