Moving On


Lady Razeli

Disclaimer: The characters of Mr. and Mrs. Smith do not belong to me unless you account for the characters you know aren't in the movie.

Chapter One

"John no please." Jane begged.

"Oh come on boys love dragons." said John as they picked out wallpaper for the baby room. When they returned to New York they wanted to get started on the room quickly.

"No, I think teddy bears are good enough."

"Why?" John asked.

"A teddybear shows agressiveness and yet gives a sense of peace and comfort with its softness." Jane said.

"Right of course." John said.

"Look we'll compromise." Jane said.

"How so?" John asked.

"We'll go with a fiary tale theme featuring lots of monsters to slay and some more traditional girly aspects, but just enough to each to please either sex." Jane said.

"No, to much work," John said,"How about one solid color and we'll change accordingly in the next year."

"That works too." Jane said.

"Now what color?" John asked.

"I'm thinking a pale green pastel color like this, I hear colors make all the difference in their development it was one of the top choices." Jane said. They discussed what colors would inspire their child young mind better. Jane was five months pregnant and they were trying to be surpised, but one wondered if they could wait it out four more months.

"Picture, John jr is going to want to remember this." John said. Jane frowned, but took a picture with John who had a dorky smile plastered on his face as usual when he thought to take a random picture such as this.

"I don't know why I even do it." Jane said rolling her eyes as they walked on.

"Oh come on we're in Palermo what's a picture with a dorky smile."

"Yea a picture, but we've taken fifteen already and that's not including the one we took before we left the villa and the one when we got outside." Jane said.

"Ok we'll only take them at some particularly amazing place." John said.

"Fine." Jane said with a yawn.

"Come on let's go back to the villa." John said.

"But we haven't even shopped for clothes." Jane said.

"That can wait until later the baby needs you to rest." John said choosing his words carefully. Jane knew what he really meant, and she was definately tired and her feet were hurting from all the walking they'd done. It didn't feel right to use a car. They had decided they would have the car in case of an emergency. Jane would have preferred the motorcycle and would have gotten it too if John hadn't reminded her she was pregnant.

"Is that comfortable?" John asked as he fluffed the pillow he'd put behind her head.

"Yes, I'm fine please just bring the food." Jane said.

"Alright, alright I'm going." John said.

"Well hurry up I'm starved and we didn't stop for lunch like your promised." Jane said.

"Sorry, but our disagreement lasted longer than I anticipated." John said as he left out. Jane readjusted her pillow and turned on the television. She watched international news. There was nothing that particularly concerned herself or John except the stock market,which was up. John would be pleased to hear that. The phone rang and she reached over to pick it up.

"Ciao, Signora Smith parla." Jane said. Their calls went through their designated front desk men at the Baglio Conca D'Oro hotel. No one need know John had pretty much bought a house here. Once they went back to the states he would be sure to really convert it into a safe house. So far he had, had the windows made bullet proof as well as the door.

"Signora forgive me for bothering you near siesta, but there is a Signora Stella on the other line." He said.

"Put her through." Jane said as she reached for a box of chocolates she had hidden from John. He loved chocolate as much as she did and she hated to share especially now that she was eatting for two.

"Jane?" Stella asked

"Hey Stella is everything fixed already?" Jane asked hopefully even though she was enjoying Italy immensely.

"Jane, I just wanted to put you on alert, Father escaped with the help of John's company, they're after everyone." Stella said and hung up.

"Damn it." Jane said. She stood up and grabbed the hand gun out of the small drawer in the coffee table as she searched their villa. Everything was clear, but she knew that her and John would have to get the hell out of Polermo. Jane packed their bags and got them two plane tickets to Sassari. She was just sitting down after erasing any trace of them when John arrived. He set the food down on the coffee table talking about a really rude italian guy, but Jane's mind was on Father. The other company would supply him with all he needed if they seeked to rid the world of them all. Everyone of them were married and have to be destroyed. As for Jasmine and Eddie they had betrayed their respective companies.

"Hunny what's wrong?" John asked."Is it the baby?"

"No, no the baby is fine." Jane said a hand going to her stomach. She hadn't even begun to thought how she was going to survive while five months pregnant. She couldn't let her baby be killed before it had a chance at life and she certainly couldn't let it feel the way she had felt upon losing her parents, but whose to say they'll live long enough for him or her to feel anything.

"What's wrong than?" John asked as her hormones took over and she started crying. Jane cried for a second trying to force herself to stop. This was not like her to cry like this. John for a moment thought they were genuine until he saw the concentrated look on her face and knew it was merely hormones that made her cry still he felt uncomfortable.

"Are you ok?" John asked.

"Yea, yea I'm fine." Jane said.

"So what was wrong?" John asked.

"Father escaped, Rick did it." Jane said.

"Damn that Rick!" John exclaimed.

"It gets worse." said Jane.

"What?" John asked.

"He's after all of us and your company is helping him." Jane said.

"How did you find out?" John asked.

"Stella called now I've gotten us tickets to Sassari, because we can't be sure they hadn't tapped whatever phone she was using, the hotel had her own hold for a while." Jane said.

"Did you pack?" John asked.

"Yes." Jane said.

"Alright I'll go erase any trace of us having actually been here just yet." John said.

"Already done." Jane said.

"Jane, you should have waited for me." John said.

"No, grab the food and let's go." Jane said.

"I'll help you to the car first." John said. Jane looked at him menacing.

"Or I'll just go get the bags." John said. Jane grabbed the food and went to the car. John got in the car ten minutes later. Normally Jane would drive, but she was more interested in making sure he got her order right.

"Damn it John I said no blue cheese." Jane said.

"I know the blue cheese was mine, sweetheart." John said buckling his seat belts.

"Oh that's right you like blue cheese." Jane said making a face. Jane switched bags and started with her salad as John drove to the airport as if nothing was wrong. John knew that they couldn't possibly stay at the villa on the chance that Father hadn't tracked the call. They couldn't take the chance of fighting them off either. Jane wouldn't survive very long while pregnant especially if they got a lucky shot and killed him.

Chapter Two