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He hadn't felt a thing when he said "I love you." He hadn't even acknowledged his existance. The cold truth hurt, he should have known it would. And he wanted him to trust him? He wouldn't, couldn't. Not when he hurt this badly. He picked up the backpack, tossing it over his shoulder. Sliding out onto the windowsill, he glanced back at the figure on the bed, asleep.

"I'll be fine without with you today..." he whispered, slipping out and running.

He splashed through puddles, ignoring how the bottom of his pants grew wet, He wanted, had, to get away from here. Away from this hell he lived in day after day. He glanced back over his shoulder, wincing as he did so, a fresh bruise on his neck protesting at the movement. He could deal with the marks. It was emotions he couldn't handle, the face that didn't care for him, that tore holes in his heart time and time again. His unfeeling Other was the problem...

He'd beg him to come back when he found him again, but this time he'd not go back. He'd be fine without him this time, he told himself. He didn't need to go back to him...

The sun shone on his face, and he opened his eyes. It was a new day, and he had lasted without him. Yesterday had been yet another hell, but today he'd make it. He was certain.

Yugi took one last look back as he boarded the boat destined for America.

"Sorry Yami... For being fine without you after all... But maybe this time I won't be alone anymore," he whispered to the wind, before he tore his gaze away.

He was free now, from those straightjacket feelings that his Other didn't return...

Written for the Emmy, just so we're clear on that. And... I'm not sure what I did.