Flash Back!

Ben Phone Conversation with Sadie

Ben-"Hey Red, what's up?"

Sadie-"um….about what we were talking about earlier, I'm sorry I overreacted."

Ben-Its no problem…and I want you to know that I would never do anything like that."

Sadie-"ok um what are you doing now?"

Ben-"walking around the Commends, I by the pretzel shop, what about you?"

Sadie-"I think you will see me in less than 10 seconds."

Ben-"what…Red what are you……"

He could not finish because he bumped into her.



They dropped all there stuff, they bent down to get it and there hands touched and they looked at each other and leaned in to kiss. Sadie felt his hot breath against her lips. Then…………………..

End Of Flash Back.


Chris walked around the corner seeing Sadie and Ben.. Chris was about to say something when Ben Said to Sadie…..

OK I got tired about writing Ben and Sadie so Bold is Ben and normal is Sadie.

"red, I don't want our first kiss to be in a crowed mall."

(Chris left after he heard that with a very mad look on his face. ARG! LOL sorry could not resist.)

"Me either…sorry about bumping into you"

"no it was my fault…so want to go to The Wow?"

"um…I don't know…I was supposed to meet Margaret and Rain here."

"come on red I already saw them and they seem quiet content"

"What do you mean "Content" Ben?"

"they were being all flirty. And Margaret looked very happy."

"Ben, Stop being all smug just so I can come with you at least let me see them."

"Fine, come on they are at the food court."

When they got there they saw something that they thought they would never see MARGARET AND RAIN WERE……OMG THEY WERE……………

"OMG Ben look at them!"

"Finally it took her long enough I wonder what he said."

"he is about to……."

You will have to wait and find out…….haha sorry could not resist.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------- With Arden and Owen…….

Owen BOLD and Arden Regular

"Thank God if they kissed my whole plan would have gotten screwed up."

"Or I would have punched his lights out!"

"Ok, I have a question. Last year you hated Sadie and now you like her a lot…what gives?"

"she changed and I forgave her for the dance thing between me and Ben….she will realize she made a mistake choosing him over me."

"any girl would choose Ben over you any day." Arden Mumbled.

"what arden?" he was looking at her like he was about to scream…

"nothing" she said with a innocent face.

"sure…I know you its never nothing….but whatever."

They were walking around the corner to where Ben and Sadie were spying on Rain and Margaret….and saw exactly what Ben and Sadie saw……except mostly they were watching Ben and Sadie playing and having fun….Ben was tickling her and making her laugh and Smile….

"Arden I'm Done trying to break up Sadie and Ben."

"what Why?

"because look how happy she is with Ben,…. Look at how happy they are together,…..if I let her loose all of that, (he is pointing to where Ben and Sadie are) what she has with Ben I will never forgive myself."

"yea…I understand…I want that kind of happiness too."

"Yea." He said looking at Arden

"what do I have something on my face Owen?"

"No, your perfect." Then he lent in and kissed her.

To Arden it was the most passionate kiss of her life….she loved they way he kissed her. She loved the way he made her feel when he kissed her….

When they broke apart they saw 2 people standing next to them who were really mad Especially the Boy.


The End Of The Chapter…..I do not own any naturally Sadie or any of the characters.

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