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A Gundam Quest: Angel's Aid

Part One

Heero Yuy and Duo Maxwell walked to their hangers just to check on their Gundams. They knew that nothing was wrong with them, but they just wanted to check anyway. So, the Perfect Solder and the God of Death walked together to the hanger. They were an odd pair of friends, a perfect example of opposites attracting. Heero was quiet, emotionless, brooding and serous with an air of danger that he wore about him like a cloak, while Duo was cheerful, friendly, funny, talkative and optimistic, but still dangerous himself with a short temper and an ease to fight.

Both young men were good at what they did in different ways. Besides, Duo kept suicidal Heero from killing himself or letting the Wing pilot from being to alone most of the time. By his sheer determination, Duo had won Heero as a friend, and Duo planned to keep it that way.

Just that Duo didn't like Heero's taste in women.

Relena Peacecraft was annoying, clinging, stupid and bitchy. She was pretty, Duo had to give her that, but there were prettier girls with better personalities, like his own girlfriend, Hilde. He wondered what Hilde was doing at the moment but forgot all about her when they entered the hanger.

"What the hell?" Duo shouted as he saw a dark figure by Deathscythe HELL and Wing ZERO. The figure looked down at them.

Heero wiped out his gun from his leather jacket. He held it out at the person, taking excellent aim, and said, "What the hell are you doing here? And get the hell away from our Gundams."

"Yeah, damnit!" Duo shouted up at the person.

The shrouded figure laughed and held up its hands. A bright light started surrounding both Gundams. Both boys were in action in a second. Heero was running to the catwalk from the east and Duo was running from the west. They intercepted the bad guy at the same time, but a portal surrounded the Gundams. The figure jumped into the portal.

Duo, shrugging, said, "Aw, what the hell," and jumped after them. Heero was close behind.

Then the world started to spin, and burn. Duo watched in amazement as lighting crackled around the pair of pilots then, suddenly, it was over. They fell to the ground.

"Owwww," Duo said as he rubbed his sore behind.

Heero was on his feet in an instant, surveying their surroundings. He said in his almost monotone voice, "We're not in the hanger any more."

Duo rose up, dusting off his black jump suit and asked, "So, where the hell are we then?"

Heero said, "Look around for yourself."

Duo glared and grumbled, "Oh, can't even answer me, ahe Solder Boy?" He did as he was told. They were in some big city, some bad ally, and it was night. Duo smelled garbage, stale beer, and urine on the walls of the buildings around the two pilots. It reminded Duo of home. He swung his braid from his shoulder and asked, "So, Mr. Perfect, what are we gonna do now?"

Heero started to walk out of the ally, not caring who could see him or not. He answered, "Look for our Gundams."

Duo sighed as he walked in step with the Wing pilot. He quipped, "What are we going to do? Go up to people and ask, 'Have you seen two big mobile suits with wings lying around here?' Come on Heero, I don't think whoever stole them were human."

Heero grunted and glared. Duo shrugged and said, "Just checking, Heero."

Heero reached around and grabbed his friend's braid. He said, "Come on, Duo, we don't have much time."

Duo grinned and leered, "What, got a hot date with Relena?"

Heero looked bashful for about a millisecond. He replied, "Maybe. Do you have a problem with it, Duo?"

Duo grinned and asked, "So, what base have you gotten to yet, or have you gotten up to bat yet?"

Heero ignored him as they walked to the main street. Shops and night clubs were crammed on every possible square inch of the street. People in all manners of styles walked hurrily around them. Duo stared at a guy with a magenta Mohawk and multiple piercing. He said to Heero, "Look at that dude."

Heero did and said, "He has a right to." Heero's typical answer. They started to walk on the side walk. Something seemed wrong to Duo, but he really couldn't put his finger on it. Heero asked, "Does something seem wrong to you?"

Duo nodded and answered, "Yeah, everything seems dated. From the 21st century or something."

Heero nodded and said, "Yeah. That's what I was thinking. Somehow, we got transported back in time."

"That is just so uncool," Duo grumbled half heartily as he watched a beautiful young woman with shoulder length blond hair wearing a very low cut, short, black swede dress. He smiled as the woman approached them.

