Chapter Prologue:

Problems Unresolved

Sasuke panted heavily wielding the Kusanagi (grass cutter) at his already blistered left hand, his sharingan (Three eye copy wheel) focused on the person he wanted to get rid off so as to obtain the ultimate Doujutsu (Eye Technique), the Mangekyou Sharingan (Kaleidoscope three eye copy wheel)

He gazed stoically at what he considers his best friend, the boy he had known to have contained the most powerful Bijuu, the Kyuubi no Kitsune

"You were always an eyesore… Dobe (Dropout)… I never knew that you could've lasted this long." Said Sasuke raising his right hand for a handseal effectively releasing a large amount of chakra from his body

"You even managed to counter my Chidori Nagashi (One Thousand Birds Current), with your Wind chakra and even went as far as being able to sustain all of my Katon (Fire Element) Jutsus with your Suiton (Water Element) Jutsus." Said Sasuke and clouds began to entwine the azure sky signifying a storm

"You didn't even use the chakra that your blessing has given you… Yet, you manage to keep up with me, even using level two against you." Said Sasuke and soon, loud rumbles in the sky was heard signifying thunder

"That thing isn't a blessing Teme (Bastard)… it's a curse… A curse in which no human should've ever endured!" Said Naruto, panting heavily, his face marked with a small slash mark on his right cheek

"I didn't come here just to bring you back Sasuke." Said Naruto as he stared into the eyes of the Sharingan user

"I'm here to knock some sense into that empty cell you call a brain." Said Naruto showing a grin that made the Uchiha pissed

"I'm not here because this is a professional duty, I'm here because of personal duty, I came here because I know that I can still save your ass just for Sakura to be happy, just for you to live a meaningful life. Because there is no road left for you to go on, but on the path your brother chose." Said Naruto pointing a finger at Sasuke pissing off the Uchiha more and more

"Don't… EVER… Compare me… To that Bastard!" Said Sasuke and the clouds began to entwine above the Uchiha

"How can I? Teme (Bastard)! You chose to be a traitor, just like your brother! You have no remorse in killing, just like your brother! You're willing to sacrifice your soul just like your brother! You'll kill anybody, even your own best friend just for power, JUST LIKE YOUR DEMENTED OLDER BROTHER!" Said Naruto

'Everybody, I promise to bring Sasuke back, I didn't become Jounin so that I could kill him sooner or later, I became a Jounin, so that I could save him, because I still believe that he can change.' Said Naruto gripping the Konoha standard ninja uniform and placing his forehead protector around his neck

Forming a middle index cross handseal for his favorite Jutsu, Naruto then said to Sasuke,

"I'll make you open your damn eyes so that you could see what else is there in life besides power!" Said Naruto

"Kage Bunshin no Jutsu! (Shadow Clone Technique)" Said Naruto and two clones appeared at his side. Naruto then placed his right palm in front of him and made it face upward

"I actually tested this Jutsu only once, and it was during the battle between Hidan and Kakuzu, the two immortal men of Akatsuki. And even then, it's still an unnamed technique" Said Naruto as the two clones began to place their hands near the real Naruto's palm. The clones then began performing the Rasengan (Spiraling Sphere)

Sasuke looked in curiosity, it was just a normal Rasengan, but Sasuke knew to never underestimate Naruto's underhanded tactics that can turn tides in an instant

So Sasuke, became wary, and began to continue his own Jutsu, pointing the tip of the Kusanagi skywards and Lightning began to generate around Sasuke's area. Kusanagi began to act as a lightning rod and started absorbing static electricity everywhere

"Sasuke! That's suicide! What the hell are you thinking?"

