Well, I noticed that while I've been updating on devart and kaitaka, has been severly neglected. So, I'm uploading about four or so stories.


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'Dear Diary,

Sometimes I wake up in the morning and wonder when we got monkeys…

Then I remember they're my friends.'

Hilary had to hide back a giggle.

'I'm so bad!' She thought.

Christmas music flowed from the radio in the kitchen, along with bad singing and a clanging of pots as Gramps made breakfast. His cooking was worth listening to the tone deafness.

A yipping and giggling came from across the room and she looked up to see Max throw a red ball, a small speckled puppy streaking after it.

"Like him?" Rei asked. His calm tone belied the stiffness in his shoulders, and she could see how nervous he was. He was always so worried when buying Max gifts.

Clapping his hands in glee Max only said "I love him!" before turning to hug Rei tightly. She grinned as Rei blushed.

"Thanks Kai." She heard Takao say. She saw him lean onto Kai's shoulder, hugging the Dranzer plushie Kai gave him close.

A rustling of paper and there was Kenny, opening her present.

He gasped in surprise as he opened the box and pulled out her gift. He looked at her and she could only smile weakly.

'Please like it. Please like it. Please like it!' She fervently prayed.

A pale filtered light shown through the window and made the object glint.

"A charger?" He asked her.

"Well," She said, shrugging as she pushed herself up into a sitting position. "I know how your other one broke and you were really worried about Dizzy shutting down…" She stopped, realizing she was starting to babble, and just shrugged again. "It was nothing."

Kenny jumped up. "Thanks Hilary. I'm gonna use it right now!" Grabbing his glasses he turned to leave before stopping, a thoughtful look on his face. Smiling, he pivoted, walked back to her, and kissed her quickly on the cheek.

"Really. Thanks a lot Hil." He said, before walking out.

Fingers brushing her cheek, pink spread through her cheeks.

'Well, imagine that.' She thought, before turning back to her diary.

'Dear Diary,

Sometimes I wake up in the morning and wonder when we got monkeys…

Then I remember they're my friends.'

Looking at the others, Rei was still holding Max and they were both blushing (but smiling), Tyson had fallen asleep on Kai's shoulder and Kai was giving him an endearing look, and she could still feel a tingling where soft lips had brushed her cheek, and she smiled.

'And I wouldn't trade them for anything.


Finishing with a flourish she dropped her pen and stood up.

'Now. Time to find a certain brown-haired boy.'

And with that thought, she left.

There's one!