Chapter Nine

"You contact Stella?" John asked as he drove. Jane was putting the seats back in place and was making everything look possitively normal.

"Nope." Jane said looking at the computer as she sat down and typed it some access codes. Soon she had a direct link to Stella and a plane would be ready for them at the Hong Kong Private airport. She closed the laptop and they easily caught a ferry from Macao to Hong Kong.

"I really hope none of them were behind this. " John said.

"If anybody should be suspected its Eddie." said Jane.

"Hey don't go blaming me I had no idea." came Eddie's voice.

"Eddie?" They both asked at the same time. It took them a minute to realize his voice was coming from the computer. Jane opened it and there was Eddie and Jasmine.

"Eddie what the hell one of your brother's contacts sold us out." said John.

"No, no my brother said you two never showed up to his contact." Eddie said.

"Yea, we assumed that you saw something he didn't and got away, when you guys contacted us later on we figured you guys were ok and didn't question it." Jasmine said.

"We weren't suppose to meet Shu-Fei?" John asked as he parked the car in the car section.

"Shu-Fei dude she is the head of Shanghai's firm." said Eddie.

"Yea, we know she told us." Jane said.

"You mean no one has ever told you about Shu-Fei?" Eddie asked.

"Whose Shu-Fei?" Jasmine asked. They could hear some other people asking the same thing in the background.

"Jesus people, look Shu-Fei is a bitch one of the best assassins out there, she built her firm from mud and water."

"Ok, ok , but what else?" Jane asked.

"She hates foreigners especially foreign assassins, but lately she's been under police watch a lot, so she fines on the run assassins like you for one reason or another and she gets them to work for her, because we all know she as the technology to sell you out like that.." Eddie snapped his fingers,"I'm tellin' you Johnny if you think Canada was bad plus the last time when you had both countries gunnin' for you it is nothing compared to what Shu-Fei can do, there a lot of poor people in China. You'll have professionals and Ameteurs comin' after you."

"Still doesn't explain why she sold us out to Father." Jane said.

"She sold you out, because your purpose was done," Eddie said," She needed you to kill certain people and who would suspect the american tourist, her goverment isn't exactly goverment funded."

"I knew we shouldn't have trusted that bitch." Jane said.

"Everything was just a little too peaceful." said John.

"Bastard was probably just waiting Shu-Fei to tell him where you were." Jasmine said."Wouldn't be surpised if he had of been waiting, he's really gunning for you too I mean as far as he's concerned your his hardest marks to kill."

"Yea, Johnny if you expect to keep Edwarda alive you need to get her if not both of you out of there."

"Someone is tracing our call." Jasmine said they could hear her typing. Jane just shut it off as files started to pop up she could see exactly what Jasmine was doing and she gave her a hand.

"Do they know?" John asked.

"No, I severed the link, and their computer should be blowing up right about now, so even if they did get it, its gone now." Jane said.

"Come on we may as well get out and enjoy the sea while we're here." said John as the computer shut off. Jane put it on the car charger as Yasmin woke up and gave her I'm hungry cry.

"Yea." Jane said. She fed Yasmin before taking her to join John on the deck. They were halfway to Hong Kong. It really wasn't that much space between Macao and Hong Kong.

"Hey look whose up." John said taking Yasmin. She smiled at him and played with his sunglasses. Jane looked around surveying the people. There was no one who looked suspicious, but that didn't mean they were innocent. Pin-mei for example they'd come to think of her as part of their family turned out she was a traitor.

"I already checked we're good." John said as Jane turned back around.

"Maybe, but doesn't hurt to check twice." Jane replied. Soon enough they were preparing to dock and everyone returned to their cars if they had one. John drove into Hong Kong. He drove straight for the airport where they had to wait another hour or so before the plane could take off. Jane loaded the plane insisting that she felt like it, so John would take Yasmin.

"When we get home I am going to take you fishing, but not before I show you all the sights." John said talking to Yasmin as he watched Jane go into the plane. Yasmin's tears quieted down as he rocked her, he didn't know why she was crying. He stood up and walked towards the front door of the building where people waited for their private planes to be prepared. Since it was still early in the morning there weren't any people except the staff around John. He looked out the front door and saw seven black vans pull up.

