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Chapter 4: To be a 'Cold One'

I sat up all of a sudden, looking around I found myself alone. I looked at my hand from back to palm, it was paler than usual. I laughed inwardly, I guess it's supposed to be. I took a breath that I didn't need. I felt great. I felt like I could do anything.

I felt like getting up and before I knew it I was walking out the door of Alice's room. I smiled, this was great.

Walking down the hall I could easily hear what was being talked about down in the kitchen, even from way up here.

"She should be up. Shouldn't she be up Carlisle?" My smile grew at Edwards worry. I slowly and quietly made my way downstairs.

"She'll be up soon, Edwards. It's not an easy process, as you know." Carlisle told him.

"It's just been a long three days..." Edwards said and ran a hand through his perfect hair.

"Edward you don't need..." Carlisle began.

"...to be so worried." I finished coming through the kitchen door. Everyone looked at me with wide eyes. I just smiled.

"Bella...Your beautiful..." Alice gushed, "Not that you weren't beautiful before, but..."

"You hot!" Emmet laughed, "Damn girl, spin around."

I laughed and did as asked. A whistle came from Emmet and Jasper and both Alice and Rosalie hit them. I laughed, yet again.

"Bella?" Edward said and walked over to me.

"Edward." I said.

"You look beautiful." He told me.

I couldn't help, but hug him. He was my life, now. They all were, but he was the most important.

He pulled back a little and looked into my eyes, "How do you feel?" He asked with his soothing voice.

"Very, very..." I started, "...thirsty."

Everyone burst out laughing, even Edward.

"I guess we really are going camping, after all." Alice said beaming at me.

I laughed, "I guess so."


We were standing in the middle of a forest. Everyone paired up. Carlisle and Esme, Emmet and Rosalie, Alice and Jasper, and Edward and I.

"Now, Edward let her pick her own and don't hunt it for her. She needs to learn on her own." Carlisle demanded, but with a soft tone to his voice. Edward nodded and then grabbed my hand and led me away.

I started to look at everything that made a noise. My hearing was incredible. I could still hear Rosalie and Emmet talking then the sound of their hunt being slaughtered. Which made me feel a little discontent. 'Would I like to hunt?' I ask myself, but then the question leaves my thoughts as I watch a coyote slowly walking towards us.

I felt as if my insides were screaming for it to come closer. I wanted to lash out at it, for the smell of it's blood was sweet. I looked to Edward and I knew he knew how I was feeling. He nodded and I slowly made my way over, circling my prey before pouncing and making it my meal.


Edward and I sat on the couch in his bedroom, in each others embrace. I looked up at him and smiled. He smiled back. I kissed him softly on the lips trying to hold back the urge to jump him.

I pull back, "I was thinking." I tell him.

"What?" He asked his brow furrowed.

"What about the treaty?" I asked, I had forgotten all about it. What would happen to Edward and his family? My family?

Edward looked away, "We'll just have to leave." He confirmed. I could see he didn't want to. He loved Forks. It was the perfect place for him, for me, for all of us.

"No." I said and stood up and started for the door.

"Where are you going?" He asked.

"I need to speak with Charlie, I haven't seen him in three days and he's probably freaking out. I need to tell him something and then I have to make an...errand." I said and slipped out of the room, faster then he could disappear.


I made sure the door slammed as I came into the house. I knew Charlie was home I saw his car out in front.

"Bella?!" Charlie yelled and came to the front door and saw nobody. He turned around, "Ah!" He yelled when he saw me. He put a hand to his heart, "You scared me half to death." He said his erratic breathing calming.

"I'm sorry." I told him.

"Did you have fun?" He asked and when I raised a questioning brow he said, "Camping. With Alice?"

"Oh, yeah..." I lied my remembrance, "It was great."

Charlie's brow furrowed, "Bella, are you all right? You look a little paler than usual?" He asked. I laughed.

"I'm fine Charlie." I saw the pain cross his features when I didn't say 'Dad'. "But, we have to talk."

Charlie nodded and reached out and took my arm, "Your cold." He stated and I just nodded. He led me to the kitchen were we sat across from each other. "What is it you want to talk about?"

"Charlie..." I saw the pained expression, "...I've graduated early." I said telling the full truth. Me and the principle had a little talk and I had the highest marks in all the school, aside from two vampires I know. I inwardly laughed. I can't call them vampire know since I'm one. "I was given my diploma and everything, see." I pull out all a rolled up piece of paper and a certificate and showed him. Charlie smiles down at the paper that says I've graduated high school. He looked back up at me and the smile was gone.

