Forbidden love

CHAPTER ONE – The Prince

Blood red eyes scanned the horizon. The scarlet sky faded from its blood color and into blackness over the red sea. The eyes shifted its gaze towards the right and watched the flames that shot from beneath the maroon rock mountain. Looking in the opposite direction, they watched as the demonic beasts laughed hysterically as they tortured the not-so-innocent humans.

These eyes that were filled with such darkness it intimidated all demons; belonged to the Prince of Hell, and Prince of Demons. His name was Sasuke. Although there were many demons and monstrous beings throughout hell, Sasuke, and about a million more were different. They looked like the humans, but were different. They had long pointed fingernails, cat-like eyes, elongated ears, horns, and not to mention bat wings.

Being the Prince and all, Sasuke's horns were longer than that of an average demon-man, as well as his wings were longer and bigger. He had a distinctive mark that traveled all along the left side of his body. A collection of black swirls that traveled from his hand, to his face, and down to his leg. His mother had told him, it was the curse mark; the source of his tremendous power. His father had given it to him when he was born.

"Sasuke," said a voice from behind.

"What is it mother?" He need not turn around to know it was her. She was so tall (approximately 300cm), she had to kneel to walk through the doorway.

"I have news for you." She said. He turned to her and took in her features. Her slender body and long black hair that faded into red nearly touched the floor. He gazed upward and into her piercing gold eyes. He frowned as he looked at her horns; somewhat embarrassed they were longer than his own. Not only that, but being Queen meant she had bigger wings as well.

"What's the news?" He asked and stretched his wings.

"Three weeks."

"What about it?"

"You're father…He's coming back…" His eyes widened at the mention of his father. It had been 18 years since his father had mysteriously vanished, and no one knew what the cause might have been. Sasuke swore under his breath when a sudden realization came into mind.

"You do know what this means, don't you?" Tenmakisaki, or Mikoto as her husband called her, asked. Sasuke swore under his breath. He didn't need this sort of thing in his life.

"In order to claim my right as the heir to the throne, in order to become that which delineates the definite meaning of malevolence; I am to have a significant other whom I share my royalty, life, and perhaps…love…with."

"More or less…yes…" She smiled and left him to his thoughts. Sasuke turned his head to his mirror. He stared into his own deadly glare; examining his red cat-like eyes. Whilst lost in thought, a sudden crash had caught him by surprise.

Quickly turning around, preparing to fight, he calmed down at the sight of his friend.

"You idiot…Learn to land properly!" Sasuke exclaimed and pointed finger at Cerberus. He was old friend of Sasuke. The one thing they had in common was that the demon girls went wild over them. Occasionally theirs fans would fight over which one is more appealing; usually resulting in death and blood spread.

Cerberus, although a male demon, had but small pointed horns, and smaller sized wings. His black hair with many red wild bangs accompanied a pair of beastly green eyes.

"Where's dobe?" Sasuke asked and realized his other 4 friends were missing.

"Who? Naruto? Oh he's trying to get Johnny to buy him ramen…again."

"…" Sasuke had no comment. He wasn't sure why he made friends with a playboy, a complete moron with the attention span of a goldfish, a demon who's so kind hearted it's pathetic, and a gay demon. Quite frankly the only, as he put it, normal demon he made friends with; was Jade. Not that he liked her or anything. His mother kept saying they'd be a perfect couple, but their relationship was strictly best-friend.

Between the group of friends, there was some messed up love triangle; which thankfully he was not part of.

Cerberus, although a playboy, was madly in love with Jade. Jade on the other hand had a crush on Johnny; the gay. But Johnny liked Cerberus. So here you have Hinata now; the kind hearted one, having this crush on Naruto; goldfish for brains, and he has a crush on Jade as well. So he and Cerberus don't usually get along; worse than him and Sasuke. (It may seem sad that none of the boys have a thing for Hinata, but that'll come soon).

Ok so the thing was more of a love scribble rather than triangle. To top it off; Cerberus has a certain, attraction, to Sasuke's mother; often making Sasuke pissed and getting the hell beaten out of him.


"Come on Johnny! PLEASE! You know Sasuke's too cheapskate to buy it for me! Believe it!"

"Heh, I'm sorry Naruto. But why don't you ask Hinata-san?"

"Uh, huh?" Hinata head lifted at the sudden mention of her name. Her pale skin turned light pink across her face. Naruto raised an eyebrow; why did her skin go red every time he was near her? Bizarre…

"Uh…I…well that is…O—ok," Hinata stuttered as she fumbled with her fingers.

"Yes! Thank you Hinata! Come on let's go!" In an instant he took her by her hand and dashed off; all the while Hinata blushed even more because he held her hand.

Just as they left Sasuke and Cerberus appeared.

"Where'd dobe and Hinata go?" Sasuke asked and stared in their direction.

"Good morning to you Sasuke. And a fine hello to you, Cerberus." The way Johnny said his name sent chills down his spine. Cerberus shivered; he wasn't used to being adored by the ONLY gay demon in all of hell.

"Hey Johnny," He said plainly and glazed at Sasuke for help.

"Hn…So answer my question."

"Oh right. Hinata-san to Naruto-kun for ramen."

"Does the idiot know she's in love with him?"

