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Chapter 95: Things Just Got Odder


Sora, Kairi and Tom walked onto a catwalk outside a dark skyscraper. Sora looked at himself as well as Kairi and Tom.

"What happened to us?" They had changed shape, but they recognized any of them. Kairi had the most normal. She now had an egg shaped head, light blue skin, she now had three fingers on each hand, her eyes where now bigger, her hair was now nothing more then a long, thin red pony tail that came from the top of her head.

"I'm not sure?" she said "But I still look better then you Sora." Sora had somewhat dog-like face. His skin was now tan, he had two small horns protruding from his head, his forearms were a bit larger, he wore the same shirt and gloves, but he noticed that instead of two feet, he had four hoofed gazelle-like legs.

"Now this is going to take some getting use to." Sora wobbled a bit.

"Consider your self lucky," Tom said. "At least you still have an even amount of legs to stand on!" Tom now was green, a large head and two large eyes, he also had these vestigial flaps that hanged off his head, slim arms and only one leg. The foot had three webbed toes. The only article of clothing he wore was his green trench coat. He hopped forward and stumbled forward. Sora laughed at him. "I 'ate you very much." Tom hopped forward while Sora wobbled. Kairi was the only one who could walk in the correct manner.

"So what are we anyway?" Kairi asked.

"I don't know," Sora replied. "I've never been here before."

"Well, let's go meet some of the residents." the three walked (at least Kairi walked, the other two did their best to move) into the large building. On the inside it was a dark industrial type. They then heard a mechanical noise and saw a creature walk. It had robotic legs, green skin, red eyes and five 'fingers' coming out of it's mouth. Sora walked forward.

"Um, excuse me." Sora said. The creature looked his way and held up a machine gun.

"FREEZE!" it called. Sora summoned the Keyblade, Kairi and Tom brought out their weapons. "Look at this. It seems this Slig has come across a Mudokin," he looked at Kairi, "a Gabbit" he looked at Tom "and a Steef." he looked at Sora "I'm going to get a raise for this!" the Slig fired away. Tom made a magnetic shield. Sora then fired a beam of light and took the Slig down. They walked over to it. Sora kicked it. Just then it detached it's self from the pants and crawled to a small compartment and a door slid down

"Well I guess those things are not to friendly." Tom said. Just then a loud alarm went off.

"I think we should run fast." Just then the hall behind them filled with the Slig creatures. They ran. Sora, when running on all six, could run very fast.

Somewhere else. . .

A Slig walked past a bathroom door. There was a deep gurgle in the room. He put his ear to the door.

"Uh oh." he said. Just then the door was knocked off by a torrent of water, the door smashed him against the wall and the door got stuck. Water poured out with two figures. The first one was a creature similar to Kairi. But he was light green, only wearing a loin cloth, his lips were sewn shut, but not tight enough so he couldn't talk, but tight enough not to allow him to open wide. He also had tribal tattoos on his hand and chest.

"That's the last time I let you think on how to get us in Munch." he said as he stood up. The other creature was what Tom was, but he wore nothing, was blue and on the top of his head was a gold metal device.

"Well at least we got in Abe." Munch hopped forward and the thing on his head let out an echoing noise. "There's no one around."

"Good," Abe replied. "Because I really don't fell like running for my life." Then in front of the two, white creatures that moved around oddly appeared.

"What are those?" Munch asked. A bolt of lighting shot from his head and struck a Nobody.

"I don't know!" one attacked Abe, but he slapped it. "Run!" The two ran and the Nobodies followed. As they left the door opened as though it was still on hinges and the Slig fell to the ground.

Somewhere else. . .

A creature similar to Sora, except he wore a cowboy hat, a poncho made of rock, sawed off horns and instead of showing his legs, he wore large boots. He reached into his sack and pulled out two small bugs and armed his double-barreled crossbow. He pointed at the Nobodies and fired. The rock-like bugs were destroyed and the Stranger jumped down. He ran to the elevator and jumped in. He armed his weapon and pushed the 'up' button. He smiled.

Somewhere else. . .

The business man approached the man in the white robe. The creature, Molluk, wore a purple suit, he had no arms and had two feet the made a scuttle noise when he walked. He had a raisin like head, glowing yellow eyes and a cigar.

"So your saying that if I use these Nobody things," Molluk said, "I could cut down the cost of labor if I use they as security?" The Nobody nodded. "But how would they react if I put them in the Fuse-A-Tron?"

"Well." the Nobody replied. Molluk smiled.

"And I could merge them with those Paramites and Scrabs? I could create an army! Screw Rupture Farms! I could rule the world!" Molluk let out a loud laugh.


A lazy, rude and crude creatures with no legs. But in

exchange for their services they are given mechanical

pants. They love to beat down on the weak and helpless

and to shoot at anything that moves. Sligs first appeared

in Oddworld: Abe's Odyssey. 1997.

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