"Shut up! You compared me to that person, of which I hate the most, that person that murdered MY family! I don't resemble anything like Him! You made this below the belt, dobe, I'll kill you with all the hate I have!" Said Sasuke, gathering all the electricity at his right hand

"Chidori, Ikazuchi! (One Thousand birds, Lightning)" Said Sasuke dashing forward Naruto leaving a huge fissure from the sound of the assassination technique that the Uchiha genius mastered

Naruto on the other hand, began the form manipulation of the wind chakra into his Rasengan, seeing as his other Kage Bunshin was almost done; the Wind began to circulate around the sphere along with the chakra and began to furiously cut down anything around Naruto. Seeing this, Sasuke stared at the raw power Naruto displayed using his Wind form Rasengan. But Sasuke didn't realize soon enough, he was getting closer and closer to Naruto and that his Chidori was naturally weak compared to Naruto's powerhouse Jutsu

But it was too late… Sasuke couldn't stop in time and the technique collided with Naruto's Jutsu, Naruto then slammed the ball of wind and chakra at his hand towards Sasuke's right hand and the clash began to produce a series of powerful explosions around them.


Hyuuga Hinata had just found out where the skirmish was taking place, she was forced to turn back by Naruto because of something personal obviously between Naruto and Sasuke, although Hinata refused at first, she eventually understood the situation, seeing that she could only be a burden between the two but Naruto refused to believe that

'No! No! That's not true, Hinata! You're a great Ninja! You're the strongest Kunoichi I've ever known on our batch! You could even take out Sakura-chan with your Taijutsu! Since you are more flexible than her!'

Hinata blushed at Naruto's compliment; Naruto said that she was strong, even stronger than Sakura. But with that compliment, Naruto received a heavy blow from Sakura who had been accompanying them both during the mission, Sai and Yamato were forced to stay behind due to the injuries both sustained from Hidan and Kakuzu, although they managed to defeat the twin Akatsuki pair, they couldn't kill the two and the pair managed to both live to fight for another day.

"Sakura-san, let's go this way." Said Hinata pointing at her right and the two began to dash forward, towards Naruto and Sasuke

"That idiot! He ditched us! Even after what I said about both of us bringing Sasuke back! Once I see him, I'll definitely beat his ass to the ground!" Said Sakura frantically waving her fist. She was downright furious as to what Naruto had done, but was even more furious that the fact, that Naruto, wanted to do this alone.

Once arriving at the scene, Hinata saw two flashes of light and an orb of light, almost blinding Hinata's Byakugan, had she not deactivated her Doujutsu. Countless explosions could be heard and debris was sent flying everywhere. Sakura had to literally cover her face as the bright light began to glow brighter and sent the two hurtling away.

Sasuke and Naruto:

"You still think you could win, even after slamming you're lightning based chakra on an eventual weakness?" Asked Naruto, screaming at his best friend

"Shut up!" was Sasuke's only retort, he wasn't careful when he saw Naruto's new Jutsu, in fact, almost all of Naruto's Jutsus were common, but Naruto does something unique with his chakra that made Sasuke's sharingan go haywire, disabling Sasuke to copy any of Naruto's techniques.

As the wind and lightning try to pierce each other at a battle in which dominance became the deciding factor, both the elements eventually came to a disrupting halt as the energy released by both caused a massive surge of incoming energy forcing both Elements to virtually implode inside the huge orb of light. A small black hole began to form, as the energy began to suck everything around its perimeter. Naruto and Sasuke tried to withhold themselves on the ground but found out that they couldn't because of the massive gravitational force sucking them in. Immediately, Sasuke was the first to give forcing his body inside the black hole. Naruto, immediately grabbed Sasuke's hand and held himself with his chakra and then grasped the nearest rock, and then used his chakra to maintain his footing.