Heero looked to see where Duo was looking and the Wing pilot groaned. The woman motioned to them and Duo happily followed her into an ally.


Heero straitened to his full height and followed Duo into the ally after the leather clad blonde. She was attractive, he had to give her that, but she didn't hold a candle to Relena's goodness and kindness. He wouldn't admit to anyone that he was in love with the Queen of the World, but he wasn't going to shatter his perfect solder image like that. But, alone, he would admit it to himself. That was why he couldn't kill her and why he didn't want her to get involved with him in battle.

The blonde cocked her head and looked at the two pilots appraisingly. Duo grinned smugly. Heero stood at the ready beside his friend. Something about this woman Heero didn't like. He couldn't put his finger on it, but it was something older than Heero, something older than time, something older than man, older than . . . Demons. Heero froze beside the Deathscythe pilot.

She smiled and said, "You two are very handsome young men."

Duo grinned, the shameless flirt that he was, and replied, "Well, you ain't that bad looking yourself, Gorgeous."

She tittered, "I bet you say that to all the girls."

"The good-looking ones," Duo bantered back.

She said, "My name is Darla."

Duo grinned and said, "I'm Duo Maxwell. And Mr. Quiet and Brooding over here is Heero Yuy."

"Interesting names," Darla said with a secret smile. Heero didn't like the hungry tone in her sing song voice. She reminded him of Dorothy just a little bit. She looked Heero over in a way he definitely didn't like and said, "I like quiet and brooding men."

Heero drew his gun on instinct. He said, "I will kill you."

She threw back her head and laughed, "But how can you kill something that's already dead?"

Duo's face went slack with shock. Heero stepped beside his friend with the gun pointed at Darla. She said, "Babies with guns, what is the world coming to?"

Heero took a shot. She was thrown against a brick wall, clutching her stomach, where Heero had shot her. She looked up at them and her faced changed. Her forehead became rigid, her brow jutted out, her blue eyes became golden, and razor fangs gleamed in her pouting mouth.

"Shit, she's a vampire!" Duo exclaimed with too much wonder in his voice. Heero looked over at the look of sheer amazement on his friend's face. Duo had a love for the supernatural, the Deathscythe pilot had Dracula practically memorized and went out to see every horror movie that came out.

Heero kept the gun pointed. He didn't know anything about vampire lore except that they drank blood. He said, "Get the hell away from us." He did know that he couldn't kill her with the weapon, but that didn't mean that Heero was going to put it away.

She ran her tongue lovingly over a fang and said, "I bet you two will be delicious. Young, fresh, and you two would make a perfect addition to my family."

"I said, back the hell away from us," Heero threatened with the gun pointed strait ahead. He took another shot.

She dove at him at the last second, so his shot went wild. She held him in impossibly strong arms. Heero fought, trying to get a hold of her wrist so he could flip her over his shoulder. Duo ran up to her with the cross that he always wore held in his hand.

He said, "Get the hell away from my friend, you sadistic bitch."

Darla hissed at the sight of the cross, gripping Heero tighter. He grunted and stomped his foot into her instep. She let him go and he ran behind Duo. The cross was keeping her at bay. She snarled, "I'll eat you both."

A voice came out from no where, reminding Heero of Duo's stealth with his Gundam, "Get the hell away from them, Darla." The voice was male, deep but soft, dangerous. Heero recognized the tone, he had used it often himself. A shadowy figure materialized from the darkness.

Duo said, "Oh, cool." This guy could have taught Duo a few things about being stealthy, Heero thought as he watched the tall, broad and dark stranger approach them. He was tall, broad with pale skin, unruly dark brown hair, and dark brown eyes. Heero was looking at himself in a few years, he realized as he recognized the intense, brooding, deadly expression on the guy's face.

"Angel," Darla hissed.

Angel looked at the two pilots, Duo with his cross and Heero with his gun pointed at the bitch. He said, "Turning to terrorizing children for kicks, Mom?"

Mom? Heero thought dully. They looked to be the same age. Duo said, "Holy shit, it's another vampire, but I think he's a good one, and Darla's his sire."

