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Another morning brightened.

Jillius woke to find himself in his own bed, several wounds dressed and bound up. There was a note lying on the bedside table. He picked it up and saw an unfamillar scrawl on the paper as he read what it said.

"Well... seven knife injuries, fifteen bruises, fractured shoulder, seventeen various cuts and burns, and an allergic reaction to lavender perfume." He murmured. "This doctor sure knows well. Who is it anyway?" He read the signature. "Doctor Medim? Ah yes, he's a fine doctor." He placed the note down again and sighed.

"At least I haven't got any broken bones. All those for a wasted carton of milk..." He reached over to the table again and poured himself a glass of milk.

"Not exactly wasted, though, I'll have it if father doesn't want it."

A few minutes later, Bagoo entered the room.

"Good morning, Prince Imperial."

"Don't. Call. Me. That."

"Yes, my prince." Bagoo continued blankly. "Your Highnes sent this to you." He put down a dish of cookies and two peanut butter sandwiches. "How are you feeling?"

"Reasonably okay." Jillius sank down and sighed softly. "When can I get out of here?"

"Three days. Doctor Medim came around and said you would be up quickly."

"Brilliant." Jillius nodded. "Dismissed."

"I'm just outside your door, my prince." With that, Bagoo closed the door and went out.

"I'll have the peanut butter sandwiches now, then-"

A paper aeroplane thwacked his head.

"OW! What the hell-"

Jillius grabbed the paper aeroplane and ducked as another flew over to his head, barely missing his eye. Muttering insults, he picked up the other one and opened the first aeroplane.

Are you feeling better now, my son? You did your duties wonderfully. It was partly my fault, for I failed to inform you that I'd gotten the milk. Do not worry about it too much. Doctor says you'll be up soon, so I'm looking forward to that.

Bagoo brought back a new knife. It's double-sided. Not in the way you might imagine, my son, but 'double sided' meaning that it only uses one side for spreading butter/jam/any other kind of spread. In which case, peanut butter and chocolate spread would never mix bodies again. Is it not brilliant?

"You know, father... that sounds quite wrong." Jillius muttered as he opened the second envelope.

Does the arrival of my letters surprise you that much, my prince? I'm hurt. Pray, do not use language like that.

Tell you what, if you're not feeling too poorly, come downstairs. We need to get more of those knives as possible. They're just around the corner and can be bought cheaply, so it shouldn't really hurt you that much. You will go with a bodyguard this time.

"Another mission?" Jillius got up from the bed and started to put on his robes. After he'd done that, he picked out some more knives, daggers and shurikens, he headed towards the door.

Another aeroplane hit his head.

"What is it now.." Jillius muttered as he unfolded it. He read the paper.


The prince stood there for a while, unable to fathom the meaning of one word on the paper.


Cursing, he dismantled all his weapons and stormed back to the bed, and ripped up all the paper aeroplanes.

He turned towards the window, and reaching out, picked up another aeroplane from the air.

By the way, you lost one shuriken from the taxi fight. Be sure to go out and find it when you're better.

Jillius ripped up that one too with a very rude word, and chucked all the pieces out of the window like confetti. He then opened up all his drawers, and threw all the shurikens on the fire, repeatedly swearing violently, using words that were so vile they cannot be written here. After that, he strode back to his bed and shut the window with a bang.

"Nice one, Prince Imperial!" A ninja under the bed cheered.

Jillius twitched, and his hand unconciously grasped around the cookie dish.

"Oops." The assasin said.

It's done now! I'm over the moon with joy! T-T It would have been done quicker if not for the computer thing.

I'll be on holiday for a week or so, so don't expect much from me during that time. I'll be back with a new fanfic, I promise.

Oh, and to answer Dark Enchanter's question, some of you might have wondered what the final bodycount was. I'll show them to you.

First Chapter: One assasin died, from Jillius's antics during a particularly nasty dream. That's one.

Second Chapter: Three assasins also died from Jillius's actions during his dream. Another was killed during the cutlery darts match between Bagoo and the prince. That's five so far.

Third Chapter: One assasin died just before the evil paper aeroplanes attacked Jillius. Five Moos died by the prince's knife when the assault in the grocery store occurred. That's eleven.

Fourth Chapter: One assasin died when Jillius tried to get Rodney out of his skull. (BTW, When I say group, I usually mean fifteen.) So fifteen ninjas posing as holly bushes died. Fifteen assasins tried to run him over with a taxi, and burned to death. Fifteen assasins disguised as a pack of circus clowns and a hedge died. One kamikaze pilot and an orange tabby kit died during the kamikaze assault. Musica and Lephise both died of an allergic reaction to lavender perfume. That's sixty-one.

Fifth Chapter: Eleven ninjas died in a burning wreck of a taxi. That's seventy-two.

Epillogue: One ninja under the bed probably died. That's seventy-three in total.

Imagine that. Seventy-three people died for a carton of milk. What would have happened if Jillius had gone out for the double-sided knives? I can't imagine.

Hope you enjoyed the story, and have a nice day!

-Solitary Shadow-