Sasuke was already about to slip but Naruto still held on as his own foot began to slowly move towards the black hole

"I won't let you go! I can't take the risk of you disappearing for good and then go back home with Sakura crying! Damn it!" Said Naruto about to slip away to. Until he was grabbed forcibly by the Hyuuga heiress

"Hinata! What are you doing here? Go! Before this black hole manages absorb us all!" Said Naruto

"Like hell we'll let you and Sasuke-kun go!" Said the pink haired Chuunin, it was high time that she return all the favors that he owed to the two important men in her lives, Sakura was grateful to Naruto for his friendship and devotion to his promise and for Sasuke because she realized just how much of a fool she was being so madly in love with the power hungry traitor

"See, Sasuke? These people care about you! They don't want you dead! Can't you understand that?" Asked Naruto as Sasuke held on Naruto's hand and looked at Sakura and Naruto… Sasuke felt struck, he never knew that these people, the people he constantly rejected and belittled, were the ones saving him. Sasuke didn't know what to do anymore, should he finally see Naruto's way or could he possibly continue killing his own brother

"I've been blind…" Said Sasuke discreetly not showing his face towards Naruto and Sakura

Sakura maintained her ground the physically strongest of the four currently trying to hold all four of them back and was struggling. The force of the energy became strong

"Why…" Asked Sasuke to himself

"What?" Asked Naruto hearing Sasuke's voice

"Why are you doing this?" Asked Sasuke showing his face and for the first time in years, his tears were shown towards the people that cared about him

"We don't need a reason for us to risk our lives for you!" Said Sakura noticing the tears falling away from Sasuke's often stoic face

"Everything I've done, hurting Sakura's feelings, almost killing Naruto, eventually, siding to Konoha's most feared enemy, why couldn't you just let me die?" Asked Sasuke forcing to let go on Naruto's hand

"If we let you die, the team wouldn't be complete without you! All of us will be sad, missing the Uchiha bastard that got lead astray!" Said Naruto holding it tighter

"I'll miss someone whom I called a brother!" Continuing his speech

The black hole began its huge consummation and eventually Sasuke's hand slipped and was consumed, Naruto stood in horror as he saw the only person he has seen as a brother was eventually succumbing into the depths of the black hole

"Sasuke!" Yelled Naruto and a huge rock got thrown onto the three making all of them stumble back and were swallowed by the massive gravitational pull. One all four wasn't visibly seen anymore, the black hole entirely self imploded, leaving nothing in its radius.










Ranma and Akane were about to go home, having another weird and stressful day, the two felt that it could have gotten worse, both thought wrong. A small explosion was heard near the river where Ranma and Akane's route to the Dojo was, noticing the explosion, Ranma went towards the riverbank to see what caused such energy.

When Ranma went down, he saw four people, lying unconscious, a blonde haired man wearing what seems to be a flack jacket for decent armor, and under the armor was a blue long sleeve that had a red spiral at its side, with a matching blue pair of pants that reached down the lower thighs, bandages were wrapped to the remaining exposed area of his thighs, and sandals were his standard footwear.

Ranma then glanced around to see a black haired man wearing a light purple obi with large sleeves of a Kimono and had nothing to cover his chest, a big rope used to tie around his waist and a pair of black pants and sandals.

Ranma then looked to the other side, seeing two women; one had short pink hair and the other long black hair reaching to her back. The pink haired woman was on the ground wearing a zipped sleeveless shirt, and a skirt with cycling shorts under, with blue sandals and block gloves to cover her hands and feet. The other was wearing a huge jacket that reached to her wrists, with black patterns at the front, the same black pants and a pair of laced sandals at her feet.

Akane looked at the four unconscious figures and was shocked, almost all of them were bruised and had scars, she looked at each person and thought they somehow came from a battlefield

"Ranma, we should get these people to Dr. Tofu's clinic immediately." Said Akane grabbing the two women at the back and Ranma, much to his chagrin replied back

"What? Why are we the ones who get to get them to the hospital, we're not charity workers here Akane!" Said Ranma and Akane only looked at him with an evil glare

"Because they are already in trouble! Idiot! Think before you speak! Now do it already or I'll beat you up to last week!" Said Akane and Ranma only replied with a shaky nod, at times, Ranma was scared of this girl, and this is just one of those times

Dr. Tofu:

After placing the four in a small bedroom, much to the dismay of Ranma because he had to carry two heavy men towards a place that wasn't easily on the way back home, Dr Tofu had gotten out of the small curtain and explained to them his full diagnosis

"Other than a couple of bruises and scars, they should be just fine. The two boys were the ones mostly injured due to exhaustion and some sprained joints, but what bothers me are these strange attributes that these people have. For example, the blonde haired man had whisker marks on both his cheeks and he heals at an incredibly fast rate that even leaves modern medicine baffled." Said Dr. Tofu, flipping through the pages of his diagnosis table.

