The unexpected pirate

Sum: Ryoko had a partner in her space pirate days and he's back and…what do you mean he took Sasami?

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Chapter Five: Heaven and Earth

---Hidden Heaven/Dark Angel---

"My lady, we've entered Hidden Heaven control space." said a nameless helmsman, as he looked at Masaki. "Enter at dock 12." said Masaki, as she got up and put on a belt that had two sabers attached to it.

Now, most people would think all space pirates would use laser swords, but not Masaki, because she charges her sabers with lightning. She's also not wearing her Jurai royalty clothes but clothes that befit a space pirate. She has on knee high leather boots with black pants and two belts. One for her swords and one for her gun. She also has on a blood red shirt with a black jacket over it with arm gauntlets over the sleeves.

Once they docked Masaki and a small group of guards went out on to the dock and were met by a green metal ball with arms and legs. "Well, well, well, Lightning Fist Masaki, what's an old dog like you doing here?" asked the ball. "Hello, Jingo, and talking about old dogs, shouldn't You be dead by now?" asked Masaki, as she walked up to Jingo. "Ha, ha, ha, ha! I guess I should, Masaki." replied Jingo, as he shook Masaki's hand.

"Jingo, have you seen Jules lately?" asked Masaki, getting serous. "I was starting to wonder when you'd ask that. He's come and gone, but if your looking for your daughter, then I can tell you she's fine. I mean, she has to be fine, if she got James to carry bags of clothes for her." said Jingo, looking at the clipboard in his hand. "So, she has joined him?" asked Masaki, in a little shock. "It looks that way Masaki, here." said Jingo, as he handed her the clipboard to sign. "Oh, Masaki, don't worry, Hot Ice Hilda's with them, so, Jules won't do anything too stupid." said Jingo, trying to lift Masaki's spirits and it worked. "Hey, Jingo, do you know if anyone would know where they went?" asked Masaki, at Jingo's retreating form, "Jack Leviathan, and the barkeep at the Ryo-oh-ki bar, on the north side of town." yelled Jingo, as he left the dock.

"Ok, lets go." said Masaki, as she motioned for her guards to follow her. What she didn't know was that she would soon have valuable allies in finding Sasami.

---Hidden Heaven/ The Washu /Dock 13---

"Ok, so, where do we go from here, Ryoko?" asked Tenchi, as they got out onto the dock. "Well, we need to wait till the captain, Washu, signs in the ship, then we go to all the bars in town." said Ryoko, as she looked around for a dock attendant.

"What the hell? Is it becoming national pirate day? First Masaki, and now you, Ryoko." said Jingo, as he walked up to them. "Hello, Jingo." replied Ryoko, turning to face him. "Isn't this a little big for a group to hunt with, Ryoko?" asked Jingo, handing the clipboard to Ryoko. "We're hunting for the Moonlight Dragon. Have you seen it lately?" asked Ryoko, handing the clipboard to Washu. "You and everyone else, I mean the Catarl'Catarl army is after it, you're after it, Lightning Fist Masaki's after it, so is GP and the Mc'Dougalls." replied Jingo, as he got the clipboard back from Washu. "So, I take it Jules was here?" asked Ryoko, with a dead pan look. "Yeah, he was here, with some new girl too, but, get this, she's Lightning Fist Masaki's daughter." said Jingo, starting to walk away.

"Wait, did this new girl have light blue hair and pink eyes?" asked Ayeka, hoping that it wasn't her. "Yeah, she did, looked just like her mother at that age." replied Jingo, walking away. "Oh, no, Sasami, how could you?" asked Ayeka to her self.

---Jenson sector/ Moonlight Dragon---

"Sir, I'm picking up 20 GP cruisers." said Phineas, bringing up a screen that showed 20 dots closing in on the center. "Phineas, open a line to them." ordered Jules, as the rooms lights dimmed and two control sticks appeared next to Jules. "Yes, Sir." replied Phineas, as he opened a line.

"Captain Jules Nodachi, you are here by placed under arrest for kidnapping the second princess of Jurai." said the GP officer over the COM-link. Jules looked over to his right where Sasami was seating. "Umm…Sasami did I kidnapped you?" asked Jules, in an 'I'm confused' voice. "No, I kidnapped myself and snuck onto the Moonlight." replied Sasami, looking at Jules and making sure the GP officer saw her face, and he did. "So, there you have it, Mr. GP, I didn't take her, she did it on her own." said Jules, starting to look drunk. "Yeah, I came on my own." said Sasami, making the GP officer get flustered from not knowing what to do.

"I'm sorry, Princess, but I have to arrest you." said the GP officer, as he signaled all the other ships to move in to take the Moonlight Dragon. "Ok, if that how you want to play it! Phineas, extend the grappler arms!" said Jules, as the grappler arms extended from below the ship and armed them selves, one had a katana and the other had an uzi, and just as fast as combat started, it was over, with the GP officers calling for help. "Well, that was fun, but we have to meet up with Hilda at the Joson space station for supplies." said James, looking like he had almost died from laughing. "Right, Phineas, lock in the course." replied Jules, as he laid back. "Right away, Jules." came Phineas's reply as the Moonlight Dragon shot off into the endless void.

Chapter end: And the moral of today's story is…. Mimes should be shot on sight. Well, Je ne, Tenkai of chaos.