"Nope. But remember; we all promised not to tell him. After all; she wants to tell him when the time is right." Cerberus nodded.

"Hn," Sasuke gave his quick answer. Suddenly Jade landed with a loud bang; startling all of them. Not because of her sudden appearance; rather the black and red charka she emitted, and her deathly glare that came from her amethyst eyes.

"Oh hello Jade-san," Johnny said with a smile.

"Hi Johnny-kun," She replied with a small smile. She was like Sasuke in some way. Both hardly ever smiled; although around each other they did. And both had that dark aura around them.

"Hey Sasuke-chan," she said and turned to him.

"Didn't we discuss I prefer to be called Sasuke not Sasuke-kun, Sasuke-chan, Sasu-Sama, Sasu-kun, Sasu-chan, nor Sasu-san?"

Jade smirked.

"Your right. My mistake…SASU-ke." She said; her exaggeration on sasu irrating Sasuke slightly.

"Hey Cerberus," she finally said, but with a somewhat disgusted look.

"How come I don't get kun, san or chan?!" He protested.

"Feh…Your name's too long idiot." Cerberus groaned; staring at the ground in defeat.

In a sudden puff of smoke; Sasuke's mother appeared.

"Sasuke," she began. He turned to her. "Change of plans; your father won't be here in 3 weeks. Rather, he'll be here roughly in about 4 months. I know it's a dramatic change, but this gives you more time to find yourself a spouse. You know that if you don't, I'll just have to conceive another son to take your place." She warned him and flew off.

"Oh my gosh Sasuke! Quick; we have to find you a spouse! Or marry me!" Johnny exclaimed; making a joke as always.

"…No thanks…I'm not gay," Sasuke twitched.

"Heh…I know; I was just making a joke."


Heaven; a place where war is unknown. A place where the sky is always a significant shade of blue, the sun shines radiantly; giving everything the light touches that golden, heavenly, and holy glow. A place that all humans who lived a peaceful and harmonious life reside after death. Heaven; the land of Angels.

In the center of this vast land situated atop the clouds; lays a castle constructed of gold, silver, and diamond. A most wondrous monument unlike any man made structure. It his home to the King and Queen; rulers over the Angel race. Along with their daughter Sakura; the Princess.

Unlike Sasuke, although she is not Princess over the land she lives in; she is only princess over her race. Whereas Sasuke not only rules over his race, but over the land in which he dwells.

Sakura sat beside her bedroom window. She loved watching how everything glowed in the morning sunlight. She watched as the heavenly bird, Kanshishatori; the 2nd guardian of time, and giver of life, flying over heaven; covering it completely. It wings were so widespread; they could cover all of Australia. As its huge body disappeared, with its shadow no longer covering heaven, the tail left behind a long rainbow.

Sakura's shamrock green eyes sparkled as the rainbows reflection danced in her eyes. Tiny sparks of glitter surrounded the heavenly being as knelt forward; embracing the wind. Her long medium pink hair swayed along the rhythm of the wind; and Sakura enjoyed the cool feeling. When the rainbow had finally disappeared, Sakura looked down; only to have a frown appear on her face.

Below were some of the male angels who her mother had said were eligible choices for a husband. Sakura thought otherwise. You'd never expect there to be power-hungry angels; but Sakura saw through their lies. Although they acted and even dressed like gentlemen; she saw through it all. Saw right through and into their deceiving soul. All they wanted was the power that came with becoming king.

Sakura sighed and withdrew into her room. She positioned herself in front of her mirror that covered one whole wall.

Above her head floated her halo. Unlike normal thin gold ones, hers was made of diamond with the front curving upward into a tip. In the center was a beautiful teardrop shaped pink jewel.

She gazed at her robe with its long sleeves and bottom, how it exposed her shoulders, the gold belt around her petite waist, and the pink and silver embroidery around the edges.

"I can't marry those fools…" She murmured to herself and looked in her window's direction.

"Cha! Those guys aren't really interested in me, they just want power!" Her inner-self proclaimed.

"I don't see why I can't just marry a nice human. I know it's somewhat forbidden, but at the very least he wont be a demon!" Sakura was now becoming frustrated. She would have to find out a way to get a husband before the 4 months were through; that was her deadline.

Nothing was going to stop her now; her mind was made up. She would travel to earth, disguise herself as a human, and fall in love with a human man. Then when the time was right, she would reveal her true self to him. And if it came to it; then she would kill him herself if it meant they could be together. It was decided; she would go to earth the following day.


"Sasuke," he turned to his friend. "I'm going to earth tomorrow." He cocked up an eyebrow.

"Tch…Isn't that forbidden?" He asked with a slight smirk. Jade frowned.

"We're demons numb nuts. Who cares?"

"True. But then again, we need to know our place in life."

"Life? Sasuke…You're only technically, ALIVE, and have a…LIFE when you live with the mortals."

"So? True, we cannot be killed down here in hell. But we can be killed when we are on earth or heaven."

"Yes but only by another demon or angel. Just come with me. I'm going to go look for my father. He was just too careless and when he was trying to possess this human, he got imprisoned inside a mirror. So will you come?"

Sasuke thought for a brief moment.

"Hn." Was he's only reply.


Little did neither Sasuke nor Sakura know; that the day they traveled down to earth, would change their lives forever…