After a small cough, Dr. Tofu continued, "Not only that, there appears to be burns all over his palm, all of which came from inside, rather than out." Said Dr. Tofu, flipping through another page

"The next person, the black haired young man, had suffered minor cuts and bruises, and a small concusion on his forehead the strange thing about him, is this tattoo located at the back of his left shoulder, it was a small sign with three Tomoe, and his eyes were the same, only his iris was completely red while his pupil remained black." Said Dr. Tofu and then flipped another page

"The pink haired one, suffered from muscle strain and a few bruises, nothing weird about her except her hair, the only thing that bothered me was her muscle strain, although it doesn't look like it, the muscle strain from her body could only be experienced from extremely physically fit people, and even then, the strength of a professional weight lifter is needed to have these kinds of strains" Said the good doctor adjusting his glasses, and then finally flipping through the last page.

"And then there is the long haired girl, her problems were only minor exhaustion and bruises, the strange thing about her was her eyes, it's creamy white as if she was blind and when I examined her eye to check for cataracts or for any other signs of blindness, there was none. I still have to check them after they wake up. Come by tomorrow and we'll see what happens." Said Dr. Tofu and the two only nodded as they went outside

"Those people are very unusual, weird clothing; weird looks, and by the looks of it was that one of them was a foreigner." Said Akane

"Nothing usual, ever happens here anyway, I'm not surprised anymore considering all the weird stuff that has been happening all around us." Said Ranma putting his hands on his pockets and walked towards home with Akane, there was nothing to worry about… For now.

The next day:

Naruto woke up first finding himself in an almost familiar situation

"… Am I, at the hospital again?" Asked Naruto staring at the ceiling with a small ceiling fan to keep his friends cool

"You're awake, I see." Said the figure that entered the curtains, it was none other than the mild mannered Dr. Tofu

"Am I… In Konoha hospital?" Asked the blonde haired boy

"Konoha? Leaves? Where is that place?" Asked the doctor and the boy only looked at him more confused

"You don't know Konoha? The most powerful Ninja village to have survived the great Shinobi wars and the invasion of the village of Oto?" Asked the boy and the Doctor could only shook his head

"No… I've never heard of it, and this is Nerima, located in Japan… two of my friends found all of you people near the riverbank completely unconscious" Said the Doctor

"So… I guess we ended up in another world… All I could remember was this black hole about to consume everything around it." Said Naruto

"I see; that may have been a possibility as to why you have ended up here." Said Dr. Tofu writing his notes

"It might sound crazy but it's true. Don't conclude that I'm a complete nutshell, I know it's all strange but it really happened" Said Naruto and Dr. Tofu nodded giving a reply

"With all of these weird things happening around our town, everything is believable." Said Dr. Tofu, giving a small smile and Naruto only nodded. But as soon as the conversation ended, Naruto's stomach started to grumble

Naruto scratched his head and gave a small grin,

"Eh he he he he… I'm sorry but I just got a bit hungry, I should go out and buy some food." Said Naruto but Dr. Tofu stopped him

"What? No! You're still not in top shape!" Said the doctor

"Actually, I feel already healed, every time I get injured; only a goodnight's rest will heal everything that I have ever acquired during the day." Said Naruto doing small hops as if gesturing that he can already walk and was fully healed

