Shell Shock

By: Theodore 'Blitz' Leung

Disclaimer: All Digimon and their characters (except for those introduced in this fic/series) do NOT belong to me. I do not have permission to use their characters, but it's a FanFic, so, who cares? =) This story line belongs to me and me alone. Please ask for permission if you wish to use it. Thanks. Now let's get onto reading!

Alex drew his starting hand from the deck, as did Tao. Both players examined their hands. They glanced up at each other, then nodded, Alex taking the first turn. He selected a card from his hand and was about to play it.

"Hey, Alex!" a female voice shouted across the cafeteria. Both players glanced up, seeing another female student approach them. Tao blinked a few times, wondering why he didn't see her before. Alex only smiled.

"What's up Carol?" he asked, placing his hand face down on the table. She smiled back, kneeling down by the table. Carol nodded her head, her long, black hair tied into a ponytail bobbing with her movements.

"I was wondering, what home work did we have for science?" the female asked, her dark black eyes gazing at the fellow student. Alex gave a few pages plus question numbers. Carol made a mental note, then nodded her thanks. Smiling cheerfully, she stepped out of the way of the game, leaving the cafeteria. Silence as Alex played his first card.

"Um…excuse me for a minute…" Tao muttered, placing his hand face down and following Carol out of the area, leaving Alex to stare blankly.

* * * * * *

"Carol!" Tao shouted out, the pair outside on the field. She glanced back, stopping. The fact the trio held the first period free means no one would be watching.

"Oh, hi, you were with Alex…um…" she responded, though couldn't recall the name of the person, being as Tao's name was never mentioned to her.

"Zera…correct?" Tao asked, huffing as he regained his breath. Carol blinked in confusion, but nodded.

"I took the nickname from a character in a FanFic," she remarked, turning around now. She gazed at the older student at the school, analyzing him.

"Yeah…I know, I'm the author," Tao answered, slowly standing up straighter, regaining his breath. Carol's eyes went wide, unable to believe she was talking to that particular author.

"Oh…my…" she remarked, gasping. "Tao Lee…Tao 'Blitz' Lee? Oh my…" she spoke softly. Tao nodded, grinning a bit, but became more serious.

"Carol…you know that watch Alex has?" Tao asked, getting a nod of affirmative from Carol. "Do you…have a watch just like his?" She shook her head, silently wondering what these questions were about.

Tao's Digivice began to react with Carol's watch, causing the female to step back. He withdrew the item, watching it flare between black and white energy. In the next instant, the energy blasted fourth and hit Carol's watch, causing her to yelp in surprise. The energy mutated her watch, leaving a fifth generation Digivice on her wrist, pitch black.

"Um…I do now…" Carol remarked, looking up at Tao, who only held his Digivice in surprise. "Tao…?"

"Just don't play around with it much…its got some strange effects behind it…" the fourth generation Digi-Destined whispered, barely audible, turning around and walking back towards the school. Carol stared blankly at Tao, before turning her attention back to her new watch.

"Don't play with it?" she asked herself, curious. She continued to head across the road to the nearby mall for some breakfast, though wondering what was so special about these watches, especially since it just appeared in thin air. She was very curious…

* * * * * *

Rebecca sighed softly, crushing the shell of Rinamon softly. She didn't mind at all, sleeping peacefully on the bed. The turtle Digimon was snoring softly, her partner staring at the ceiling. It was midnight again, though she couldn't really sleep.

"Calanthe, were you that disturbed with destruction?" she sighed, recalling the name of the female with the Elecmon. That Elecmon shouted out her name before taking the full attack for his partner. A 'Digivolution', and Elecmon changed, destroying the Digimon. Calanthe had a look on confusion on her face, making Rebecca wishing for a few more minutes to comfort her.

Rebecca raised her yellow watch over her head, staring at it through the faint moonlight that infiltrated her room. For some reason, the light slowly began to grow brighter.

