Five Xmas Gifts That May Have Seemed Like Good Ideas At The Time But, As It Turned Out, Really Weren't

See if you can guess what each of them got. Answers at the end of the post.

Buffy Season 5: R.O.U.S.

"Sweetie?" Willow had we-need-to-talk face. "That DVD you got Xander? I know you haven't known him that long, but there are some things we're not supposed to encourage..."

Tara immediately grew self-conscious. "H-he didn't like it? I n-never know what to buy... Do you think w-w-we can change it for a movie with... I dunno, car chases or something...?"

"No, no, he loved it!" Willow giggled and hugged her. "I just caught him in front of the mirror, holding a hockey stick like a sword, going 'Chello. My name is Inigo Montoya. Yoo keel my father, prepare to die!'"

Angel Season 4: Father

Angel unwrapped the paper and held up the contents of the package with a puzzled look on his face. "Uuuhm..."

"You don't like them. I knew you wouldn't."

"It's not that, Connor. But..."

"What, you think I stole them?"

"Son -"

"Because I paid for them. With my own money. I can show you the receipt if you want."

"I believe you. It's just... I haven't worn a pair of these since..."

"...since you went evil and tried to eat all of Sunnydale?"

"Thanks for reminding me, Cordy."

"You're welcome."

Connor sulked. "I just thought you needed a change of style..."

Buffy Season 6: Letter
(Note: ff net won't let me strike out words, so underscored words are supposed to be stricken through.)

OK, irony. Neither of us large with the Jesus-worship. So no merry Christmas, I suppose.

Strai Sobe Non-magicky nine days now and it's h my problem now, not yours. I'm sorry. Can't say that. Sor Don't read that bit.

Just wanted you to have this & know I don't. Can't trust me myself. Need supervision, curfews, locks. Could lie & say not hoping you'll use it someday, but you're too smart. I hope. Don't read that bit. Not asking for anything. Keep or give it to Buffy or... do whatever YOU want, Tara. Always.

Lo Don't read that bit.


Angel Season 3: Sharp

"And this is for Wesley from me!" He opened the present and Fred's face lit up with that beautiful, silly grin that always made him want to do anything for her. "You said your electric one needed replacing, and my Pa always said these were the best... and since Pylea, I'm sorta suspicious of anything more hi-tech than it needs to be."

"It looks very... sharp." He held it up to the light. It reflected her smile. "Thank you.. thank you very much, Fred. I, uh, promise to only use this from now on!"

It did look awfully sharp, though.

Buffy Season 5: Sun

"Buffy, this is..." Joyce held up the envelope in stunned disbelief.

Her daughter beamed with joy. "You're right, this IS. And no excuses; your doctor said you'll be in tip-top shape by then and that there is no better post-cancer therapy than bikinis, beaches and buckets of margaritas... OK, he didn't actually prescribe alcohol, but that's what he meant. I could tell. Slayer powers."

"This is the best... wait, I can't accept this. You can't afford -"

"I can and I have. See? 'Non-refundable'. No dorm rent, remember? So start packing – soon as school's out, you, me and Dawn are going!"

Xander got: "The Princess Bride" DVD

Angel got: A pair of leather pants

Tara got: Willow's housekey

Wesley got: A straight razor

Joyce got: two weeks in Acapulco.