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(Hidan walks in with Kakuzu)

Hidan: You're always dragging me around, collecting those damn bounties!

Kakuzu: You're one to talk.

Hidan: What's that suppose to mean?!

Kakuzu: I have to sit, and watch your ridiculous rituals...Which usually takes over half an hour...

Hidan: You would never understand my religon!

Itachi: (sends a cold glare at the two)

Hidan & Kakuzu: Oh sorry man, we didn't see you...

Itachi: (goes back to staring at the tv)

Leader: (walks in the room scratching his head)

Tobi: (snickers) Someone has lice.

Deidara: (puts tobi in a head lock with his legs) shut up, yeah.

Kakuzu: What is it Yon--

Leader: (sends a sharp glare) There's a reason why I'm shaded in black...idiot...

Kakuzu: Sorry...

Tobi: (turns blue)

Leader: Deidara stop it.

Deidara: Awe. You're a lucky one Tobi, yeah.

Hidan: Leader what's wrong?

Leader: Wasn't there a girl in the Akatsuki?

Kisame: Yea, I believe so.

Tobi: Her name was Kurichi

Deidara: Purple hair, yeah...

Kakuzu: Cat like eyes...

Zetsu: With a flower on top.

Hidan: And here room was across from--

Everyone: Itachi's...(gulps as they look at him from the corners of their eyes).

Itachi: (glares) Is something wrong?

Kisame: So...Itachi have you seen...(gulp)...Kuri-chan?

Itachi: Yes.

Everyone: (sighs with relief)

Itachi: The last time I saw her I was burying her...

Everyone: (freezes with their mouths slightly open)

Hidan: Why did you kill her?

Kisame: When?

(Flash Back)

Christmas 2005

Itachi: (hands kurichi a present)

Kurichi: Ah, Itachi-kun you had my name? (smiles)

Itachi: No I just wanted to go spend my money for no apparent reason...(mumbles) Stupid secert santas...

Kurichi: (opens the box, and home made earrings. itachi cut off the enemy ears, and made earrings out of them)

Itachi: (walks away)

Kurichi: Thanks...'What the hell is wrong with him?!'

Hidan & Kisame: (playfully pushes kurichi, and she ends up hugging itachi's back)

Kurichi: 'Oh shit...'

(Flash Back Ends)

Leader: Nice going Hidan & Kisame...Now it's like a sausage fest...

Kisame: (sweatdrops)...Hey, I have an ice breaker! (puts a dvd in)

Itachi: What is this?

Kisame: My favorite movie! (eats popcorn & drinks his pop)

Tobi: Jaws? What's this about?

Everyone: (sits down and watches)

(two hours and thirty minutes later)

Everyone: (huddled together on the other end of the couch)

Kisame: (sits right infront of the tv as he turns his head slowly, and ask while the tv's glare luminates his face) So what did you think?

Deidara: It was g-good, yeah.

Leader: Great movie...(leaves the room)

Kakuzu: I loooove it...I'm going to hunt more bounties...

Hidan: I'm coming too! (they said as they ran out the room)

Tobi: I want my mommy...(sniffles)

Zetsu: (in the kitchen baking little boys)

Itachi: You're moms fat...

Kisame: Hey, the camra adds 50 more pounds!

Itachi: ...Denial...

Kisame: At least I have a mom.

Itachi: (stares at kisame)

Kisame: (gulps)

Itachi: (gets up, and starts sniffling) That's meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeean! (runs out the room)


Zetsu: (comes out of the kitchen eatting a bloody pie) You know the real reason why Itachi killed his clan?

Kisame: Because he wanted to join the Akatsuki. Duh.

Zetsu: It was because his dad teased him, about getting dumped and crying about it...

Kisame: (double gulps)

(The End)

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