"His what?" Heero asked. He knew what sire meant in regular terms, it meant parent. But he didn't know what it meant in vampire terminology.

Duo answered, "I'd bet a bottle of Quatra's finest champagne that Darla's the vampire that turned that guy into a vampire."

"How are you sure he's a vampire?" Heero asked as the two stared each other off. Angel was dressed in black as well, with a long duster, a silk shirt and jeans.

Duo answered, "A) The stealthy entrance. I, being the God of Death, would have never pulled something that cool off. B) The clothes. Black duster, silk shirt, typical contemporary vamp wear.

C) That guy's really pale. Vampires really don't like sunlight. It kinda roasts them to a crisp. D) He's being freaked by the cross as well, notice that he's not looking at it. Vampires don't like crosses or Holy Water. I'm glad I don't wear my priest's collar anymore because they'd eat me alive. They don't like Holy people either."

"So what do we do?" Heero asked, hating the fact that he was turning to Duo for information.

Duo answered, "Not much, buddy. He's a good vampire. So, by rule, he's gonna fight Darla and save us then disappear into the night again. He's redeeming for his sins."

"Sounds familiar," Heero said bitterly, understanding why Duo was so into the supernatural now.

Duo said, "But, I gotta admit, this is pretty cool."

Heero didn't say anything. He only spoke when it was absolutely needed. Instead, he turned his attention on the two vampires. Angel said, "I don't know how the hell that you got back, but somehow you did, but I'll kill you again."

Darla laughed, a light, tittering sound that grated on Heero's nerves like nails on a chalkboard. She spat, "Yeah, you killed me, didn't you? But I'm back now, aren't I?"

Angel replied, "I don't know how, but I know who brought you back, and I'll stop them and kill you. I swear it."

"Oh, pretty speech, Angel. Are you going to start wearing a kilt and shouting, 'They can take our lives, but they can't take our freedom!' If you do, let me know because you have great legs," Darla replied to him.

Angel snarled. He actually snarled, like the lion at Trowa's circus. Duo said in awe, "This is so cool." Heero kept watching, not trusting anyone here, not even Duo. He held his gun out in front of him like a ward. Like Duo was holding his cross.

Angel tensed, like he was going to rush at the blonde vampire. She saw the movement as well and Heero watched as Angel took up a fighting stance, typical Akiedo. Darla blew him a kiss then turned her attention on the pilots. She said, "It was nice meeting you boys, but I've gotta go." With that she jetted out of the ally with inhuman speed.


"Damn it!" Angel hissed as Darla retreated from the ally. He then turned his attention on the two boys that had almost became her dinner, and maybe his blood brothers. One was wearing a black jumpsuit with a red sweater underneath it, he was the one holding the cross. The other, pointing the unfamiliar gun at Angel, was wearing a leather pilot's jacket, a green tank top, and blue jeans.

He met the kid in the leather jacket's eyes. They had that too much knowledge look to them that Angel knew too well. They were a dark, fathomless blue. Frighting, endless eyes that could kill you without caring. The boy wasn't evil, he just had seen and been through too much in his short life. He had a mop of unruly almost black hair that fell haphazardly in his face.

The boy said, "I will kill you."

His companion, the boy in the red sweater, smirked and said, "Heero, you can't kill vampires with bullets. You gotta stab them right in the heart with a wooden stake or leave'em out in the sun to become crispy critters."

"Fire and beheading works just as well," Angel replied as he looked at this boy, who was almost the opposite of his companion. He had long chestnut brown hair braided down his back past his waist and huge violet-blue eyes with good humor and a cynisim born of death and destruction in them.

It was like seeing younger versions of himself and Xander standing in front of him. The quiet, deadly, brooding one and the joking, sarcastic, talkative one. Except these boys were best friends from the way they acted around each other.

They both had seen a lot, but they took it differently. The boy grinned at him and held out his hand, "Hi, I'm Duo Maxwell."

Angel, surprised about the boy's openness, shook his hand and said, "Angel."

Duo stuffed the cross back into his shirt, saying, "You probably don't wanna see that, don't you?"