"Well, I guess its ok; you do have an abnormally high rate of regeneration. Very well, just make sure to come back after you ate your fill so that I could check up on you again." Said the doctor and Naruto went outside, just as he was about to go out, the good doctor, asked for his name, Naruto looked at him without turning around saying,

"My name's Uzumaki Naruto, Konoha Jounin of the Leaf, and Yondaime's most prized legacy." Said Naruto as he walked outside with his hands on his pockets

"What a weird introduction." Said Dr. Tofu and then placed Uzumaki Naruto's diagnosis record, under observation…


Naruto walked casually towards the weird place, the ground he stood on, wasn't dirt like the ones in Konoha, it was a road made of pure rock and it was more smooth than the unfurnished road of Konoha's or any roads he had seen for than matter. The streets were filled with walls so much that anyone could get lost within this place, Naruto shrugged; at least he was able to stick a Hiraishin tag to every corner that he went and turned.

Just as Naruto was to turn into a corner, he had bumped into a blue kimono wearing man with a wooden sword held on his shoulders

Naruto tilted his head and held saying

"I'm sorry it was an accident." Said Naruto and started to walk away, but before he could take another step, the Kimono wearing man, started to talk

"Who dares bump to the great blue thunder of Furinkan High?" Said the man and then looked at the blond haired boy

"Dude, I said I was sorry." Said the man as the presumed Blue thunder swung down his wooden sword and Naruto instantly jumped to the side.

"Insolent whelp, why can't you just stay still! It is futile to fight against me, Tatewaki Kuno, the blue thunder of Furinkan high! The bringer of Justice, the beloved of all women on earth! The sea that calms the most fearsome beast! The—"

"Oi, are we going to continue this or what? Man, I'm getting hungry and an arrogant pinhead is pissing me off by delaying my stomach further" Said Naruto cutting of Kuno

"Fool! Do you not realize the gravity of your sin? Then, I shall personally see to it that you learn from this punishment!" Said Kuno making a stance that appeared to be a thrusting motion

'A thrust type sword attack? Then, it means that he doesn't have any means to protect his rear.' Thought Naruto dashing forward doing a zigzag motion to confuse the enemy

'Let him attack first to see what he's technique is capable of, A simple clone would do the job as a distraction, and I'll attack at the rear.' Thought Naruto hiding his handseal and called forth a shadow clone.

Kuno was almost incapable of keeping up with Naruto's speed. As he was busy trying to keep up with that kind of agility, but he had let fate decide his strike and struck on his left with his continuous thrusts. Naruto was immediately hit and was sent flying back ruining a perfectly flat stone wall

Kuno grinned putting the sword at his shoulders and arrogantly walked towards the debris, seeing Naruto on the ground, he looked at the boy and said,

"Know your place, whelp, you are nothing compared to me, the Blue Thunder! The voice that cries from afar! The bringer of justice!"

"The most annoying son of bitch I have ever known!"

"The most annoying son of a bitch-, hey wait!" Said Kuno as he suddenly looked at the Naruto on top of the heap of smoke and rubble disappears in a cloud of smoke. Kuno turned around and immediately saw Naruto slamming a fist on Kuno's stomach with a small uppercut screaming


"ZU!" Said Naruto as he turned around and pounded Kuno on the head

" MA!" Naruto then gave a sweeping kick tripping Kuno forward.

"KI!" Naruto chained the sweep with a rising vertical kick sending Kuno flying up. Naruto immediately vanished form his position and appeared at the top of Kuno preparing for a heel drop

"Naruto Rendan! (Combo)" Said Naruto dropping his heel and swinging it hard against Kuno's face sending the blue thunder slamming on to the ground face first

"Why… You… What kind of treachery is that? A double on a fight, but more importantly how did he appear?" Asked Kuno struggling to get up but couldn't

"Simple, it's a technique. And I even wasted my chakra just to find out your most devastating attack." Said Naruto and then continuing

