Glow in the Dark

Disclaimer: Nope, never been mine…

I know this sounds silly but last night, I thought of a Nekozawa x Renge pairing. I dunno why but that scene when Nekozawa saved Kirimi replayed in my head…XD Oh, by the way, this is loosely based on episode 11, "Big Brother is a Prince".

Sure, she had mercilessly tortured him, tormented him with her mighty slaps with the hard, wooden stick she held in her palm—but all of the pain he endured was purely for his own good. She did it for him.

All of the Host Club members stood at the broken window, their faces showing an astonished expression, surprised at Nekozawa's brave feat. For a typical human being, there was nothing extraordinary about jumping from a two or three story building, chasing your own little sister who'd be sabotaged by a cat, and in effect bathing in heaps of sunlight.

But for Umehito Nekozawa it was.

She stood far behind them, but despite the distance, she could clearly see how he fearlessly ran after Kirimi, knowing very well the consequence of his actions.

Unlike the average human, he was afraid of light and all things bright. It wasn't because he was stupid or bizarrely fussy. It was a natural sickness he inherited from birth. Sort of an abnormality, she guessed.

A few moments later, he fainted.

She felt a teardrop forming somewhere at the edge of her eyes. No, it wasn't of pity but of pride.

She was proud of what he did.

Of how he risked his wellbeing for someone else.

And she was glad she witnessed it with her own eyes. Because that was what she liked most about him.

And she knew that no matter how dark his world would always be, even if he never noticed himself, he would remain the faint glow in the pitch black world he lived in.

I know it's so weird. But hey, this is fanfiction, right? XD Yay! Go crack!pairings!!!