It was a typical bustling lunchtime in New York. Chandler and Ross were sitting on the familiar orange couch at Central Perk waiting for Monica and Rachel. The ladies were out shopping for dresses for Chandler and Ross' college class reunion that the four of them would all be attending later that night.

It had been a year since Chandler and Monica moved to Westchester. Since then it was pretty seldom that they all hang around together the way they do in the old times.

Ross was on the phone muttering sweet nothings to Emma, "Goodbye little angel, don't give Grandma Judy and Grandpa Jack a hard time. Behave yourself little sweetie."

"Dude, you reminded her to behave herself for the thirty-seventh time. Emma's got the message," said Chandler impatiently. "Now let me talk to the twins," he said snatching the phone from Ross' hand. "Hey Emma, this is Uncle Chandler, could you give the phone to your cousins? Thanks sweetie."

"I was having a quality conversation with my daughter," Ross grunted.

"Hey Jack and Erica, I know you missed Dad's voice," spoke Chandler on the phone, ignoring the unpleasant look that Ross was throwing at him. "So here it is," he cleared his throat and began singing in a babyish voice, "I'm a little tea pot short and stout."

"Do you have to do that here?" Ross said rolling his eyes.

"Admit it Ross, you're just jealous because kids don't dig your singing," Chandler snorted and resumed singing, "Here is my handle here is my spout When I get all steamed up hear me shout." Chandler beamed turning to Ross, "Jack and Erica are totally laughing, they just love it when I sing. See?" He momentarily placed the phone on Ross' ear to make him hear the kids' laughter.

"Hey I can do that too, I can entertain my niece and nephew with my singing," said Ross grabbing the phone from Chandler. "Jack and Jill went up the hill to fetch a pail of water" sang Ross in a childish voice too.

"Give it up Ross," said Chandler trying to grab the phone back from his friend. "I've been singing to them everyday. They're so delightfully familiar with my voice. They want nothing else."

Ross held the phone tighter and started to sing louder, "Jack fell down and broke his crown and Jill came tumbling after!"

Chandler moved closer to the phone in competition with Ross and began to sing noisily as well, "Hear me shout! tip me over and pour me out!"

"Don't tell me you two are practicing that for tonight's reunion," somebody snorted from behind. Both Ross and Chandler stopped singing and turned to see who it was.

It was Eric Siegfried, a classmate of theirs back in College who everyone most probably remembers as the meanest kid.

Chandler and Ross both turned the brightest shade of red.

"Hey Jack and Erica, Uncle Ross have to go now. Bye," Ross said silently hanging up the phone.

"Don't tell me you two still have that band," Eric sneered, making an air-quote at the word band. "Do you remember that time you performed and only your mother came to see it?" Eric burst out laughing mockingly. "And you both thought that's the best way to attract girls, not with those hair!" he added shaking his head.

"So are you taking her tonight to the reunion?" Chandler said eyeing the beautiful woman with Eric and determinedly trying to change the subject.

"Yeah, this is Annie. She'll be my date for tonight," Eric said airily. "I supposed you two are going together?" Eric asked before either Chandler or Ross could say a word to Annie. "No dates huh? I see not much had changed since College."

"That's where you're wrong," said Ross, glad to have something to throw at Eric's face. "You see Chandler and I are both happily taken. I'm with this gorgeous woman Rachel. As a matter of fact we have a daughter."

"And I happen to be married to her sister Monica," Chandler threw in proudly. "She's hot."

"They're just out shopping," Ross said. "They could be here any minute."

"Are you sure you two are talking about real women here?" Eric said skeptically.

"And what's that supposed to mean?" Chandler asked indignantly.

"Well I just remembered how you guys used to have those imaginary girlfriends back in college," Eric taunted.

"Look, we are taking our lovely ladies to the reunion tonight," Chandler said. "You'll see for yourself."

"If you say so," Eric said clearly unconvinced.

"Here, let me show you a preview," Ross said taking a picture of him with Rachel and Emma from his wallet.

"Wow…," murmered Eric upon seeing Rachel in the photograph. "I must say I am surprised. How did you possibly end up with a gorgeous woman?"

"I guess I've come a long way since college," Ross said trying to sound casual.

"I think it has something to do about ditching the bad afro," commented Eric. "How about you Chandler? Can I have a sneak peak of the hot woman you claimed to be your wife?

"Sure," Ross answered for Chandler. "I also keep a picture of my sister here."

Ross pulled a picture from his wallet. He was about to hand it over to Eric when Chandler saw what picture it was.

It was a picture of Monica back in high school when she was all heavy and fat.

Chandler hastily snatched the picture, crumpled it and slipped it into his jeans' right pocket.

"Dude, what are you doing?" Ross demanded questioningly to Chandler.

"Well I just realize that I don't want to give Eric any sort of spoiler," Chandler said thinking of an excuse. "I want him to be all surprised when he sees how hot my wife is later tonight. I want to catch how his jaw would drop when he sees Monica walking with me arm in arm."

"Yeah right, that would happen," Eric said sarcastically. "Well we got to go now. I still have to decide which Armani suit would I be wearing tonight."

"I hate that guy!" Both Chandler and Ross blurted after Eric was gone.