It shone pink at the top of the open tin, the colour catching his eye immediately.

Last Christmas, it had been different. He had spent most of the day itself unconscious as a result of his regeneration, and although by the end of it she had begun to accept the change, she hadn't quite found it in herself to love him again straight away. So when she opened the tin last year, she wasn't ready to share.

He was having trouble stopping the saliva dripping from his mouth by the time she was finished. But he was a Doctor; he knew the meaning of restraint. He would wait until she asked him to share, however long that would take.

But the question never came.

A week ago, she had asked if they could make a quick stop on Earth, to fulfil a Christmas tradition that she promised he would be a part of. For an hour he waited, whilst she paid a visit to her mum, just so Jackie knew she was safe. She returned with a tin; a tin just like the one he had seen last year, the source of all his Christmas torment.

"Not again Rose," he had said the moment he saw it. "That almost finished me last year!" And how would that sound? The mighty Doctor, the lonely angel, the last Time Lord, finally finished off by a tin of chocolates.

"But last year Doctor, well that was different. You didn't understand the tradition then. This year, I'm gonna teach you! Every Christmas a family needs their tin of chocolates, and we're no different."

"You mean you're not! And you're still not going to share the pink ones are you? You almost killed me when I tried to snatch one last year!"

She laughed at the memory. The poor, ailing Doctor, innocently reaching for a shiny pink wrapper, containing the best chocolate of them all. Little had he known what his companion would do…

"What on earth do you think you're playing at?! Stay away from them, you hear me? Stay away!" She shouted, slapping his hand away, brown eyes wild with anger. It was bad enough that he had taken her Doctor away; there was no way in hell he was taking her chocolates away too.

"Well last year was different. This year I'll think about it," she said, still grinning. "For now though, they're going in a cupboard, out the way until Christmas Eve, as family tradition dictates. If we put them out any earlier, there won't be any left by Boxing Day."

"And whose fault would that be Miss Tyler?"

"It's only a week for you to wait," she carried on, ignoring him, "then maybe if you're good, I might let you have a pink one!"

A week later, and she was gone. And he never knew whether she would have let him have a pink one.

Midday on Christmas Eve, and he sat and looked at the open tin, a pink wrapper shining tantalisingly at the top of the pile. He reached out, unwrapped it, and took a bite.

Because he knew she would if she could.


A/N: This is dedicated to my uncle, thief of the pink Quality Street! I haven't seen the new Christmas episode yet :( so this is very much AU. Reviews are lovely :D