"Turn off that light…" Rinamon muttered softly, slowly opening her eyes. "Beckie…?" the turtle Digimon asked, looking up at the arm in the air. The Digivice was beginning to collect energy, and that would only mean one thing for the pair of them. "Back to our day job…" the Digimon remarked softly as energy overcame them.

* * * * * *

Alan opened up his window, allowing Sentaimon to fly into the room that belonged to her partner. He closed the window, before sitting down on his bed, glancing at his school bag.

"What's wrong?" the bat Digimon questioned, hovering above Alan. Her partner looked up, smiling softly before turning his attention back to his bag.

"Lot's of work," he remarked out loud, kicking the bag lightly. "I wonder if I should do it now or later…" The bat Digimon flew around the room a few times, before perching on top of the bag.

"Probably later, since you should check your watch," Sentaimon told her partner, motioning with a wing towards Alan's arm. He raised the arm, the watch on his wrist collecting energy, similar to his past experience.

"I see…" he muttered, knowing what this meant. He sighed softly, actually wanting to do his work to some degree, though that would have to be bypassed for 'better' things to do now.

* * * * * *

Rebecca shivered as the cold air touched her. She wrapped her arms around Rinamon's neck, pulling her closer. The world around them was dark, and not just dark in illumination. There was the stench of evil in the air, and it disturbed Rebecca greatly. Rinamon was also obviously affected, alert and attentive for any intruders.

"Something is very wrong…" the Digimon remarked under her breath, glancing nervously around. Rebecca had to silently agree with that. It was nothing like her prior visit, nothing at all.

"What…happened…" she asked softly, looking around. Forest surrounded them, not very dense, but enough, in conjunction with the aura, to frighten her deeply. Rinamon stepped closer to her partner, trying to comfort her. "Rinamon, I…"

"I know…" the Digimon interrupted, feeling her partner's fears in the area. It was beyond dark. The world, it was being reconfigured, changed, for the better of someone else, or maybe not for the better, only for their desire to do as such. "Just…stay close…I'll protect you," she told her partner. Rebecca agreed silently, reluctantly letting go and standing up, following the Digimon who lead the way through the forest.

* * * * * *

Alan didn't enjoy his settings at all. It was dark, but not in that sense of dark, it was…evil dark to him. He shifted slightly closer to his Digimon partner, now Velocimon. The dinosaur Digimon scanned the area, trying to detect anything else in the vicinity, but she couldn't pick anything out of the flood of…dark decay in the area.

"I don't like this," she growled, taking a step forward before glancing back, wondering if her partner was still with her. That he was, taking a step with his partner.

"Neither do I…" Alan agreed with his partner, clasping his Dark Green Digivice with the other hand, wondering why it had to go off, let alone send him here doing so. "I really don't like it…" he repeated, staying close to his Digimon.

"The data…it is getting reconfigured…" Velocimon told her partner, remaining alert as possible, trying to pick out threats in an area of potential threats. "Into what…I can not say, but the configuration…we can only assume for someone's dark purpose…" Even though Alan didn't have the insight as of yet to ponder that fully, he fully agreed silently, feeling the dark energy emitting from all around. The pair remained silent as they treaded deeper into the forest.

* * * * * *

Crystal unlocked the door to her abode, glancing about. She knew her dad wouldn't be home at the present, but she couldn't really say the same about the other member of her family that dwelled in the same abode. Finding that one particular family member currently unavailable, she crept upstairs, Wispmon hovering behind trying to keep an eye for any sort of trouble. They were at the door of Crystal's room.

"There you are!" a female voice yelled at Crystal harshly. She winced, though pushed Wispmon through the door frame then turned around. Before her, a few feet away down the hall waltzed her grandmother, who, despite her age and appearance of frailty, was walking and screaming like any young girl.

"Hi…grandmother…" Crystal responded meekly, shutting the door to her room behind her. The older one grunted, now standing before the young female teen.

"I don't believe you didn't come home," she nagged, shaking her head disappointedly. "You had your father worry sick about you. He was afraid of this and that, and the like. I'm surprised he gives you such freedom - you should be on a tight leash, not going about showing off your skills." Crystal sighed softly, looking down.