Angel nodded as the boy kept on talking, "Well, Mr. Perfect Solder over there's Heero Yuy."

"Duo, we don't know if we can trust this guy or not," Heero, Perfect Solder, said to his braided companion.

Duo grinned, full of natural charm and good humor, he said, "Oh, come on Heero. The man just saved our lives."

"We didn't need saving," Heero replied in an almost monotone voice. He did put his gun up though.

Duo asked, "What were you going to do, shoot the bad vampire?"

Heero only glared at him. Angel watched the boys. There was something bothering him about the gun. Not only the fact that a 16 year old boy wielded it correctly, but the make and model of it.

Angel asked, "So, where are you two from, do you have a home?"

Duo grinned and answered cryptically, "It's a long way from here."

Angel looked down at the grinning boy with the waist long braid. Heero glared at him and said, "Come on, Duo, we don't have much time."

Duo smiled and said, "It was nice to meet ya Angel, but we better be going." The two boys started to walk away from him.

Angel sighed and rolled his head around his shoulders. He was tired, but he knew that he couldn't let the pair get away. He sensed that Darla was still near by with the near telepathy that they shared as Sire and Childe. He felt her hunger and it was starting to get to him as well, he could feel himself tearing into the white throats and drinking deeply. They obviously didn't have any family, they were not going to be missed.

Damn her, Angel thought bitterly. She was sending him messages, appealing to the demon within.

Angel asked, "Where are you two going, and how are you going to get there?"

The two boys turned to look at him. Duo said, "He's got a point there, Heero. We're gonna get lost."

Heero looked him over and asked, "Duo, do you think we can trust him?"

Duo asked, "Hey, can we trust you, or are you gonna eat us?" There was a playful grin on his face as he said this.

Angel smirked, "My taste doesn't run toward young boys."

"Boys?" Duo spat in offence. He said, "Uh, look buddy, we're just more than a couple of young boys."

Heero asked, "Where are we?"

"Los Angeles," Angel answered him suspiciously. How could he not know that he's in L.A.? Angel thought.

"What year?" Duo chirped.

"2000," Angel answered skeptically. He was beginning to feel like Mulder. Then he remembered Heero's gun and something dawned on him. They're from the future, the ancient vampire thought with surprise.

Then he got his suspicious confirmed when Duo looked at Heero with wide eyes. Heero's expression contained no emotion to it what so ever. Both boys have been through a lot, but one's taking it differently than the other. Optimist and pessimist, Angel thought as he studied them.

Angel sighed and asked, "What year are you two from?"

"What do you mean?" Duo asked nervously. Angel suspected that the young man with the braid couldn't lie to save his life.

"After Colony 195," Heero answered. Then he asked, "What made you think that we were from the future?"

"Your gun. Its make and model. It's not like ones out there today," Angel answered him. Then he added off handedly, "Your smells are different than most people's."

"Cool. Gross, but cool," Duo replied.

Angel smiled and said, "It's a skill that comes in handy sometime." Then something sank into the vampire's brain After Colony 195.

He studdered, "After Colony 195?"

"They're colonies in space," Duo helpfully provided.

Heero said, "That's where we're from."

Angel muttered, "Well, talking about being a long way from home."

"Exactly," Duo answered, "And we need to get home."

Heero added, "But someone stole something very important from us that we need to get back first."

Angel led them out of the ally. Duo looked around the streets of L.A. with a sense of wonder and curiosity. Heero said, "Once we get them back and the person who stole them from us we can get home."

Angel nodded and said, "Well, if you tell me more, I maybe able to help."

Heero said nothing. Duo gawked at a girl dressed in a tight leather halter top and matching pants. He said, "Wow."

Angel told him, "You'd be amazed on how much silicone is used to make one of those tops stay up."

Duo smirked, "I wouldn't mind if it fell down."

Heero said, "Come on. We don't have much time."

Duo ignored his campion and stared at the silicone-enhanced hooker. Angel rolled his eyes and said, "They're not real."

"They still look good," Duo said in admiration. He turned to Heero and asked, "Why doesn't Relena get a boob job?"

