The Bet

Ok I do not own Naturally Sadie but I was thinking about the show and well here it goes.


Rain and Ben are talking

Rain-"hey Ben what's up?"

Ben-"nothing much you?"

Rain-"um… I heard a rumor about you and Sadie it's not true is it?"

Ben-"Rain I don't know what your talking about…what rumor?"

Rain-" well I heard from Sam, who heard from Josh ,who heard from Megan, who heard from Anthony, who heard from…."

(I don't know if those people are real but I just was making the story.)


Rain-"sorry…anyway I heard that at the beginning of the year you and Owen made a bet over Sadie who could date her…remember I heard a rumor."

Ben (laughing)-"rain I like Sadie a lot, I would do anything to make sure she was alright…I would NEVER hurt her."

Rain-"I know."

Ben-"why would you even ask me that 'I made a bet on who could date Sadie'"?

As Ben said the last part about a bet Sadie came up behind him and heard it so guess what happened.

I know its short but I wanted to keep a cliff hanger.