"Don't you dare do that to me!" Crystal's grandmother exclaimed, slapping her across the face. The teen recoiled, rubbing her cheek lightly. "You're so irresponsible." With those words, the old woman departed, grumbling: "If only you were born a boy" to herself, though the Digi-Destined heard clearly. Sighing again, Crystal went back to her room, opening is slowly and creeping in.

* * * * * *

"Sir…some Digi-Destined have arrived…" a small Digimon reported to his master, shuddering in fear, knowing the repercussions for failure.

"What…?!" the one in charge muttered, obviously surprised by that turn of events. "How is it possible, they have left for the Real World only so long ago, how could they be back so soon?"

"Um…well…reports suggest this pair of Digi-Destined are different from the seven who embarked to the Real World," the underling continued, trying not to get the harsh end of one of the boss' tempers. Silence only came for a moment.

"They can not be allowed to interfere with the reconfiguration, as neither can I, send out a Digimon to destroy them," the leader muttered before returning to his work at 'reconfiguring' the Digital World.

"As you wish…" the underling replied, bowing slightly before hurrying off to fulfil his duty, or else face deletion from the wrath of his superior.

* * * * * *

"Velocimon…how can the Digital World be…reconfiguring so quickly?" Alan asked his partner, getting a bit more comfortable with the environment, but not by much. "I mean…the last time we came, it wasn't, and that was not very long ago…and now, its being reconfigured, as if it was a completely different world."

"I…am not sure…" the dinosaur Digimon answered, scanning the area for any form of danger, though everything to her was danger at the moment, and she was sure her partner felt the same about it.

"It seems so…unnatural…" Alan commented softly, before glancing at his Digimon partner. "Then again…so are you…" he added, though he wasn't sure if Velocimon heard or not. If she did, she made no attempt to show it at all. The Digi-Destined sighed, allowing his partner to lead into the infested forest.

* * * * * *

The bi-pedal tortoise Digimon led her partner through the maze of shrubbery and vegetation, chomping on a few as they passed, though remained alert despite feasting on her indulgences. Rebecca didn't mind her Digimon partner's indulgences, too busy keeping an eye of her own for any dangers that may appear.

"Hey, what's this?" Rinamon muttered, leafs between her teeth as she stared at some tree, with something cut out in its bark at eye level. Rebecca drew closer, gazing at the random twist and turns that the knife or whatever knife like apparatus used to carve out part of the tree.

"It doesn't look like much to me…" Rebecca commented, trying to find some pattern to the gibberish or writing, but found none. "Perhaps someone was just bored?" she offered as an answer, though neither could accept it as such.

"I don't think it would be a bored Digimon," the turtle Digimon mumbled, leaning back and gulping down her food. She scanned the symbol again afterwards.

"It seems awfully neat and clean…" Rebecca spoke, referring to the cuts made in the tree, though she had little experience with such weapons or apparatus'. She ran her hand through the grooves, feeling the pattern with her fingertips. She was drawn to it, some unknown force pulling her closer. "What…is it…?" she asked herself, unsure what was mixing through her.


"Look out!" the Digimon partner of Rebecca exclaimed, toppling her as the tree with the symbol on it fell to the ground, creating an earth shaking tremble. Rebecca gasped as the tree rolled to a halt, mud sloshed all over from the impact. For some odd reason, the symbol on the bark was facing her, though she hardly had time to notice. The stump of the tree was cut neatly across at an angle, before it stood another Digimon.

"Blazadamon, at your service," the Digimon smirked, crossing his blades for arms. He was reptilian with green skin. The base where the blade and his arms connected was layered with thick armour platting up to his shoulders. The lizard narrowed his eyes, his tail swaying back and fourth in anticipation. The blades-for-arms shimmered crimson momentarily.


The pair of blades uncurled and lashed forward, unleashing a beam of crimson energy at the pair, directed towards the fallen pair of Digimon and Human alike.

