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Wooo! It's me again! I'm in a fanfic mood lately. I thought up a story while working at my crappy job, so here it is for you. I know that KibaxTenten is a very random crack pairing, but hey, why not? XD

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Black and White

Chapter 1

One early morning, Neji was calmly walking down the path to the team's training grounds. Another day of training hearing Gai-sensei's youthful cheers, another day of sparring with Lee, another day of practicing techniques with Tenten. This was the way it had been for months, the way it seemed things would continue to be.

As he advanced through the woods, he heard Tenten's familiar voice. Wondering what she was doing here, he went in the direction the voice came from and saw her through the trees. She was talking to someone. Kiba Inuzuka. "What's he doing here?" the boy thought. He didn't mean to eavesdrop, but he happened to catch part of their conversation.

"..yeah we're training all day too," said Tenten. "I'd better go now. If I'm late, Gai-sensei will lecture me about the importance of youthful punctuality again."

Kiba grabbed her wrist before she could leave. "See you tonight?"

She smiled. "Sure."

The boy brought her closer to him, and the two of them kissed.

Neji's eyes widened at what he was witnessing. Tenten with Kiba? What the hell? He couldn't even recall them ever talking. Why?

Their kiss was broken by Akamaru's bark, who had been sitting nearby, alerting Kiba that someone else was here. The dog's master threw a kunai where Neji was hiding, barely missing him. The long-haired boy thought it was best to leave now, before being accused of spying. He had seen enough already. He left before being discovered.

Tenten shrugged. "Probably a squirrel. Bye now."

Kiba smiled at her. "Bye." And both left.

Lee was waiting when Neji got to his destination. Lee greeted him politely, but the other didn't do the same.

"Lee, Tenten… I saw her with Kiba on the way here," is what he said instead, still shocked though he wouldn't let it show.

"That's right, you didn't know! They're going out together now. Isn't that wonderful? They make such cute couple!"


"Last week they were on a mission together for five days. I guessed they bonded."

Neji said nothing. He had noticed that Tenten seemed more happy and radiant recently. Was it because of Kiba? How come everyone knew but him? Tenten finally arrived too. She was smiling as she said hello to both teammates.

Gai jumped down a tree at this moment. "Hello, youthful students! Another day of intense training awaits us! Tenten, you look especially beautiful today!"

His comment made the girl blush.

"It's the power of love, Gai-sensei!" Lee exclaimed.

"Ah, yes! Love that blooms from the springtime of youth!"

"Love so beautiful and pure, that fills your heart with joy!"

"As beautiful as the flower that is Tenten herself!"

Tenten blushed and told them to stop, as Lee and Gai continued to praise love and flowers and spring and youth… Neji just felt like he could throw up.

"Hello, Kiba-kun…" Hinata said quietly as Kiba showed up.

"Kiba, you're late again." Kurenai said.

"Sorry, sorry!" Kiba apologized, though he was grinning while saying so. He had "look at me, I've got a girlfriend!" written all over his face.

Kurenai sighed. "I'm glad you have a little girlfriend now, but don't let it get in the way of your training."

Hinata blushed. She thought he was very lucky to have found love. Shino said nothing.

"I know! I won't." But he was still grinning.

When they had learned about Kiba and Tenten, Naruto, Chouji and Shikamaru had said respectively: "You're a man now!" "You lucky dog!" "You're crazy. Women are so troublesome." But Kiba had smiled that stupid grin then too, smiling like a kid who just received something awesome for Christmas.

At the end of the day, Neji was going back home, thinking this had been a crappy day. His day got worse when he met Kiba along the way.

"Yo," the hood-wearing boy said."Is Tenten still over there?"


"Cool." He continued walking towards Team Gai's training grounds but Neji stopped him. "What?" he asked, annoyed.

"Tenten... what is she to you?"

Kiba raised an eyebrow. "You've heard, I'm sure. We're going out."

Neji scowled. "I meant how do you really feel about her? How could you be in love with her? You barely know her."

The dog-boy felt offended by the other's comment. "We were in a mission together. We kind of bonded. What's this have to do with you?" Noticing Neji's glare, he continued. "She's an awesome girl. I really like her. We get along well."

"What about Hinata-sama?"

"What about her?"

" Everyone thought..."

"Everyone thought wrong. Hinata only has eyes for Naruto. I'd be a fool wasting my time forever. I have Tenten now. I don't see what the problem is. Unless... you're jealous!"

When Neji's expression changed, Kiba knew he just hit a nerve. " Listen, pal, you've had years to make the move on her but you didn't. Now's she mine. Deal with it."

Normally, Neji wouldn't have tolerated Kiba's attitude, but if he showed any sign of anger, he'd just be proving Kiba was right.

As Kiba left, Neji let out a " You better treat her right."

Kiba snorted. " Eh, I don't need you telling me what to do. You better not mess with her."

It took everything Neji had not to punch Kiba out of sheer anger. He couldn't stand people talking up to him. Tenten showed up then. She noticed how Neji looked pissed.

"What's going on? Did you two have a fight?"

"No…" Neji said quietly before leaving the two.

Kiba glared at him as he left, then smiled when he turned to Tenten. " I don't know how you stand that jerk. Let's go, shall we?"

Neji kept thinking about Kiba and Tenten as he reached home. What an idiot that guy was. What did she see in that loud, obnoxious and immature boy? Tch, in the end that was none of his concern. It had nothing to do with him. It's not like he cared...

That was a short first chapter! I've got chapter 2 up already, so please read it before making up your mind about this story!