3 years later

I missed Latias, I missed her terribly, but I was able to get over it, as I knew she was safe. From the day she left me I'd never seen a single Latias or Latios since. Every time they're migration took them here, I'd wait in the exact spot I met Latias to see if she'd come, but she didn't. It never bothered me much as she was probably been enjoying the time she spent with Latios. But she never left my imagination.

I'm finally in my last years of school, and after the event with the jock, people have been treating me weirder than I could imagine. They weren't necessarily avoiding me, but they were just curious as to how I tossed a jock to the floor, without moving. After a while, people slowly forgot about it, and things were back to normal.

Every time I passed the spot that I met Latias, my head would fill with thoughts of her. I would thought about the way I cared for her, the way she cared for me, the way we loved each other.

It was another day on the path, in early April. The part of year that Latiases and Latioses would migrate through here. I stopped to turn and look at the grassy patch that I cared for Latias at. I sighed as I knew she'd be stuck in my head for the rest of the day.

I turned around to keep walking down the- OOF. I was tackled from the front, but I didn't even have to look to know that it was Latias. I felt her soft feathers and hugged her tight. I looked beside her to find Latios by her side.

She tried to get up but I wasn't going to let go anytime soon. She suddenly flew about 6 feet into the air lifting me off the ground.

"OK, ok, I'll let go". She went down and placed me on the ground. I looked into her eyes to see them bursting with excitement, but she wasn't hyper the way she usually was. She kept still and tried to remain stay calm.

She smiled and hinted me to get on her back, but as I looked on her back I that she didn't want me to get on her back.

I was awestruck and speechless, barely able to think. I was so surprised that I suddenly felt dizzy like I was going to faint. I staggered a bit and leaned on a tree just to keep my balance. I couldn't believe it.

On Latias' back, with feathers as golden as her eyes, was a shining baby Latias.

She floated off of Latias' back, and flew around, without a single hint of trouble. She looked about three times as small as Latias, but her feathers shone so brightly it made my eyes hurt. She flew towards me and sniffed me in the face. I was so happy for them I couldn't even speak, she was beautiful.

After a few seconds she gave me a quick kiss, as I felt myself melt all over the place. She was so CUTE!!! She flew down and rubbed herself against my chest. I cradled my arms and she rested in them.

"She's amazing". Latias and Latios smiled.

Latias once again hinted that I get on her back, so I hopped on. I let go of the baby latias and she flew beside us. Latias and Latios flew at a slower pace as the baby tried to keep along. I couldn't keep my eyes off of her. I almost fell off of Latias she took a sudden turn, but I was able to hold on.

We arrived several minutes later to the beach. I didn't have my swim suit so I just pulled up the legs on my jeans and ran in.

I watched the baby Latias swim around. She was surprisingly quick for one that must of been at least a year old. After a few minutes of non-stop cuteness, I was amazed to see a fish in its mouth as it launched from the water.

"SHE CAN HUNT ON HER OWN"!? Latias nodded, proudly. She had taught her well. I was amazed and baffled that one so young could do so well.

The family stayed here for about 3 days. I saw a variety of powers that the baby had learned. But after I saw everything that she had shown me, she didn't seem like a baby. She already knew who to make those eyes that induced sleep, and she already knew who to turn invisible, it seemed like she could do everything, but hologram. Which didn't actually bother me, I liked her the way she looked before.

It was the final day for the family to be here. I was gonna miss them all. They flew me to the beach for yet another sad goodbye. I was set down in the exact same spot I had said goodbye to Latias last time.

I wanted them to stay, but they couldn't. I hugged Latias one last time for a goodbye.

The baby latias flew to her mother and father, and gave them a hug too, which puzzled me. The baby then placed herself in my arms again. Latias gave me a quick kiss and started to float away with Latios. I saw them fly away as I did three years ago, only this time was different. The baby wasn't leaving with her parents, she just rested in my arms. I could here the mother calling in the distance, and the baby called back. I was puzzled, the baby wasn't leaving.

Within seconds it finally struck me, all the things Latias taught me about her daughter, she showed me that she could hunt on her own. Was she leaving the golden latias with me? As soon as Latias was out of sight, it was official.

She had left the golden latias in my arms to take care of. Just as I did with her.