* * * * * *

The pair of Digi-Destined and Digimon halted as the shock wave from somewhere deeper in the forest. Alan and Velocimon exchanged glances, unsure what it meant.

"I don't like that at all…" Alan muttered, gazing towards the direction of the sound. Velocimon agreed, though something nagged at her, as did her partner. "But…I guess we should check it out…" Alan commented next, adding the fact silently that this may be something they need to do, the 'goal' for this trip into the realm. "Come on," he told his partner, breaking their walk into a sprint towards the source.

* * * * * *

Rinamon leaped up, throwing the back of her hard shell towards the attack. The Digimon gasped in pain, falling into the arms of her partner, who also cried out in surprise.

"Rinamon!" Rebecca exclaimed, cradling the Digimon in her arms as she examined the damage. The ebony shell of the Digimon was cracking right in the centre, and that crack was forcing excruciating pain onto the Digimon. The shadow loomed over the pair.

"Prepare to be deleted…" Blazadamon muttered, raising one of his sword hands and about to drive it through the crack in Rinamon's shell.

Rebecca forced her eyes open, watching the form of Blazadamon threatening overhead, but without a single move. Rinamon seemed frozen in time as well, much to the surprise of the Human. Her gaze fell onto the fallen tree nearby, the symbol still shining towards her. The sapphire light pulsated with her heart, slowly drawing closer with every beat.

The Digi-Destined remained silent, fixated at beam of sapphire energy slowly creeping towards her. She wasn't sure how to interpret the energy, especially in such a situation, but she accepted it as something that is…'stalling' for time.

"What…are you?" she asked the energy beam. In response, it leaped forward, smashing into Rebecca's watch as she cried out. Her watch slowly fluctuated with energy, in beat with her heart, which has become slightly faster in her surprise. For a moment, it was there, then lashed out taking a yellow glow similar to her watch. The beam of energy whirled around Rinamon.

"Rinamon…Chrono Digivolve to…"

The Digimon grew in size, as she reeled back. Small slash of energy ran across the back of her larger shell, revealing orange in contrast to the black that was 'unpainted' on her shell. The Digimon clutched her 'hands ' together, standing tall. A small gold band was wrapped around her neck.


The legs of the larger turtle Digimon sparked with energy, as the blade came down onto the Digimon.


Nocamon leaped into the air, flipping around and giving Blazadamon a quick and heavy hit to his chin. Blazadamon staggered backwards, rubbing his chin with the flat of his blade as his opponent landed gracefully, standing on two legs and staring at Blazadamon.

"Champion level…much more interesting…" Blazadamon remarked, raising his pair of blade-like-arms and preparing to attack. Nocamon raiser her 'arms', the bipedal Digimon also prepared to knock some senses around.

Rebecca could only stare at the much larger turtle Digimon, who was now standing between herself and the Digimon with the blade arms. Nocamon glanced back, then winked at her partner, before lunging forward.


Blazadamon quickly curled up his blades before throwing them out, unleashing a slice of crimson energy through the air. Nocamon, expecting as such, quickly leaped at the opposing Digimon, turning around with somehow impossible agility and crashing her shell into the attack, this time only scratching it unlike the previous attempt where it got cracked. Blazadamon instinctively withdrew a step, surprised that his attack didn't phase the shell at all, let alone the turtle's somewhat cumbersome agility that came with it. At this point, he noticed the legs of the turtle gaining energy.


A quick and powerful kick across his face sent the Digimon staggering backwards, as the turtle Digimon landed, crossing her arms over her head, grinning.


She uncrossed her arms, raising them forward and unleashing a beam of blue power right towards the dazed Blazadamon. The opposing Digimon had enough time to recover and watch the beam approach him at a quick velocity. He didn't have anytime to react as the blast hit him dead centre against his chest. He dissolved into data.


Completed: 04/07/02

Author's Note:

Yeah, yeah, I know it's been a long time between Episodes, I'll try to get back on track…