"That can't be good." John said. He headed back for the other door and he had just reached it when a blast threw him back on to the couch. It was lucky he had kept a strong hold on Yasmin or she would have went flying. He shook his head and checked on Yasmin who was screaming now and the staff was in a panic around him. He looked out and saw the plane they were going to board blown to bits really. He stood up wide eyed as the glass from the doors and windows fell off him. He pulled out his gun and turned. He started shooting at the assassins who were about to take him by surpise.

"Say goodnight." He saw one mouth as he got ready to fire a rocket into the building. John ran with Yasmin in his hands and just missed getting blown. He dropped Yasmin somewhere when he fell. He heard her crying amid all the rubble, but he couldn't see her. He had no time to search as he was in a gun fight again, all he could do was hope she didn't stand up. John was cornered and he was running out of bullets to reload with and he was on his last bullet when his attackers were shot from behind. Jane stood there all bruised and bloodied. Her hair was down, her clothes were torn, and she looked angry.

"Where's Yasmin?" Jane asked.

"I don't know I dropped her when I was torn by the blast, I couldn't find her because of these guys." Jane cocked her gun as if she were about to shoot John.

"I'm sorry it was an accident, you know I would have found out if I weren't being shot at."

"Calm down, I'm not going to shoot you, I'm going to turn the tables on Father once and for all we're not running anymore, if we go down, we go down as a family at least." Jane said. John nodded as he got another gun off one of the dead guys. They went through the rubble looking for Yasmin. Finally they found her under a hunk of metal that had protected her. She had a few scapes and bruises, but otherwise she was fine. She clung to Jane wouldn't let John touch her.

"Where's the car?" John asked.

"Over there." Jane said. They went to the car and put Yasmin in it, to make sure she was protected. They changed clothes. Now they would be ready for a fight.

"Remember watch your right, because you still favor your left." John said. Jane said nothing as she put her sunglasses on and put her hair up in a bun.

"Let's do this." Jane said as the sound of screeching tires met their ears. John nodded as he raised his gun. Jane took out a M72 Law.

"When did we get that?" John asked.

"Just now." Jane said as she got into position. She waited for them to file into the building that was still in tact. Once the majority was in she fired several times going up the building as she went. The entire building came crumbling down.

"We really need to work on our communications skills." John said as he started shooting survivors after the dust and debris had settled. Jane had already taken down several. John was right beside her as more and more arrived. Jane was hit in her arm, but she kept shooting. She protected the car mostly with a vengence. She went down, but John pulled her behind so debris and she ripped off her sleeve and John tied it around her arm.

"How many left?" Jane asked. John peaked out.

"Nothing we haven't been up against before." said John.

"Shit, its true China really is over populated." Jane said.

"Naw I think we're doing them a favor today." said John. Jane laughed as he finished.

"Well let's finish this we've stuck together this far we better see it through to the end." Jane said. John nodded. They stood up slowly and came out shooting. They were surrounded and it looked as if there was no hope left for them as they ran out of bullets. They dropped their big guns and dodged rockets being launched at them. Some hit their own people.

"Wow good work you've managed to kill half the people in China." Rick said. He stood by the car with gasoline. All he had to do was lead a trail of it to one of the many fires around them and the car would be blown sky high.

"Rick step away from that car." said John.

"Or you'll what?" Rick asked,"Get your wife to shoot me?"

"No, I'll shoot you my damn self, but I might just let her kill your smug ass."

"Wow I'm shaking in my boots," he started laughing hysterically," A woman who could kill me yea and pigs will..." He was silenced as a knife had found its way into his thoat. Jane walked over to him just before his life slipped away.

"I guess pigs fly." She said. Jane got Yasmin out of the car, and held her close. She ducked down protecting Yasmin with her body as shots were fired several times. When she looked she saw John had shot father.

"Never even saw it coming, I guess he though I was Rick." John said.

"Well Rick's hair looks like yours, except with a lot more red now."

"Yea, I guess so."

The End

Author's Note: Stay tune because there might be a sequel to 'Moving On'