Power Rangers: Omega

Chapter 1; In the Beginning, Part 1

"Where is the next galaxy that has enough life-forms for us to conquer?" Blackborg asked.

"Scanners indicate that there is a luscious, organic, life-filled planet in the Milky Way Galaxy which has large amounts of life-forms that we can enslave." General Vargas replied.

"Excellent. Set a course to this planet and we'll begin the invasion of this planet. What is it known as?" Blackborg inquired.

"The humans that dwell on this planet call it earth." General Andromeda said.

"Earth better prepare to quiver in fear at the name Blackborg!!!"

The ship began to travel to the unknowing planet of earth to begin the enslavement of the human race. Meanwhile, a group of unsuspecting teenagers are hanging out at the mall.

"So what did you think of that Algebra test today Phil." Justin asked.

"Eh, it was alright. I couldn't get the last couple of questions though." Phil replied.

"I thought it was pretty easy." Wendy said.

"Of course you would, you are like a math genius." Justin said.

"Or maybe it's just that you are a math idiot." Wendy said jokingly

"Hey!!!" Justin said gently shoving Wendy.

"Hey guys." James and Mike said.

"Hey" Phil, Justin, and Wendy said.

"Ready to go to the carnival?" James said.

"Yea we were waiting for you guys to get here." Phil said.

"Well let's go already." Mike said.

The five friends headed downtown to go to the carnival. They arrived there and participated in all the events there and had a lot of fun. In another dimension, Zordon awakes from his slumber. He looks around and has a look of grave concern on his face.

"I sense a great evil is approaching Earth. I have been trapped in this dimension since my communication to their realm was destroyed in order save the universe from the United Alliance of Evil. Since then, I have been too weak to move physically throughout dimensions and forced to rest here until someone can release me. I hope someone can transport me soon because this is a powerful evil if it is enough to reach me here in this dimension."

As Zordon continues to worry, the teenagers are in the middle of playing some carnival games. They are having a good time trying to win prizes until the ground begins to shake and a rumbling is heard.

"What in the world was that?" Mike asked.

"I don't know, maybe an earthquake." Phil said.

"That's highly unlikely in New York ." Justin said.

"But they still can occur." Wendy said.

"I don't know, it sounded like something arrived somewhere in our atmosphere, like an airplane but a lot bigger and louder." James said.

"Look!! Over there!!" Justin said.

All of a sudden, the sky became really dark and it looked like there was a lightning storm approaching.

"Sir, we've arrived at the planet Earth." General Vargas

"Excellent, assemble the blackhearts and begin the invasion. This planet appears totally defenseless and will easily fall to my power. Soon the earth and this galaxy will belong to me!!!" Blackborg said.

"Yes sir, I'll lead the Blackhearts down to Earth and stake claims for you Emperor." General Vargas replied.

The sky continued its vicious storm rage and a bolt of lightning struck the Earth as General Vargas and an army of blackhearts appeared. The Blackhearts and General Vargas were standing outside the carnival as the earth quaked and quivered in fear. A crowd formed outside of the carnival to meet their impending doom. The five teens come out and begin to wonder what is going on. They see General Vargas and the Blackhearts and wonder what this is and what it means.

"Guys, what in the world are those things?" Justin asked.

"I don't know, but it doesn't look good at all." James said

"Insignificant beings of Earth, I am General Vargas. This is planet now belongs to Blackborg. He has conquered many other galaxies and will indeed conquer this one. Anyone who tries to resist, will have to deal with me and the Blackhearts." General Vargas said

"What are we going to do?" Wendy said.

"We're obviously going to stand and fight." James said.

"Are you retarded? We are going to get the hell out of here!!" Phil said.

Meanwhile, there is a secret base beneath the Earth. This base is equipped with advanced computer technology. Also there is a new robot that seems to have been activated by the approaching evil.

"AYEYAYIYAYIYAI!!!! This is terrible. It is worse than terrible, it's Blackborg. This can only mean that he has finally reached our galaxy. Thank goodness Zordon designed this base in case something ever happened to the original power chamber and there was no one here to protect the planet. Now all I need to do is locate Zordon and he'll know what to do. Computer, I need you to search for Zordon's molecular structure and energy signature starting with sector X-29 of the xilustion dimension." Alpha 8 said

"This action will prove irrelevant since Zordon's demise during the Power Rangers fight with the United Alliance of Evil." The computer responded.

"What!!! How can this happen? Computer, how was he destroyed?" Alpha 8 inquired.

"The Space Rangers were defending Earth against Astronema and her quantrons and piranhatrons. The Rangers were in trouble until Andros, the red space ranger, boarded Astronema's ship to try and reason with her. He found Zordon and was told to shatter his energy tube to release his energy. He did and Zordon purged the galaxy of evil. Therefore, resulting in his demise."

"Computer, you are mistaken. Zordon's tube was a projection of Zordon in our dimension. By destroying the tube, Andros released most of Zordon's energy into the universe, but also broke communication with Zordon from our dimension. Therefore, he is still out there and can no longer communicate with us. We need to find him and bring him here. So computer begin search now." Alpha 8 said.

Zordon sits in a meditative state to try and communicate with Earth.

"We are receiving a transmission" Computer said.

"Play it" Alpha 8 said.

"This is Zordon. People of Earth need to be warned of Blackborg's arrival. If you can hear this, please establish contact immediately."

"Computer establish a link-up to Zordon." Alpha 8 said.

"Establishing link now." Computer said.

"Zordon, Zordon come in. This is Alpha 8 of Earth. Come in."

"Alpha, can you hear me?" Zordon said.

"Yes I can hear you. I need to know your location so we can teleport you here." Alpha said.

"Alpha, listen to me. Do you still have the animorphers that I hid away?" Zordon asked.

"Yes, they are here with me in the second Power Chamber." Alpha said.

"Good. I need you to do this immediately. There is not nearly enough power in the Power Chamber to teleport me to the Power Chamber across the vast dimensions. The only way we can accomplish this is by using the power of the animorphers. However, only organic humans can harness this power. I need you to insert the animorphers into the computer and have it do a worldwide search for whoever is most compatible with each animal spirit in the animorphers. Ohhh I am fading. Alpha I need you to this quickly." Zordon said.

"Yes Zordon; just hang on long enough for us to get you." Alpha said. He then inserted the animorphers into the computer mainframe. "Initiate a search for humans that are most compatible with the spirits and teleport them here."

"Initiating search now." Computer said.

Meanwhile General Vargas and the Blackhearts are attacking and capturing humans at the carnival. The five friends are running until a group of Blackhearts catch up to them and surround them. They fend them off by fighting them long enough to escape. They then hide in a booth.

"Those things are going to get us." Justin said.

"Maybe we should just give up now and let them get us." Mike said.

"No, I think we should fight. Hiding here and waiting is only delaying them. We can at least go down with honor or actually take them out." James said.

"Be realistic, there is no way we can take that many of those things, we'd be history." Wendy said.

"Guys, I feel funny." Phil said.

"Me too." Justin said,

"What's going on?"

All of a sudden the friends begin to disappear and change molecular shape into energy. This energy begins to raise and transport them to a different place.

To be continued…