"It is true that it is powerful, but your attack is too linear, anyone can properly avoid it, because of its dexterity. But if it did hit, the rapid strikes that you send could continue for as long as it can, definitely incapacitating your opponent. And by the way, provoking your opponent maybe a good idea, but most of the time, you could only end up, injuring yourself." Said Naruto walking away and waving his arm at the blue thunder

After a while:

Ranma and Akane had found Kuno's body on the street, his limbs sprawled and his body was face first on the ground

"Hey, you think he's dead?" Asked Ranma, kicking to what supposedly Kuno's corpse

"Ranma! How dare you try to kick the body of the most perfect Tatewaki Kuno!" Kuno suddenly stood up and Ranma literally screamed

"It's alive! Run Akane!" Said Ranma but was suddenly stopped when he saw Kuno fell down on the ground again

"Curse that blond headed sorcerer! If only I were able to move now, I would avenge myself from such humiliation!" Said Kuno lying on the ground grabbing his kendo stick and stood up, using the sword as a cane whilst walking home like a hunch back holding the sword with both hands

"Tell Nabiki, I am unable to attend class today due to medical reasons to tell the teacher, if she asks for payment I shall gladly do so, I need to go home and cure myself" Said Kuno and walked off

"Well, it's another normal day again, eh, Ranma?" Asked Akane elbowing Ranma

"Yeah, whatever." Said Ranma, he knew that Akane was being sarcastic

Arriving at Furinkan high, both Ranma and Akane informed Nabiki about Kuno and decided to go. Since Kuno was currently missing nothing around the school was eventful. Everyone became completely baffled

"Hey, this day this day doesn't seem normal you think it's the end of the world?" Asked one of the students as they couldn't get the feeling for this uneventful day that occurred

"Nah, something's bound to happen anytime…" Said one of the students getting back on their seats even the teachers felt uneasy, usually checking their desks for anything rather out of place. But since two Kunos were out today, nothing is apparently making sense. The principal was out, to another trip in Hawaii, he was going to arrive tomorrow and still, nothing…

And then, the silence got broken as a teacher screamed out of her mind.

"I can't take this anymore! The tension is killing me! I need to get out!" Said the paranoid teacher opting to scratching her head till strands of her fell from her head and then suddenly jumping out of the window of a four storey building

"Told you something would happen." Said one of the students as the female teacher lost her sanity

"Pineapples! Pineapples! Everywhere! HA HA HA HA HA HA HA! Pineapples! Their going to tear your brains out and slurp them like juice! AH!" Said the insane teacher being held with a straight jacket and a tranquilizer was shot at her back


Naruto had just finished his ramen for the umpteenth time in this small restaurant called cat café, as if on cue, a woman walking on a stick talked to him asking for the bill

Naruto was shocked at first as she was the oldest relic he had currently seen today, and it scared the shit out of him when she walked from behind asking for the bill, Naruto looked at the old lady and handed two 5 gold pieces, with intricate markings of ancient Japanese currency

"Where'd you get this?" Asked the old woman and Naruto looked at her, he thought he had seen the ugliest person on earth

"Well, I always have these things, when I do my job. It's common currency, only worth 400 ryou back there. And if you're asking for an application, then you aren't qualified… There's an age requirement." Said Naruto, although clearly not letting the old woman know that Naruto was a soldier a Shinobi to be precise, trained to and kill.

"Well, whatever your job is, I have no business about it. Although this is more than enough." Said the old woman and went of trying to look for someone and telling that person to look at the phonebook for a pawnshop and ask the current trade of gold for today.

Naruto then went outside of the café. Although his head is telling him to go back to the clinic, he couldn't help but feel the need to explore a little. And with a quick decision, Naruto decided to walk around town some more, unaware of the current events happening around town… Today was an ordinary day for Uzumaki Naruto

End of prologue.

Anyway, this is just a little experiment on a Ranma x Naruto Crossover. This came as an inspiration from YamiPaladinofChaos' story, Invictus, a pretty good story in its own right I must say.