Kitsune Memories

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This is a story I decided to write along side with current one Guardian. I will likely focus on this story less than my current main focus, but I really wanted to write this down before I lost the idea (plus it's a good way for me to relax when it comes to other stories). Pairings if you really want to know will be NaruHina, SasuSaku, and….well I don't know yet but there will likely be more. On to the show.

Forced Change


A low groan escaped the figure lying down on the table as the droplet of water landed on his forehead.


"Where am I?" He still had his eyes closed, but he could still feel the metal shackles wrapped around his wrists, ankles, and last his neck. The dripping reminded him of the Kyuubi's cage, but the stench in this place was overpowering. Kyuubi's cage had always had a little of Naruto's smell mixed with that of a foxes den, but here it smelled of blood and death.


Another low groan escaped him before he spoke again "Any idea what happened baka fur ball?"

"You got caught." Kyuubi responded sarcastically.

Ever since Naruto's wound at the valley of the end with Sasuke Kyuubi has been able to speak to Naruto through his mind. At first waking up in the hospital this was a big surprise. The seal had been weakened from the extreme use of chakra and the wounds he had taken, but luckily the seal didn't continue to weaken. The two had grown to one another, though they would never admit it, and had become rather close over the years.

"Well no shit. Remember what happened?"

"You wore all our chakra out sparing with that girl you are so infatuated with…"

"I am not."

Kyuubi mentally rolled his eyes at the boy. "ANYWAY, you two were attacked and you jumped in the way of blast for the girl with the white eyes…"

"Lavender. Her eyes are pale lavender and you know her name is Hinata." The two had been training partners for a while now. After Naruto caught her training early one morning and decided to train along side of her, since then the both of them had just been meeting at the same spot every morning.

"Thank you."

"Huh?" Naruto was confused. "For what?"

"For proving my point, you obviously want her. Just claim her and mate her."

If Naruto would have been drinking something at that moment it would have sprayed across everywhere in front of him. It was true that he had fallen for the Hyuuga heiress, but he believed she could never love him. "DUMBASS PERVERTED FOX! Just tell me what happened."

"She was knocked unconscious and you jumped in the way of a blast coming at her. You were knocked out immediately afterwards and I believe they left her there, still alive."

"How do you know?"

"Just because you were knocked out by such a pathetic attack doesn't meant I was. I could still sense things outside your body and I didn't have her scent as we traveled."

"Who attacked us anyway?"

Before Kyuubi could answer him Naruto heard the door to the chamber he was in open. Naruto opened his eyes and for the first time took in his surroundings. He was in a square room. The walls seemed to have blood scattered on the wall. Around him were tables full of ancient looking jutsu books and medical instruments. He was in the center of the room on a large metal table. Metal shackles on his arms and legs had him pinned down and a metal collar around his neck had a chain going through the back of the table that held his head down.

Naruto eyes immediately glared when his eyes took in the figure smiling at him from the door. The man's glasses glinted in the light and his silver hair was longer then what Naruto remembered. The young traitor whose healing skills were only beaten by Tsunade herself, fighting skill near that of the Jounin's of Konoha, and an overall asshole.

"Kabuto" Naruto snarled.

"My my Naruto-kun, how are you feeling?" Kabuto said smiling as he walked into the room over to one of the tables next to Naruto.

"Oh just dandy Kabuto. Tell me, just how far have you managed to shove your head up Orochimaru's ass over the years?" Naruto spoke still glaring into Kabuto's eyes.

"Still the comedian I see." Un phased by Naruto's speaking. He leaned over Naruto face. "I wonder, how far have you gotten with that little Hyuuga girl?"

Naruto immediately struggled against the chains he strapped into. Trying his hardest to rip into Kabuto. His eyes flicked red a little.

"I wonder if she survived?" Kabuto continued still smiling.

"If she didn't, I guarantee you will regret it." Naruto snarled.

"Ohhh? I wonder if you will be so uppity after Orochimaru-sama's little experiment." Kabuto had a smile on his face as Naruto's look changed from anger to a little worry.

"What are you going to do?" Naruto questioned.

"Oh that is all up to Orochimaru-sama. I don't think it will be pleasant, considering how you saved your precious Sasuke from him months ago." This was a bit of an understatement from Kabuto. In truth Orochimaru was furious that he had lost his next container and was forced into another body. Naruto, with the rest of the rookie nine and Gai's team, had managed to find out where Sasuke was and get to him. He didn't go without a fight, but when he was returned to Konoha Tsunade and a seal specialist from Hidden Sand had figured a way to remove his curse seal, returning him to his old broody self.

Footsteps were head coming down the hall to the room Naruto was located in. He prayed that it wasn't Orochimaru coming, but they went unanswered as the legendary snake sannin and traitor to Konoha entered the room with evil smile on his face looking at Naruto.

"You have cost me a lot dear boy." Orochimaru spoke as he neared the table Naruto was shackled too. "And I intend to get my worth out of you." His long tongue licked his lips.