Heero's eyes flashed as he spun around at the other boy. Angel stepped ditfuly away as Heero punched Duo square in the jaw, sending the braided boy flying. Duo stood back up in an instant, betraying that he had been in a large number of fights in his short life. He quipped, "It was just a suggestion."

Heero said nothing to his friend and looked at Angel. He said, "We don't have much time. We're looking for something called a Gundam. Specifically two of them known as Wing ZERO and Deathscythe HELL."

"Something from your future, I take it," Angel said.

Duo answered, "Yeah, I can't be the God of Death without HELL."

"What? You can't be the God of Death, he's much taller and he carries a scythe," Angel told him in disbelief. He studied the grinning violet eyed boy.

Duo said in a sing song voice, "Deathscythe HELL, Angel-man."

"Don't call me that," Angel said in annoyance as he began to walk again. Duo trailed after him like a Xander hyped up on caffeine while Heero moved beside Angel in a skeptic manner that was all too familiar to the ancient vampire.

Duo asked, "Where are we going?"

"Some place safe," Angel answered him, half annoyed by the questions and the references to Hell.

"HELL, incase you're wondering, as a vampire, you probably get creeped out by these sort of things, is a thecno abbreviation," Duo told him happily.

"Really, you would think that?" Angel snapped at the boy.

"Hey man, I was just trying to help," Duo sheepishly replied.

Angel told him, "Thank you, but you would better help me if you would shut the hell up."

"Sorry, I'll shut up now," Duo grumbled.

Heero half smiled and said, "Thanks."

"Don't mention it," Angel said as Cordelia's apartment loomed in the distance.

The trio reached the door and Angel knocked on Cordelia's door. She opened it and smiled at him. Then she frowned questionably when she saw the two boys. She asked in her usual manner, "Who's the Mini-Angel and Braid Boy?"

"Hey," Duo protested as he lovingly stoked his braid.

Heero said, "I'm called Heero Yuy, and you are?"

"Cordelia Chase," she answered as she looked at the two boys. She asked, "Angel, where did you find them?"

"Darla was about to have a midnight snack with these two," Angel answered as he crossed the threshold to her apartment. Duo bounced hin after him while Heero looked warily at the doorway.

Angel said, "It's okay, Heero. The only thing that could bother you in here's a ghost."

"Cool," Duo said as he began to look around, curious about everything. He turned to Cordelia and said, "Oh, I'm Duo Maxwell, and don't call me Braid Boy."

"Sorry," Cordelia protested as she threw her hands up in the air in a helpless gesture, "It was your most identifying feature."

"Well, just don't make fun of my braid," Duo told her defensively as he stroked the long plait of chestnut brown hair.

"You just gotta understand Cordy, that's all," Angel told him with a grin.


Duo had done a lot of research in Maxwell's Church about the 20 and 21st centuries. He found them positively fascinating. Countries did their own thing. He really liked the United States, America, his home "country". They ruled with a democracy. People voted for change, so if someone was upset, they could only blame themselves.

That wasn't the coolest thing though. The coolest thing was that there was a centuries old vampire standing within feet of him. Duo kept looking at Angel, taking in every detail. He remembered some of the books he read by various authors: Bram Stoker, Anne Rice, L.J Smith, Laurel K. Hamilton, and Jennifer Bratcher.

The vampire reminded Duo of the hero in a series of Jennifer Bratcher's books. He was trying to atone for something. Mainly the evils in his past and trying to make a nitch for himself in the world.

Angel was telling Cordelia briefly of how the two pilots were from far in the future and how they were brought back here with something to find something that was stolen from them. Cordelia looked at them in disbelief and Duo grinned, giving her the Peace sign. Heero just glanced at her with his dark, intense blue glare.

She said, "Well, since your going two take these two boys tamping across the country looking for whatever the hell a Gundam is, we'd better get somethings ready for them."

Angel smiled slightly and asked, "So what do you suggest?"

"Clothing, food, entertainment. If these guys are anything like Xander when he was 16, they would probably like to see a movie and get a pizza," Cordelia answered firmly.

