The Fifth Generation

The Fifth Generation

By: Theodore 'Blitz' Leung

Disclaimer: All Digimon and their characters (except for those introduced in this fic/series) do NOT belong to me. I do not have permission to use their characters, but it's a FanFic, so, who cares? =) This story line belongs to me and me alone. Please ask for permission if you wish to use it. Thanks. Now let's get onto reading!

Author's Note: Yes, for those who've been waiting patiently, this IS Digimon 04. This takes place after my Digimon 03 series, and I will try to write 04 so that those who haven't read 03 will understand what's going on still. Even so, it'd be nice to read 03 for some background info. Anyway, enough rambling from me...let's get it on...

The black eyed boy headed across the aisle between tables in the lunch room of the school. There were odd glances directed at him here and there, but it didn't affect. Besides, how often do you see a black hair Chinese boy with dyed white streaks everyday? Not very often, though the young teen got enough glances in his life to not be affected anymore by such glares.

"Now...where to find a worthy opponent..." the young boy whispered, looking around the room. It was the third day of school for the new semester, and he was still adapting, much like anyone else in his grade, the grade of a person starting high school.

"Lightning're dead..." a voice spoke out, catching the attention of the Chinese boy out right. At one of the tables sat two boys, both with a deck of cards with same various pictures and text on each. The two began to shuffle their decks back together, then the loser left disappointedly. The young teen decided to step over.

"May I?" he asked the boy shuffling the cards. He looked up, the brown eyes analysing the boy with white streaks in his black hair.

"Sure, go right ahead," was the response, the card player taking a small white box from his backpack and placing the deck back in. From the box, he withdrew another deck. The white streak boy also took a deck from his bag.

"And may I get the attention of your name?" the white streaked boy asked, shuffling the deck. His opponent looked up, also shuffling his deck.

"Blitz..." the black hair, brown eyed, older teenager responded, shuffling once more, then placing the deck on the table. "And you?"

"Wrath..." was the response, he also placing his deck on the table. The two exchanged cuts on their decks. "Imperial Wrath." Blitz stared at the boy for a few moment, contemplating.

"Play or draw?" Blitz asked, taking the first seven cards from his deck as a hand.

"Play," Wrath responded, drawing his own seven cards after saying his phase. Picking on of the cards, he placed it on the table, initiating the card game.

* * * * * *

A fist slammed into the red punching bag, followed by an onslaught of punches and kicks against the bag supported by a thick rope. The attacker was a young female in a white martial art uniform, pounding away at the practice item. She had blue eyes and brown hair. The patch of hair on her right side was dyed in dark blue.

She slammed her right palm into the punching bag, then followed with a roundhouse kick using her right leg, spun around, then thrust both her hands into the bag, knocking it back. The force, with all the other attacks, was enough to snap the string holding the punching bag. The practice item fell to the ground with a resounding thud, though the fighter remained motionless, fists still raised. She was sweating, but her breathing wasn't harsh.

A rhythmic clapping broke her out of her trance, forcing her to blink and find the source of the sound. Her gaze fell onto an older student of the university. He was tall, with light, long brown hair tied back into a pony tail. He wired rimmed glasses which he cleaned before stepping forward.

"I take it you must be the young student who is to demonstrate your skill to us tomorrow," the student asked, stepping in front of the young girl. She bowed her head, then brushed some sweat off her forehead.

"That's me," she responded, smiling cheerfully, albeit tired from her training. She stretched out a hand. "My name is Crystal Dare, but a lot of people just call me Crys." The student took her hand, shaking it.

"Tiberius," the student introduced. "Tiberius Hartz, but a lot of people just call me Tibbs."

"It's a pleasure to meet you, Tibbs," Crys responded, smiling again.

"The pleasure is all mine, Crys," Tiberius responded, smiling back. "Hungry? I bet you've been in here for quite a while to make that mess," Tiberius asked, pointing towards the fallen punching bag. Crys glanced over, then giggled lightly.

"Yeah, I'd guess so," she responded, the two heading off somewhere deeper into the university. "Of course you'd have to find something open at this time of night..."

"How true..."