"What are you going to do?" Naruto spoke determined, but there was a slight bit of fear behind his voice.

"Ku ku ku. After I am finished with you, you will be calling me master and you…will be my new pet." Orochimaru leaned in front of Naruto.

Naruto spit in disgust into Orochimaru's face. "I WILL NEVER serve someone like you. That's a promise."

A needle was injected into Naruto's skin making him slightly dizzy. His senses were out of whack as he couldn't seem to hear anything and could barely see straight. He only barely realized his shirt was ripped off of him and that Orochimaru was staring at his seal, while Kabuto was next to Naruto's head. The two going through hand seals Naruto could barely see them all. Naruto had no idea what was going on, but Kyuubi did.

'Oh shit…'

Naruto's dizzy world immediately vanished. It turned into pain, unrelenting pain in the seal, his body, and in his mind. The world went black.


"NOOOOOO" she yelled.

Hinata awoke with a start in a cold sweat and breathing heavily. She had seen a horrible nightmare of Naruto being captured by Orochimaru. It all ended quickly when she felt the pain that was delivered to Naruto. Slowly Hinata started to take in her surroundings.

'The hospital?' she thought after she noticed the room she was inside of. Slowly everything started to come back to her and the fight that her and Naruto had fought against elite sound ninjas. Both of them were at the brink of chakra exhaustion before the fight even started from training with each other. They had never imagined that the sound nin's would be able to sneak that far in and surprise them. Nevertheless the battle was long and hard fought, but they had left her unconscious and taken Naruto.

Tsunade burst through the hospital door. She had run as fast as she could after hearing Hinata awake with a scream and was the first person to make it. "Hinata! What happened?"

Hinata started crying and buried her head into her hands. Tsunade was next to her in an instant trying to comfort her as other people she knew came into the room from the waiting area. After about two minutes she had calmed down enough to speak again.

"Hinata what happened? Where is Naruto?" Tsunade asked again calmly.

"They took him…" Hinata said with slow tears making their way down her cheeks.

"Who?" Tsunade needed to know who exactly got Naruto with all of his enemies.

"Orochimaru has him…" she spoke slowly.

Everyone in the room gasped at that news. It was hard to believe that something like that could happen to Naruto, but they knew how big of grudge was now held against Naruto for freeing Sasuke.

"GET ME UCHIHA SASUKE!" Tsunade roared.

"Hai" Shizune spoke before she puffed out of the room.

"Hinata" Tsunade spoke as she spun around to face the girl. "Tell me everything."

So that's what she did. She told them about the training they were doing, when they were attacked, and even told Tsunade about the dream. Tsunade was really praying that what Hinata had seen wasn't a vision, but she knew it was too detailed not to be true. Their conversation ended when Sasuke burst into the room.

"What happened to Naruto!" He yelled as he entered.

The situation and the dream was explained once again now to the Uchiha boy whose seemed to pale every time a word was spoken. His legs buckled beneath him and he leaned his back against the wall.

"Sasuke what's wrong? Do you know where Naruto is?" This time Sakura spoke.

"Yeah. Yeah I do…" Sasuke looked up into Tsunade's eyes. "The place she described is a one of kind place for Orochimaru."

"What do you mean?" She questioned.

"It's…It's his experimentation lab…it's where he…makes his monstrosities…" Sasuke finished.

Tsunade was now wide eyed at the prospect of Naruto being changed to Orochimaru's will. "How long will it take to reach?" It wasn't so much a question as it was a demand.

"About two weeks our fastest speed. He wanted it far from Konoha so that it would never be found." Sasuke spoke as he got up and headed for the door.

"Where are you going?" Kiba asked from next to Hinata's bed.

Sasuke spun around with a look of determination in his eyes. "Same place you all should be going. Go get you stuff together and grab your teammates we leave in fifteen minutes. Meet me at the gate."

Every ninja in the room immediately vanished to get their respective team and items needed. Fifteen minutes later they stood at the main gate. All of the rookie nine with Gai's team and their sensei's, along with Jaraiya headed out the gate leaving Tsunade to wish she could just drop the job of being Hokage and go with them.


Kabuto looked on at the body in the cell. It was completely exhausted and sleeping in a dark corner with a metal shackle around his neck keeping him connected to the wall. Slowly the figure seemed to awaken.

'He isn't even human anymore…' Kabuto thought.

Two blue slited eyes opened and met with Kabuto's. Instantly an instinctual fear was in the eyes as it backed into the dark corner of the cell he was now in. Kabuto only looked on humorously.

"W-where am I?" It slowly spoke to him from the darkness of its hiding spot.

Kabuto remained silent.

"Who are you?" it asked

Kabuto again remained silent.

The eyes took on a confused expression and darted around in different directions as if looking for a sign. Finally it had one more question to ask.

"Who am I?" It asked.

Kabuto chuckled a little and walked away from the cell.