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When a person falls to the darkness, they may take on new forms.

This was discovered by Ansem the Wise, through his research on darkness. He discovered the person will spilt.

The darkness will flood the heart, and depending on how much darkness had invaded the heart before it crippled, will depend on what come out of it,

These creatures, made of the darkness, are called Heartless.

He later found out, that if someone has a strong enough will, a creature is born. It is the body of the person.

These creatures, the hollowed husk, are called Nobodies.

Had Ansem lived long enough, he would have discovered a third species. The heart turns into a Heartless. The body turns into a Nobody. The third, which is the person's soul, is born if the Heartless and Nobody have certain qualities.

Theses creatures, that reflect the soul, are called Soul Barrens.

Each group has a quest to fulfill.

Heartless search worlds for the darkness in people's hearts. Once found, they pray on it, and after the darkness consumes them, they move on until they consume the heart of the world.

Nobodies collect hearts, like the heartless, but not for the same reasons. They collect the hearts so they may use them to regain the hearts they lost.

Soul Barrens are different. They new no matter how hard the tried, they would never become whole. Until one thought of something. If I am to be incomplete and nothing, then nothing is all there should be.

He was able to get three other Soul Barrens to help. Then four Nobodies joined. Then four Heartless.

I will get to these twelve later.

In this story there will be thirty-two worlds. Four KH original. Twenty-five Disney. One FF. One other. One I came up with.

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