* * * * * *

Alan John Wilkinson, a sixteen-year-old with a cool calculated mind living in Darlington, England. Cool, calm, calculated, he was pretty much an intellect, but it didn't mean much. He can adapt, and he can adapt fast. Alan likes studying fantasy, especially fantasy magic, but it didn't keep him away from the technology era. He was quite adept at using computers and all, and kept in touch with many friends VIA e-mail. The teen recently discovered another friend on-line who writes excellent stories. Just like him, that author was also from the U.K., though recently moved to Japan to attend a university, the name slipping his mind for a bit.

Alan Wilkinson was currently studying his books, preparing for a test tomorrow morning, second period. He leaned back against the wall, sitting up on his bed and browsing through the textbook. It might not be too late at night, but it wasn't also too early either, and he knew dinner would be ready soon, so he decided on something constructive before that time.

The teen checked his watch, figuring he could finish the review of the chapter before he had to go down. He sped up his reading pace a bit to make sure he would finish reading before that time.

A soft humming interrupted his reading. The teen gazed up, then noticed his active computer. Shrugging, he looked back down at his textbook. Then he looked back up, recalling that he never turned on his computer in the first place.

"What the...?" Alan asked, not completing the sentence nor expecting an answer. He slipped off the bed, placing the textbook on the night table and headed over to his computer, wondering why, or better yet, how it turned on. The screen was completely white, except for a small clock like image that ticked like a clock, and actually stated what time it was for his time zone.

Alan blinked at the screen for a minute, making sure the time was right by checking his wristwatch, then blinked once more, staring back at the screen.

The response was strange. The screen began to emit a faint dark emerald aura, causing Alan to step back in surprise. The light slowly intensified, Alan raising his arms to block out as much of the blinding light as possible.

An energy beam was thrown from the screen, hitting Alan's watch with sharp force, and forcing him back another step. The light was gone, and Alan lowered his hands, checking his watch to see what did just happen.

Much like the screen before, the watch glowed in a dark emerald colour. The teenager began to doubt his safety now, though his gut feeling told him it was safe. He approached the computer once more, touching the now black screen with his hand. The light on his watch intensified in the same manner as his screen before, but this time, Alan didn't need to cover his eyes from the light. This time, his body became energy, and he was sucked into the computer.

* * * * * *

Rebecca gazed into the mirror with her green eyes, combing back her long reddish brown hair, preparing to go to bed. The freckled girl lowered her comb, examining her hair, the nodded in satisfaction, placing the comb on the counter.

She glanced out the small window, seeing the sun slowly rising over the horizon. It was early morning in Sydney, Australia, and the young fourteen-year-old was preparing for school. Well, she was preparing a few hours before the actual opening time, but it didn't matter to her; she was an early person after all.

Yawning softly, she headed back to her room to get her stuff ready, noting the fact that her computer was active. Then she noted the fact she never turned on her computer since turning it off last night. She blinked at the active computer, wondering why it was on, let alone black with a large digital clock telling what time it was.

"What is this?" she thought, heading over to the computer, wondering who's joke this was. Rebecca thought all her family members were asleep, but this turn of events began to arouse suspicion. Then again, no one exactly had the expertise to make that program up in her household.

Yellow aura over took the young teen, forcing a cry out from her in response to the blinding light.

The cry was short lived, the energy taking her away from that location.

* * * * * *

"Calanthe! Are you studying?!" the motherly voice shouted from below.

"YEEEEEEE~~~S!" Calanthe Kystar responded, sighing lightly and glancing at her book once more. "How do you expect me to study with these kinds of interruptions?" she hissed softly, throwing the book onto the bed.

" concentration is destroyed..." she muttered, leaning back on her chair. She then turned to her computer, thankful for a fast connection in Athens, Greece. She hit the mouse on the table softly, throwing the computer out of stasis. She looked down underneath the computer table and picked up some trash, tossing it into the bin.

When her gaze went back up, she was surprised by the sight of a small hourglass, sand dropping from the top to the bottom.

"And what is this?" Calanthe asked herself, not recalling when this program was installed, or by whom. She pressed her hand against the screen, getting blinding white light in her face as a response. She fell backwards, tipping her chair back.

