Bloody Rose Petals

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Yami's crimson red eyes opened to see no other then Seto Kaiba standing in front of him in black pants, a black turtle neck and grey and red trench coat. "Prepare Yami! I will beat you this time!" he called to Yami, drawing a brown card with black oval from a deck with similar backs. Seto smirked, seemingly confident in what he was about to do. "Sacrifice my three monsters and summon Blue Eyes White Dragon!" he yelled as three different monsters that stood in front of him disappeared and a large blue and white dragon appeared.

Yami gasped. Is this a nightmare? His mind screamed as the dragon leaned forward with stared him down with piercing azure eyes as he roared. Yami took a step back as he looked at the cards in his hand.

"Blue Eyes! Attack!" Seto commanded.

The said Dragon leaned its head back as it gathered energy into his mouth.

"Not so fast Kaiba! I activate, Dark Hole!" Yami yelled. He blinked to himself as he activated said card. How did I know that was there?

A large black and dark violet cloud appeared over the field and sucked in all their monsters just before the attack.

Seto stared wide eyed. "No! My Blue Eyes!"

For some reason, Yami smirked to himself and played a card. "Now. I summon, Dark Magician with Monster Reborn!"

A swirl of colorful white spots appeared before they burst apart to reveal a man with long purple hair and dressed in armor of purple, along with a violet staff with a green orb.

"Now. Dark Magician. Attack!" Yami now commanded.

Said Dark Magician did as told, raising his staff and aiming it at Kaiba, who stood defenseless, before he let out a black beam.

Yami watched as Seto's life points dropped to zero.

"Congrats Yami!" he heard his name being called. Yami turned in time to see a smaller version of himself walk up to him with a smile. Large amethyst eyes soft and warm.

"Yeah! Good job buddy! You totally kicked money boy's ass!" another said, this time a blonde with amber eyes.

"Mmhmm!" agreed a girl, hair short and chestnut brown, sapphire eyes also warm.

"Yeah! Totally!" this time, it was a brunet guy with hair that pointed at the tip, brown eyes glimmered.

Yami stared with wide eyes. "Who are you?" he whispered.

The look alike blinked. "Yami, we are your friends... don't you remember?"

"I can't, I can't remember you.."

Slowly the small group disappeared from Yami as he reached out to them. "Wait! Come back! Come Back!"

"COME BACK!" Yami jolted awake, sitting up as his crimson eyes scanned the bedroom. He panted as he placed a hand over his fast beating heart. "It was just... just a dream." he whispered, trying to gain his even breath back.


Yami blinked as he looked over his left shoulder to the now awake Seto.

Kaiba looked at him with tired azure eyes. "Yami? What is it? Don't you know what time it is?" he muttered. No, Kaiba wasn't a good person to be with if you woke him up in the middle of the night.

Yami blinked. "I'm sorry. I-I just had a nightmare."

"Well then keep it at that and go back to sleep." Seto said, laying back down. "We'll talk about it in the morning, okay?" he said now in a soft tone.

Yami nodded, giving the other a soft smile. "Okay." sighing, he lay back down and turned to his side, staring at the clock.

12:36 am.

Yami watched as Seto got ready for work, slipping on some black pants and a dress shirt along with black socks and shoes. "I have a meeting till twelve. No later, no earlier. Drop by and we will go out for lunch, and we can talk about your dream, okay?"

Yami nodded as Seto fiddled with his dark blue tie in the floor length mirror. "Oh come here." Yami said, giving a gesture that Seto walk over.

Kaiba said an eyebrow but did as told, and watched as Yami did his tie for him. "Did I used to do this every time you got ready?" he asked in a soft whisper.

Seto racked his brain for an answer. "Umm. Every now and then." he said, azure eyes watching crimson eyes as Yami played with the end of his tie. Smirking to himself, he kissed Yami's forehead and straightened up. "I have to go now. I'll see you at lunch." he said, picking up his steel suitcase and walking out the bedroom door.

Yami just nodded and watched him leave. He looked around the room a bit before going into the large walk in closet. He found his side and pulled out some blue jeans and a black tank top. He changed out of his black pajamas and slipped into said cloths before putting on some socks and sneakers. Quietly he walked out of the room and wondered about the large mansion.

He had only been there a week or two. And every time Seto left, he would wonder around.

As he went down the halls he marveled at the beautiful art work and decor, as well as the view that some of the windows showed.

He smiled to himself as he came up to the library room. The room was large and had two walls converted into shelves that held books of different kinds. A comfy seating area was in the middle, consisting of two side tables, a light tan colored couch and chair to match, and a coffee table.

Yami looked at the books as he passed, fingers sliding over the side of the books as he walked past. He blinked as he came across a photo album. Carefully, he pulled out the album and shifted the book next to it so it slanted and he could find that spot again.

He walked over to the seating area and sat down on the chair as he looked at the cover. The cover was a brown leather. Gold designs bordered it and under a little square was written in cursive: My Rose

In the little square was himself, leaning forward slightly, reading a book. Yami blinked noticing that he didn't look like he even noticed that he was being taken a picture of. He opened up the album to the first page and saw three pictures.

