Fipp: I know I said that that was the last one, but I could not resist. So here we go, the LAST chapter, and Final Mix, of Kingdom Hearts III: Hearts of Gold: The Secret Ending.

-1Final Mix: Secret Ending

A man in heavy armor walked across the field of Keyblades, the sky was a turmoil of nothingness as the giant sphere gathered power.

He walked over to the another in armor, the one who had been weakened in their battle.

The first armored one reached down and picked the other man by the neck.

Why do you fight?

The other man reached up as to not choke.


Because? That answer is not a very good one, even if you do win, to what point, this will all happen again. It is human nature to hate, to envy, it can not be stopped.

He then threw the other one through the field.

The man tried to stand up, when the other man's Keyblade, Harbinger of Fate, to his neck.

You have seen it, you can not deny it no matter what. After all you've seen, heard and done.

He lifted the Keyblade and knocked him across the field. The first man slowly walked to him, Harbinger of Fate resting on his shoulder.

"I never said that I denied it," the second man said as he struggled to get up. "But if I don't end this, then what? I can't just let you do this."

The man stopped.

"And when this will happen again, there'll be a new one to stop it." he stood up and staggered forward.

That may be true under normal circumstances, but you are the first to make this far, so when you fall, that is all there be.

The man the grabbed a Keyblade from the ground as he walked forward, Kingdom Key.

I will give you this, you are relentless.

He lifted Harbinger of Fate into the air and the energy from the sphere flew from it and into the Keyblade.

The man looked at the other.

Are you truly ready for this battle? The chances of you winning are almost invisible.

If the man's face could be seen underneath the mask, you would have seen a grin.

"That'll just make this victory all the more sweet." he then grabbed another Keyblade, Way to Dawn, he spun them around and crossed them in front of him.

Very well, you have made your choice, you have chosen to fight. Let us hope that your choice will guide you to victory, Sora.

Sora then dashed forward as the man brought his Keyblade down.

When one is alone, they have no one to rely on but themselves.

But is one ever truly alone?

Are they alone when it comes to not only saving themselves, but those they hold in their hearts.

Kingdom Hearts IV: All's End

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P.S. this has nothing to do whith the KHII endings, just to be clear.