The chair crashed onto the floor, and only the chair crashed. Aside from that, the room looked untouched and empty.

* * * * * *

"I don't believe it..." Wrath muttered, walking outside with Blitz beside him. "You summoned that little stupid 5/3 ball lightning when I had a Furnace in play..."

"Top deck skills," Blitz replied, taking a hand out of his pocket and stretching it over. "Name's Tao...Tao Lee."

"Alex..." Wrath responded. "Alex Chan..." he introduced completely, taking his opponents hand and shaking it lightly. "Good game though."

"Hard to find any challenge now a days," Tao told his schoolmate, sighing lightly. "Most of the good players headed to university this year."

"And you got left behind?" Alex asked.

"Pretty much," Tao answered, looking towards the horizon. "I'm a year younger then all them, hence also being a grade lower. I still got one more year to go."

"That's gotta suck," the 9th grader commented, looking towards the horizon and stuff.

"Yeah, and most of my friends were in that gets pretty lonely now," Tao remarked, sighing once more. He looked back towards Alex.

A soft dark blue glow started emitting from Tao's pocket, startling both of them. The older student of the school withdrew a small device from his pocket. The 'handle' for the device was coloured blue, though it was hard to see through the dark blue haze that surrounded it.

"It'" Tao started in surprise, but wasn't able to finish. The haze bolted forward in a beam of energy, striking Alex's watch and surrounding him in the haze. In the next moment, Alex was gone.

"So...I wasn't hallucinating...he is that same Wrath from so long ago..." Tao whispered, checking out the item once more.

* * * * * *

Alan hit the world with a thud, crashing his back against a tree. It didn't hurt, but just the shock of the blow made him dizzy.

"Ouch...that's got to hurt..." a female voice spoke. Alan thought he heard the soft flapping of wings above him, then he looked up.

Before him flew a small bat with green colour. She flapped her wings lightly, smiling before him.

" are you?" Alan stammered, trying to find the right words.

"My name is Sentaimon!" the bat told him. "And I'm your partner, Alan!"

"P-p-partner?" Alan continued to stammer, still surprised with the talking bat.

"Don't be very surprised," another voice rang out, getting the attention of both. There stood a young female teen with long reddish brown hair and green eyes. She wore flared jeans and sneakers. 'Angel' was written in bold silver letters over her black shirt.

"Yeah, it might take a bit of explaining, but you'll get used to it," the little monster said beside the girl. It was a female turtle Digimon, standing on two's unlike the counterparts elsewhere. There was a large yellow metal bracelet around her neck. The shell for the turtle was pure black. "I'm Rinamon, and this is my partner, Beckie."

"Well, my real name is Rebecca Greene, but everyone just calls me Beckie," the teen corrected, raising a hand. Alan took it, and was pushed forward from his fallen position by the tree, getting to his feet. Beckie noted the ivory trousers and green top, both spandex, on the teen.

"Alan John Wilkinson," the boy introduced, then pointing towards his partner. "And I guess this is my partner...Sentaimon..."

"Don't guess, she is your partner," another voice interrupted. The gaze of all fell onto another pair of Human and monster. "I'm Calanthe Kystar, and this is my partner, Elecmon." The Elecmon nodded, raising a paw in greeting. The Human had long auburn hair that reached down to her waist. Her eye colour was somewhere in between blue and green. A small flower sat in her pale purple shirt and she wore a pair of powder shorts.

"Welcome to the Digital World," Elecmon greeted, grinning. "I take it your trip wasn't very smooth though."

"Not really, but at least it didn't hurt," Alan commented, looking up at his partner. "Let me guess...Digital World...Digital Monster..."

"Or better known as Digimon," Sentaimon responded, though she wouldn't get much farther on her speech. A massive explosion followed by a pillar of light shot from the ground deeper in the forest.

"What the?!" came the responding echo from the group as they headed deeper down into the forest to find the source of that attack.

* * * * * *

Tiberius watched the young teen eat hungrily in the cafeteria of the university. He smiled lightly, wondering the last time he's seen that kind of energy from anyone that age.