"This isn't all you wanted to tell me." He asked but it doesn't sound like a question.

"I'm 18 Charlie. I've graduated high school, and I've a diploma to prove it. I'm no longer a child and I feel that it's time I moved out." I rush the worlds.

"Your moving in with Edward." Again not a question. I nod. Sometimes I think Charlie's a little uneducated with some things, but he's not slow. "And all the Cullen's?" Question.

I nod, "Yes. Edward is still going to graduate with the rest of the students and Carlisle and Esme don't want him to move out until he's gotten his diploma." I lied, at least about Carlisle and Esme not wanting him to move out. Edward could go anywhere he wanted and all he'd have to do was inform one of them, just so they wouldn't worry. But, Edward loves them too much to leave...well...

Charlie just nodded, that surprised me. I thought he'd take it badly. Yell. Through things. Go after Edward with a pitchfork... But, instead he sat there. And nodded.


"I respect your decision." He told me. I could feel my eyes widen in shock. "I remember being your age. Wanting to get rid of the old people and get as far as possible." He laughed.

"I don't want to get rid of you, Dad." I said and Charlie smiled, "And I'm not going to be far..." A small silence up took us until I jumped up and said, "Plus, there's the telephone. You can call whenever you want."

Charlie laughed, again and stood up, I stood up as well and then he took me into his embrace. I hugged him back. And the realization dawned on me. Wasn't I supposed to react badly around people at this close of a proximity? I was a new vampire and didn't even feel like biting Charlie...Weird...I could smell his blood so clearly. It's just I didn't yearn for it's taste. I have to talk to Carlisle about this, but later. I have more important things to do.

I backed away from Charlie and forced a smile, not that I wasn't happy, it's just; could something actually be wrong with me?

"I have to go." I said and turn around.

"Bella?" Charlie asked and I stopped, "Don't you want to pack your things?"

I looked to him and smiled, "I'll be back tomorrow." I promised him and then walked to him and gave him a hug, not knowing if it would be the last or not.

"Bye." I said and then walked out.


I walked in the forest towards La Push. I knew that by coming here I could easily get killed. I was signing my death wish just by thinking about walking into the Indian Reservation. I was being suicidal without even knowing it. Edward would be deeply mad at me.

But, I needed to tell these 'werewolves' that I welcomed being turned into a 'cold one' I wanted it. Screw the treaty!

I felt eyes on me as I walked through the reservation towards Sam's house. I turned to look at the house that was too familiar to me. I saw Billy looking out the window. I looked back and kept going on my way. I gave him a nod of my head and then looked forward.

I came to the front door of Sam's place. I knocked and waited. I could be torn to shreds right as he opened the door. Thank god it was Emily. Her eyes widened at the sight of me, but she let me in anyways. I walked through the door and stood close to the couch.

"Have a seat." She said. She seemed tense. I couldn't blame her. Being in the presence of a vampire could do that sometimes.

"Thank you." I said and sat.

A silence took control of the room until I couldn't take it anymore, "Sam's not home?"

"No." She shook her head, "It's probably best."

"I need to talk to him." I told her.

"You'll be dead at first glance." She confirmed.

"I'll take the risk. That's me the risk taker." I laughed, but her face was expressionless.

"So, your one of them?"


"They're in trouble now, you know?"

"I know, that's why I'm hear. To explain to Sam, that it was my choice. I wanted it. Edward didn't want me too, but he came around after I gave this whole big speech." I laughed and this time Emily laughed too.

"You love him that much?" She said smiling, "That you would die, just to be with him for ever?"

"Yeah." I smiled.

After staring at each other for a moment, Emily surprised me with what she said next, "So, tell me about this speech."

I laughed and told her all about it. Emily was unlike anyone I've ever met. She accepted my decision and who I now was.

"That must of had his jaw on the floor." Emily laughed.

I laughed too, "Yeah, it was like he was looking at a human for the first time."

"And, then he accepted it?"

"Yup." I said dreamily.

"You know. I thought you were crazy for loving a 'cold one', and now you are one, but hearing all this. It makes things more...I don't know...agreeable?" She told me, "I mean I can see now, how much you love him. You'd do anything to be with him, no matter what he is. Kind of like me, except I don't go 'grr'." We both laughed.

The door then slammed open and in ran, Sam, Jacob, Emery, and Jared.

"Emily!" Sam yelled scared. They were all shaking a little.

