A Dream within Reality

A/N: Look ma, I'm writing a FF fic! Ain't that just snazzy? Alright, since I got the game for Xmas (yay) I have fallen in love with it... and yes, you can guess that I am not far at all (actually at the moment I am just running around leveling up!) But indeed, I needed to write.
Now this is pretty much just one big drabble (more chapters to come, don't you worry) and I'm pretty sure the pairing is going to be BalthierxPenelo... I think. It's going to be random, but fun. Lacking in plot, but totally awesome. And fluffy, but who doesn't like that?

Chapter 1: There's a thief among us!

"Now, now. Don't get your ends all tied up in a knot." The brave sky pirate took no second thought in separating two young blonde orphans, their fists inches from impacting. He placed his hands on one of them, pulling her back just as she took a blind swing at the boy in front of her.

"First my ring, now this!" She spat while trying to shrug off the man holding her. However his grip was far too strong and she found herself carelessly punching at nothing but air. "When I get a hold of you Vaan, I'll... I'll..."

"What is wrong with you? I didn't do anything!" The boy continued to get in her face, seeing how she was enable to inflict any real damage, and grinned at her efforts to be released. She growled at this, and using the man behind her as a brace, brought her knees to her chest and kicked the blonde in the stomach sending him stumbling backwards.

"That was a spectacular move, doll, but shall we try to keep it down? Wouldn't want to wake up the whole neighborhood, now would we." The girl ceased all actions and looked up at the brunette holding her. With the infamous smirk on display, she felt her cheeks burning.

"Too late now." A viera entered the hallway from a flight of stairs near the rear of the group, and the soft tapping of her walking made Balthier glance behind him. She stopped beside the blonde boy, and placed her hand on her hip; a stance of annoyance on her part.

"Now look what we did. We were having so much fun playing, that we woke up this lovely woman from her beauty sleep." The sky pirate sent a smile her way, only to drop it as the young girl in his arms was making quite a ruckus.

"Playing, I highly doubt." She swiftly grabbed the boy's collar as he was about to dash towards his prey, clotheslining him thus making him fall hard on his ass. "I was also not sleeping." Due to lack of energy left, both orphan's calmed to the point of silence, and the brunette decided that it was time to ask what exactly sparked this fire.

"Tell me what's wrong, doll." He was still holding on to the blonde, even though her legs were weak and she wanted nothing else but to spill onto the cool ground in defeat. Fran, looking uninterested on the outside, listened in curiously as the boy below her leaned up against a wall.

"He," Penelo pointed to her enemy. "...stole my book."

"Ah yes, your... book." Balthier was as dumbfounded as the other two across from them.

"Yeah, and yesterday he stole my ring!" She made for one more attempt at slinging herself at the boy, almost caught her captor off guard, but was still unsuccessful. So, she slowly slid down to the ground. Her captor knelt down beside her, and placed his hand gently on her back.

"You have proof then, that this mischievous thief took your precious belongings?"

"Well..." Her silence was enough for an answer. Balthier scratched his head and Fran let out a sigh of irritation. "Who else would have? He's the only one that goes into my room!"

"That doesn't mean I took anything..."

"You shut up, you thief!"

"Make me--"

"Alright then." The man stood up, bringing the flustered Penelo along with him. "Seeing how this girl's room is so... unsafe, I think she should stay with me. How 'bout that, doll? I'll keep you warm--" A loud slap echoed throughout the empty ship.

"You... you pervert!" The girl stomped off and slammed the door behind her. Balthier stood there, his hand touching his red cheek, shocked beyond belief.

"That would be a first." The viera then takes her leave, hiding a small smile that pinched at her lips. The boy on the far wall didn't know what to do, how to act or what to say. He found himself watching the brunette and his stolid expression with bemusement.

"Feisty little girl, isn't she?"

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