"Probably in the Digital World, with our little group," Tiberius thought, sighing at the past memories. "Lepumon..."

"Hey, Tibbs, what's on your mind?" Crystal asked, looking up from her eating. Tiberius snapped out of his thoughts, looking down at the young female.

"Nothing," he answered, looking away again. Crystal was about to ask once more what was the matter, but was interrupted by a white glow from Tiberius' pocket. The glow quickly intensified and blasted out of the pocket in a narrow beam of energy, hitting Crystal and taking her away to another realm.

"What?!" Tiberius thought. "A Digital Portal?! Is this the same Crys I've been told about so long ago?!"

* * * * * *


Time froze in place as the two Digimon crashed into each other, the one with the sword striking. The group new to the Digital World stared at the battle, watching the battle unfold from the chrome armoured Digimon against the massive black devil Digimon. Time might be frozen, but the group could still see what was going on. The chrome Digimon twirled the blade around, a sapphire shadow echoing the movement of the weapon. By the time the Digimon slashed, at least 100 images were made. On impact, all 100 swords became one, slashing the devil 100 times in one strike.

"What the hell was that?!" all the Human's shouted at once, wondering if that defied any known laws to Human kind.

"And you expect us to know?" Sentaimon asked in a rhetorical fashion.

"It'd help," Alan spoke, looking back at his partner. "But I guess you don't know."

"You could try that watch on your wrist," Rinamon suggested.

"Our wha?" Beckie asked, checking out her watch. On it was her watch, but modified beyond belief. It was still compact, but was now digital with a large screen on it as well as multitudes of buttons bordering the screen. The watch was yellow in nature. She glanced over at her companions, seeing watches of similar nature, though Alan's was dark green and Calanthe's was white.

" this...?" Calanthe asked, examining the watch all around. "I don't remember ever getting this watch before."

The alarm from each watch blared off, each watch blinking 0:00 quickly. Light of the watch's respective colour surrounded each Human and their Digimon partner. Just like before, they all faded from existence, what that existence may be.

* * * * * *

Alex and Crystal met face to face, or better yet, crashed at the same location at the same time in the world.

"Ooow..." both groaned, glancing at each other.

"Ouchie...that's gotta hurt in the morning," a voice commented, getting both Human's attention.

Standing before them were two monsters. One was small white monster with an antenna sticking out of his head. His eyes were 'closed', and he had a pair of pink wings on his back. He was short, stubby, and had a pig like nose on his face. The other monster was a floating goat-like-head with a light aura surrounded her. On her forehead was a crystal horn.

"What are you?!" both Humans shouted, stepping back in surprise.

"I'm Wispmon!" the goat-like-head shouted, floating over to Crystal.

"And I'm Espermon!" the other monster replied, heading over to Alex. "And we're both Digimon!"

"Digi-wha?" Alex asked, still wondering what was going on. He glanced over at the female beside him, looking for an answer. Crystal just shrugged. The two analysed the Digimon, then each other.

Alex was wearing a red T-shirt with black jeans. Crystal donned a pair of tight pants and a short sleeved shirt.

"Well, this is the Digital World, and we're Digital Monsters," Wispmon tried to explain, albeit over simplified.

"I don't get it," Crystal told Wispmon, kneeling down. "The Digital World?"

" to explain it?" Wispmon asked, floating back in thought, then turning to face Espermon.

"I really don't have a clue," the other Digimon answered. "All I know is that I've been waiting for Alex all this time!"

"Waiting...for what?" Alex asked, also kneeling down beside his partner. Their questions were interrupted by a sudden explosion of power. Eyes looked up as a small eagle Digimon crashed onto the ground, followed by a devil looking one flying through the air, out of control. A few seconds later, that falling Digimon was hit by a nuclear blast of attacks, blinding all in the vicinity. The two Human's raised their hands to protect themselves from the light, the pair wearing a watch a piece. They were like the watches from the other group, except Alex's was dark blue and Crystal's was Silver.

The attack faded away, but the light didn't at all. Both watches glowed in energy, and then, like before, the two Humans and Digimon partners faded from the Digital World.


Completed: 06/26/01