Pizza. The beautiful dark-haired girl had suddenly transformed into a goddess in Duo's eyes. He said, "Thanks. I want pepperoni and sausage on my pizza." He turned to his brooding companion and asked, "Hey Heero, they're getting us pizza, what do you want on it?"

Heero shrugged and said, "I don't care. Get what you want on it. Just not anchovies."

Duo grinned and said, "You heard Mr. Sunshine."

Angel blinked and said, "Cordy . . ."

"I'm on it," she said as she headed to the phone.

Angel said, "I'll go see if there is anything I can find out about anyone seeing a Gundam."


"Ever heard of something called a Gundam?" Angel asked as Gunn worked on his truck. One of the wooden boards that had been sharpened into a stake had been broken off.

The young, black man answered, "Nope. Never heard of that crap. Any leech sightings?"

Angel shook his head and answered, "Darla. But she's mine."

Gunn nodded and said, "I can understand you've got issues with the bitch, but when are you going to kill her?"

"When I can find out what Wolfram and Hart are planning to use her for," Angel answered.

"She's hot, I'll tell you that. Maybe they want her to seduce you or something. Tell you something, if she wasn't a dead girl and all, I wouldn't mind having a chance at that," Gunn told him.

Angel rolled his eyes and changed the subject. Darla was an uncomfortable subject for him, exspecaly when their physical attraction hadn't died down, and with Buffy far away, he had less reason to resist. He kept telling himself, "I'm good, she's evil." But it just wasn't working that great.

So, he pulled out a sketch of the two boys from his pocket. He said, "If anyone comes looking for these two boys, tell me."

"Why?" Gunn asked as he looked at the sketch. Then he grinned as he noticed Duo's meter long braid, "Are you sure this one's a boy?"

Angel sharply answered, "I'm protecting them."

Gunn nodded and said, "Will do. See ya later. And watch your back, your too good of an ally to turn into dust."

Angel smiled faintly and said, "Thanks, I'll do that. Bye." With that, he disappeared into the shadows.


Phantom Denis let Angel in. He found Duo and Cordelia asleep on the couch, with two empty pizza boxes lying open on the coffee table as well as two Coke cans. "Dexter's Lab" was playing on the TV. Angel looked around to see Heero with a lamp turned on reading a book on vampires and demons specifically.

Heero looked up and asked, "Why didn't you try to kill us? All vampires are evil. They're just demons inside of corpses."

Angel knelt to where the boy was sitting and looked him in the eyes. There was a lot of bitter pain there, anger, and emptiness. Stillness. Heero asked, "Why?" He pulled his gun out on Angel and said, "I should to kill you. This'll slow you down long enough to stab you with a wooden stake through the heart."

"You don't trust anyone, don't you?" Angel asked him sadly.

Heero shook his head and said, "I trust Duo, and my other three comrades back home, but even that trust has its limits. Duo's the one I trust the most. Why, I don't know that myself, except that I should have killed him, but I didn't. I'm getting that same feeling off of you, why?"

Angel looked at the gun and said, "I'm cursed."

"So are we," Heero said, indicating Duo with a tilt of his head. Heero went on, "He calls himself the God of Death when he fears death himself. Interesting."

"He fears death because he feels that he has something to live for," Angel told him.

"Do you fear death?" Heero asked him suddenly.

Angel shook his head. Heero put his gun away and half smiled, "You're not alone."

Angel looked away and said, "You're young. You think you're Immortal, that you have all the time in the world to do whatever you want."

Heero shook his head and replied, "I don't think that, it's just that death doesn't scare me. But why aren't you trying to kill us?"

Angel sighed and answered, "The curse. You've been doing the reading, Heero. I'm not your ordinary vampire. I have a soul."

Heero nodded and asked, "So, you're determined to help us find our Gundams then?"

Angel nodded and said, "You two stumbled into my sire for a reason, don't you think."

Heero smiled slightly and replied, "Maybe you're right."

Angel smiled as well as he stood up. Heero went back to reading the book. Smart boy, he's knowing his dangers before he heads out into the world, Angel found himself thinking with a smile.

End Part One!

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