"Sam, calm down." Emily said softly and looked at me giving me a wink. "Bella's just here to talk. And she's got a pretty good story." Emily got up and walked over to Sam wrapping her arms around him. He seemed to relax a little, she then pulled back and wagged her index finger at him, "So you have to listen." She demanded. She looked to the other boys, "You three go for a run or something." Emery and Jared left without another word, but Jacob stared at me. He looked sad; heartbroken. Sam growled and then Jacob was out of the door and with the other two boys.

"Talk, vampire." Sam demanded.

"Sam!" Emily exclaimed, "That's still Bella! So, treat her with some respect! She's still my friend, do you understand!?"

Sam growled again and then nodded.

"Good," Emily smiled, "I'm going to go start supper. You two have a nice chat." She then left me. Alone. With a highly murderous werewolf. Well, he could kill me if he wanted.

"So, are you going to tell be it wasn't their fault your like this now." He asked me and I furrowed my brow.

"Actually, I was going to tell you that it was my choice." I told him and he laughed distastefully, "I love Edward. And he loves me. You all could understand that, because you've never loved a 'thing', something unnatural, something that comes from out of the movies." I huffed forcefully, "Edward didn't want to change me, he never intended too, he didn't actually. There was a vote and I won. It's as simple as that. They didn't break the treaty."

"The hell they didn't. They bit someone." Sam fumed.

"I went willingly." I stated my voice rising, "Carlisle did it because I wanted him to. Actually I wanted Edward to be the one to change me, but he thought he'd loose control and then Alice was supposed too, but she felt the same way."

"I don't care."

"Of course you don't. But lets flip the story for moment. Let go to Emily's story. She loved you. You did what you did to her. And your still with her. Not that you didn't try not to be. But, she still wanted to be with you even though you could've killed her. She still loves you. She stay's by you side. She's not afraid of who you are. You're a damn werewolf, Sam. A monster, just like a vampire is a monster. Just like the Cullen's just like me, like Jacob, Emery, and Jared. We're all monsters. When I wasn't a vampire, I still would have stayed with Edward, no matter what, because I loved him. Just like Emily. She stay's with you because she loves you. She can't be a werewolf, so she stays human. I had a choice and I took it, so I could be with the one I love forever. It was my choice. Mine. Not yours, not the Cullen's. They just agreed with me and my reason. It was still my choice, and I'll never regret it."

I took a unneeded breath and smiled at him. His face blank. I stood up and so did he. "It was nice knowing you. I hope that we can stay... friends." I said with a laugh and he actually cracked a smile.

I walked towards the door and then called out, "Thank you, Emily." She hurried out of the kitchen and over to me embracing me with a hug. "You come by whenever you get the chance." She told me and I laughed. She looked over at Sam, "And I mean, whenever you get the chance." She looked back to me, "Be good. No biting people." She laughed.

"Don't worry." I laughed too, "I think I'm immune. Besides, coyote is excellent." I said with a thumbs-up. She looked a little disgusted and then burst out with laughter.

"I really have to go." I said and gave her one last hug, before exiting the house.

Walking out I saw Jacob, Emery, and Jared. I walked ahead and gave them a quick smile before walking out of La Push. I could feel the daggers Jacob was penetrating me with, but ignored it. It didn't really seem to bother me.

That's why I ask: Was Edward right? Do we lose are souls, once changed? If being able to love, and laugh, and enjoy life, even if your not living, is the definition of losing your soul, then I'd have to say: Hell yes! I lost my soul!

But, if losing your soul is becoming a monstrous fiend and killing everything in your path, not being able to love and enjoying the stench of death. Then I'd have to say: Hell no! I have a soul!

I ran back to Charlie's. Quietly sneaking into my old room and rummaging through a draw.

"Looking for this?" Asked a silky voice.

I turned my head and glared at Edward as he held my red notebook.

"Lets read." He said quietly and flipped it open.

"To be a 'Cold One': The bad

1. Being one that kills people.

2. Losing control, around people.

To be a 'Cold One': The good

1. Might get a special ability,

2. Can skip school.

3. Can live to see my 500th birthday.

4. Can join the Cullen Family

5. Can be with Edward, forever."

Edward smiled up at me and I smiled back. He walked over to me slowly and wrapped his arms around my waist. He kissed my forehead, my nose, and then my lips. I felt like melting with every touch.

"I love you, Bella Swann-Cullen." He whispered in my ear.

I smiled, "I love you too, Edward Cullen." I said and brought my lips to his. The kiss filled with more passion then any other kiss we've had. Oh, the joys to be a 'Cold One'.