The unexpected pirate

Sum: Ryoko had a partner in her space pirate days and he's back and…what do you mean he took Sasami?

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Chapter one

The black grappler

---Deeps space just out side the solar system---

The camera fades in from black and focuses in on a black ship with a gold dragon on the nose of the ship. The ship looks like it was built like it was made for speed and maneuverability over power, as it only had a few guns on it, but looks can and will be deceiving. This ship was the Moonlight Dragon; a pirate vessel that has been known to cut down a Juraian war ship by itself. In the drivers seat was a man about six foot with red hair in a low braid down to his mid back. He had electric shock green eyes and had three claw like scars going over the right eye. He was wearing combat boots with a knife in both of then with black cargo pants over them; he also had on a black muscle shirt with a sleeveless blood red coat and fingerless gloves with black gems on the back of them. This man was one of two partners of Ryoko the space pirate, Captain Jules Nodachi, a feared pirate and mercenary and known for being the only pirate that followed Bushido. "So, do you think the lead was good, Jules?" asked a young man that was sitting in front of Jules. He was about 4 foot 5 with midnight black hair and arctic ice blue eyes. He was wearing work boots with normal jeans and a baggy shirt, he had a leather coat over his clothes and a tool bag on the back of his belt and a small folding fan on his belt and a mini computer in his hand typing very fast. This boy was Ryoko's other partner in crime, James Tessen, but Jules and Ryoko called him Jim. "Well, to many people say she's on this planet, Earth, so, yes, I think the lead was good, Jimmy-boy." said Jules as he leaned back in his chair. "I don't mean to be a bother, but where are we going?" asked a gentlemen like voice that contained a cynical edge to it. "I told you, Phineas, we're going to Earth, the third planet in this solar system, to find Ryoko." Replied Jules as he looked at a large console above the seats that looked like a face. This was Phineas the ships A.I system and navigator, but it you asked Jules, he'd say Phineas was a pain that he couldn't shoot, like Ryoko. "Jules, estimated arrival time is 13 hours." said Phineas as he charted a course to the Masaki house, as it had a landing beacon outside of it. "Well, wake me up in 13 hours." said Jules as he laid back to gets some Z's.

---Masaki House 13 hours later.---

Everyone in the Masaki house with the exemption of Sasami, were doing other things and were away at the time. Ryoko and Ayeka were watching Tenchi and his grandfather spar, Washu was in her lab, Kiyone and Mihoshi were patrolling the solar system and Mr. Masaki was at work so only Sasami heard the incoming grappler ship as it set down gently and away from Mihoshi's landing spot. As the door on the grappler ship, opened Ryo-oh-ki ran out to greet her old friends, Jules and Jim, with Sasami close behind. When the two came out, Ryo-oh-ki jumped up onto Jim, surprising him and he fell over. At this Ryo-oh-ki was mewing happily that her two old friends were back. "Ok, Ryo-oh-ki , Ok, I'm glad to see you too." said James as he picked up Ryo-oh-ki and stood up and putting her in his jacket like he used to. "Umm, excuse me…but who are you?" asked Sasami as she finally got up to the two. "I'm Jules Nodachi and this is James Tessen, we're looking for Ryoko, and seeing as Ryo-oh-ki is here, then that means Ryoko is too." said Jules as he looked about. "She's not here right now." replied Sasami as she looked at the ships nose art. "Then, do you mind if we wait for her inside?" asked James as he looked at Sasami. "Not at all." replied Sasami as she led them into the house.

Cliffhanger… bum bum bum bummmm and the moral of today's story is don't drink and drive…drink before you drive.

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