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Teach me right from wrong

Chapter one: No enemies?

Today it starts. Her new life. It includes: a new town. A new school. And new friends. No enemies. Hopefully.

"Good thing we moved here. Now I´m finally far away from those bastards. Well, not that far away, but anyway I hope I can get some friends here. I´m sick and tired of fighting. And besides I still have bruises from my last encounter with those guys.." Hyuuga Hinata thought as she walked towards her new school.


Slowly Hinata opened the front door of her house. She prayed that her father was already asleep. She didn´t want him to see her like this.

Her nose was bleeding and she had several cuts and bruises on her hands. She had another fight with the two boys from her school. She was lucky that the whole gang wasn´t there, because she would be in hospital right now.

But of course, she wasn´t the only one with bleeding nose and bruised hands. She was sure that those boys were in pretty bad shape too.

She looked around and sighed in relief. Her father was nowhere to be seen. She took her shoes off but suddenly lights lit up.

Hinata blinked couple of times. Her father stood in front of her.

"Hinata, not again." Hiashi sighed and looked his daughter´s bruised cheek.

"Dad, I can explain.." Hinata started but her father interrupted her.

"This was fourth time in this week! Why can´t you act like normal girls?" Hiashi asked. He wasn´t suprised to see Hinata like this.

"Hmh, why should I? 'normal girls' ,as you say, are stupid! Clothes, make up, boys and shopping are everything that matters to them! I don´t want to be like that!" Hinata said and was getting frustrated with her father.

"If you don´t stop fighting, someday you might get yourself killed! And I don´t want that to happen!" Hiashi statet.

Hinata didn´t say anything.

Hiashi sighed.

"I guess I have no other choice. We have to move. And if you get into a trouble again, I will send you to a boarding school. Do you understand?" Hiashi said and looked Hinata with sad eyes.

"Hai" Hinata replied.

"Good. Go to a shower or something. And start packing your things. We´ll move the day after tomorrow. For your own safety, you will go to the same school as your cousin Neji." Hiashi said and walked to the kitchen.

'If I mess this up, I have to go to boarding school. And no way in hell I will let that happen.' Hinata thought and walked to her room.

End of flashback

Hinata was so deeply in thought that se didn´t notice someone in front of her before she bumped to his back. Hard. She fell on the ground. She moaned in pain.

"Great, I have been here five minutes and I already have a bruise. What a way to start a day." She thought and rubbed the back of her head. She closed her eyes and waited him to start yelling.

"Oh sorry, I didn´t notice you. Are you allright?" Some guy with brown hair and red tattoos on his cheeks said and offered his hand.

Hinata opened her eyes and just stared him. No yelling? Not even on punch? Well this was new.

"Um, yeah and sorry. I should have been more careful." She said and took his hand.

"Hey no problem. Are you new here? I haven´t seen you before." He asked

"Yeah, I´m Hyuuga Hinata." She introduced herself.

"Hyuuga, eh? Are you related to Hyuuga Neji?" The boy asked and eyed her.

"Um, yeah he is my cousin. Do you know where he is?" She answered

"Yeah, he is my friend, come on, I´ll take you to him. And I´m Inuzuka Kiba by the way." He said and grabbed her hand.

"Looks like I got a friend." Hinata thought and allowed him to take her towards a group of boys standing near the walls.

"Oi, Neji! I have a suprise for you!" Kiba shouted and all the boys turned to look Kiba and Hinata.

"What now, Inuzuka?" Neji asked with a bored tone.

"Look who is here!" Kiba said and pulled Hinata behind his back.

"Hinata? What the hell are you doing here?" Neji was shocked to see his younger cousin.

"Hi to you too Neji-niisan. " Hinata replied and smiled.

"Oi Neji, is she your sister?" Asked one blonde boy with blue eyes.

"No, she is my cousin." Neji replied shortly. "So what are you doing here Hinata?" Neji asked curiously.

"Well.. I had some problems in my old school.." Hinata said and smiled.

Neji´s eyebrown twitched. He knew what kind of problems.

"I see. Well, let me introduce you to my friends. That blonde boy is Uzumaki Naruto, number one idiot."

Everybody waited for Naruto to say something, but instead he just stared Hinata.

"She is kind of... cute." Naruto thought and blushed lightly.

"Okay...And that cold-hearted bastard is Uchiha Sasuke, next to him is Sabaku no Gaara and his brother Kankuro." Neji told her and then continued.

"And that lazy-ass is Nara Shikamaru and that guy eating potatoe chips is Akimichi Chouji. And then there is that guy with sunglasses, he is Aburame Shino. And I guess you already met Kiba, another idiot."

Hinata nodded and said "Nice to meet you all"

"Come Hinata, I take you to the principal, so you can get your schedule." said Neji before the bell rang.

"Maybe this isn´t so bad after all." Hinata thought and followed Neji.


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