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Teach me right from wrong

Chapter eight: The end

Naruto went pale when the realization hit him. Literally. Almost. Kiba bumped on his back and they fell on the ground.

"Get off, of me, bastard" Naruto mumbled under Kiba. He got up and and panted.

"Naruto, they´re not here."

"I know it! We are in the wrong house!" Naruto yelled angrily and stood up.

"Wrong house? What do you mean?" Neji asked

"Don´t you remember? There is another old house on the west side of the town! Near that small paper factory! Ring any bells?!"

"Oh, that one! Well, let´s hurry up!" Kiba exclaimed and rushed out of the door, nearly taking it with him. The others followed him as quickly as possible.

"Please, let us be in time!" Naruto prayed silently in his mind, hoping that Hinata would be okay.

Kakashi drove like a madman. Well, what else could you expect? The girl was in trouble and bad guys needed to get their asses kicked. It took at least 20 minutes to get to that factory. Naruto got more impatient with every passing minute.

"Hinata, I swear I´ll save you and kill those bastards." Our favorite blonde hero thought.

Finally they got there. Kakashi stopped his car behind some bushes so you couldn´t see it from the house. Naruto was about to run staright through the door, but Kakashi stopped him.

"What are you doing?! Let me go!" Naruto hissed angrily.

"Not yet. I need some evidence so I can get them into a jail." Kakashi stated calmly and took his digital camera from his pocket.

"Evidence? Isn´t it enough that they kidnapped Hinata?!" Naruto protested

"No. Orochimaru is on their side. He can always help them out of trouble. We have to make sure he gets punished too. That´s why I´ll take some photos which we can show to someone another judge, like Jiraiya." Kakashi said and sneaked closer to on of the windows. Naruto growled slightly but followed him quietly.

"Naruto, climb on my shoulders and look inside. If you see Orochimaru with Kimimaro, or someone else, take a picture." Kakashi ordered and handed the camera to Naruto. He climbed on Kakashi´s shoulders and peeked through the window.

Orochimaru was inside, talking with Kimimaro and the others. Orochimaru said something and Kimimaro nodded and handed him a bag. Naruto quickly took some pictures of them and then he glanced the bag. It was full of money. And God knows where they had got them. Naruto took a picture from it, too.

"I´m done. Can we now go to kill them?" Naruto said impatiently as he jumped down.

"No. Not yet." Was Kakashi´s short reply.

"What?! Why?!" Naruto almost screamed, but Sasuk covered his mouth with his hand.

"Shut up, dobe!" He hissed to Naruto´s ear.

"We have to call some help. We can´t get them alone." Kakashi answered to Naruto´s questions.

"Help? Who are you going to call?" asked confused Kiba.

"My friends, Sarutobi Asuma, Maito Gai and Yuuhi Kurenai are in the police force of the neighbor town."

"Fine, but if they´re not here soon, I will go alone and get Hinata back." Naruto growled and sat on the ground.


Meanwhile, inside the house

Hinata tried desperately free herself from her bindings, but it was useless. Sakon had tied her hands tightly, and it hurt terribly, but still Hinata tried to get free.

"Come on, I have to get out of here!" She thought and pulled her hands angrily, only to cause more pain. She gritted her teeth and closed her eyes. The whole situation was so hopeless. There she was, tied up in bed and soon some crazy pervert would come and do nasty things to her. Hinata shivered as she thought Sakon´s kisses and touches. Her eyes shot open when the door of the room opened. Standing in the doorway was Jirobou.

"Are you scared, bitch?" He asked and smirked as he walked towards her. Hinata tried to move away from him, but it didn´t help because she was still tied up. Jiroubou leaned closer to her and grabbed her chin.

"Is it nice to be touched by Sakon?" He asked and eyed her.

"You should know that." Hinata muttered quietly but he still heard that. His eyes showed rage and he slapped her cheek harsly.

"You dirty whore. Just wait when Sakon is done with you. Then maybe I will have fun with you. It will be painful to you, but I will enjoy every moment of it." He whispered in her ear and walked out of the room.

"No. No way I would let them touch me anymore. I have to get out, now!" She started again to wring her hands.


"What´s taking them so long? I´ve waited long enough!" said very frustrated Naruto.

"They should be her by any minute." Kakashi replied and soon after that they heard a car coming. Three person jumped out of the car and Kakashi motioned them to come closer.

