Note: Hey everyone! This poem just hit me outta no where and it refused to let me sleep until I finished it. I'm real happy with the way it came out. I usually write things from Aang's point of view, so I wanted to try Katara for a change

This is a poem about Katara's feelings toward Aang. She figures out that she loves him, but it aware he is still young, and may not know what love is. It is basically her saying that she loves him so much she is willing to wait for him.

Positively sure

I've always loved you like a brother,

And often acted like a mother,

But now I think I'm feeling something more

Whenever our hands brush,

I feel a certain rush,

Unlike anything I've ever felt before

If I find I get this feeling,

I can try to use my healing,

But it seems love sickness is one thing just can't cure

I'm afraid if I confess,

You might start to like me less,

And I'll be forced to watch you walking out that door

While love consumes me like a flame,

I can only hope you feel the same,

Grit my teeth- bow my head and just endure

Because this feeling is so strong,

I know I loved you all along,

But I can wait until you're positively sure

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