The first one was of himself dressed in blue pants and a black tank top, walking along side with the girl in his dream.

The second had him and the blonde, the look alike, and the brunet guys from his dream at a pool. They were laughing at something while the blonde pouted in annoyance.

The last one was of himself alone, standing at a bus stop in the rain, holding up and umbrella for an old lady while she dug through her purse.

The pictures continued on, but as he went further he started to narrow his eyes. "Why aren't you in any of these pictures Seto?"

Yami sighed as he leaned back. "I'll ask Seto at lunch.."

Yami slipped out of the sleek black limo, putting on a cap to hide his spiky hair and sunglasses to cover his eyes, as instructed by Seto.

"They are to keep the press from hunting you down. And putting embarrassing things up about you." Seto had told him.

He smiled kindly as the chauffeur lead him into the tall building with a large KC sign on it. The tall chauffeur walked him to the front desk and tapped it, making the brunet woman look up from a note she was taking. Pushing the hold button on the phone she smiled a fake smile at them.

"May I help you?" she asked.

"A guest of Mr. Kaiba's is here to see him." said the chauffeur calmly.

The woman nodded as she pushed another button on the phone and brought the phone to her ear. "Yes, Mr. Kaiba? Your... guest is here– um, yes sir." she turned her attention back to Yami and the chauffeur. "You can go up. Top floor, turn to your left coming out, and then left again, last door down the hall." she instructed.

Yami nodded and thanked the woman and chauffeur as the woman went back to her work and the chauffeur went back to the limo.

Quietly, he went up the elevator and up to the top floor, clutching his backpack's straps as the door opened at the top floor. He walked down the long hallway and turned left as told before he came up to two oak double doors.

Timidly, he knocked and heard Seto's gruff reply saying 'come in' before the tapping of keys picked up. Opening the door just enough to slip through, Yami went in and walked up the dark stained oak desk that Seto sat at.

Kaiba looked up from his work and allowed a small smile to grace his features.

Yami smiled back, becoming relaxed. "Ready for lunch?" he asked.

Nodding, Kaiba shut his laptop after saving what he had been working on. Standing up and leading Yami out to where the limo waited for them.

As they slipped into the car Yami opened his backpack. "Seto... I wanted to ask you something." he said softly.

Icy blue eyes gazed down at Yami. "What is it?"

Yami pulled out the leather album and started to flop trough the glossy pages. "None of these have pictures with me and you." he said with a hint of confusion. "And none of them seemed to be taken with my permission, or my noticing." he stated pointing out several pictures with areas where the leafs and bark of trees and bushes as well as the stone of buildings. "Why is that Seto?"

Kaiba's eyes widened. Oh crap! How am I supposed to get out of this? He thought.



Closing his eyes, Kaiba thought a few moments. "The reason is because... before you hated me but I still loved you, so I kept an album of your pictures. But when you excepted my invitation to go out, we both fell in love, me more again, and since then we have been going out." he opened his eyes. "I forgot I still had the album." he 'confessed'.

Crimson eyes blinked and the beholder took in the information. "Oh." he said. "You should have continued it... but with pictures with both of us in it." he said softly, slowly flipping though the pictures.

Seto sighed, glad Yami fell for it. "Yes, yes I should've."

After eating lunch at a Chinese restaurant, Seto and Yami, whom was still wearing his cap, walked along the up town area of Domino. The wind blew softly, now and then blowing off a gust of wind.

Yami marveled at all the small shops on the street, eyes gazing at each item in the windows, Kaiba at his side. "Oh Seto, look! A game shop!" Yami said, highly amused at the posters of the kinds of games they had inside. "Didn't you say I loved to play games?" he said entering.

Kaiba snorted, but smirked none the less, he looked to his right and his eyes grew wide. "Oh no!" The sign read: Kame Game Shop.

Quickly, Seto entered and immediately noticed Yami, who was kneeling down looking at some puzzles. "Umm, Yami-koi, maybe we should go."

"Why?" Yami asked, turning his attention from the games to his 'boyfriend'.

"Well... er..."

"I know, I can't find him either, Anzu. Maybe we'll call the hospital later." Seto heard a familiar voice drawing close.

"Oh God," quickly, Seto grabbed Yami's wrist and started pulling him out of the shop. "Come on koi, lets go somewhere else."

"Hello? Seto?"

Seto froze.

Yami looked over his shoulder, then back at Seto.


Now he looked at the other. He gasped seeing the look–alike from his dream.

Yami stared Seto straight in the eye and whispered harshly, "Seto, how does he know us? Who is he? Why does he seem familiar? Why does this whole place seem familiar?"

"What? Who? Him? No, this is my– er– cousin and uuh this is their store, lets go!" Seto answered quickly as he threw the door open and dashed out with Yami.

"Seto! STOP!" the other yelled as Kaiba ran with Yami stumbling next to him. "Yami!"

Yami took a quick glance behind him before the limo pulled up next to Kaiba and Yami who were still running. "Get in!" Seto yelled, pushing Yami in and shutting the door. "To the mansion. Hurry!"

The driver did as told and sped off as the other panted.

"What? What is going on?"

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