"Hi, Kakashi. Too many criminals for you to handle?" Yuuhi Kurenai chuckled

"Well, I´m not sure how many, but Orochimaru is on of them. Finally we have a change to get him in jail. So, shall we go in?" Kakashi said

"Orochimaru? Do you have evidence?" Asuma asked and Kakashi showed him his camera.

"I got some photos."

"Good. But what are these kids doing here?"

"Ah, you see Orochimaru and his companions kidnapped Naruto´s girlfriend, so he and his friends want to help to get her back." Kakashi stated. Naruto was already running towards the door.

"Ah! So there is lady in trouble? How youthful!" Gai exclaimed and ran after Naruto. Others just sweatdropped.

"Let´s go before Naruto gets wild." Kiba said.

Naruto stormed trough the door and yelled angrily.

"Come here, you bastards! It´s time to get your asses kicked!" with that he ran towards the first person he saw, which happened to be Ukon. Naruto punched him on his face and they fell on the ground and started wrestling.

"Where the hell is she?! What have you done to my Hinata?!" He shouted and kept hitting Ukon. Naruto was so furious he didn´t notice Kidoumaru rushing towards him before he felt a sharp kick on his side. Naruto flew away from Ukon and Gai ran to help him.

"What a youthful battle! You, with that ugly hairstyle! Let´s fight!" Gai yelled cheerfully and attacked towards Jirobou, who came to see what the hell was going on downstairs.

"Everyone come out and put your hands up! This is police! You all are arrested!" Asuma shouted and pointed Ukon with his gun.

"My, my, my, what is this all about?" Orochimaru smiled slyly as he glanced Gai wrestling on the floor with Jirobou.

"You are arrested. Now put your hands up." Kakashi repeated Asuma´s words.

"And why, if I may ask?" Orochimaru smiled sheepishly.

"For kidnapping an innocent schoolgirl and several other crimes against society." Kurenai added calmly.

"And what makes you think we have kidnapped a schoolgirl?" Kidoumaru snarled from the other side of room.

"That´s not the only crime you have done." Kakashi said and walked towards Kidoumaru and put handcuffs on his wrists as Kurenai put ones on Ukon´s wrists. Gai had already defeated Jirobou. Meanwhile Naruto and his friends had examined the whole house, but Hinata had nowhere to be found.

"Where the hell is she? There is no more possible places" Kiba said

"She has to be here." Naruto growled and tried to figure out where she could be. Then they heard screaming from the outside.

"Naruto! Neji! Anyone!" It was Hinata. Naruto froze when he heard her screaming his name. In mere seconds he was downstairs and running towards the front door.

Hinata was laying on the ground as Sakon held knife on her throat.

"You bitch! I told you to be quiet!"

"Get away from her now!" yelled extremely pissed of Naruto. Sakon didn´t listen to him, he pulled Hinata up from the ground and threw her over his shoulder and ran to his car. He pushed her on the back seat of the car and tried to start it, but it was useless. The tank was empty, thanks to Sasuke. Naruto dragged Sakon out of the car and started to beat shit out of him.

"You.. You sick bastard! You touched my girl! You won´t get away from this easily! I´m gonna make sure you can never get children! " Naruto was clearly extremely furious. Hinata had never seem anyone with so much hate and rage.

"Oi Naruto, take it easy! Let the judge to punish him!" Kiba said and parted Naruto from Sakon with Sasuke´s help. Naruto panted and released himself from his friend´s grasp. He pulled Hinata out of the car and wrapped his arms tightly around her smaller body.

"You have no idea how good it feels to hold you like this again" He murmured and kissed her hair. Hinata would have put her hands around him, but they were still tied up.

"Naruto, I suggest you to untie Hinata´s hands and give her your jacket." Sasuke adviced and Hinata blushed madly. She still had only her bra and pants on. Immediately Naruto released her hands and put his jacket on her.

"Are you okay?" Naruto asked with concern.

"Yeah." Hinata replied shortly and buried her head into his chest.

"I see you got your girl back, Naruto." Kakashi chuckled as he walked to Sakon adn put him in handcuffs. Naruto grinned and squeezed Hinata closer to his body.

"So, are the all bad guys arrested now?" Kiba asked

"Yeah. They will be in jail for a long time. We found a lots of drugs from the basement. And Hinata, we need you to witness this whole thing." Kakashi said and pushed Sakon towards the police car.

"Let´s go back home."


Naruto carried Hinata to Kakashi´s car and he held her in his lap the whole way back to Hinata´s home. Kakashi had called Hiashi and told him Hinata was okay. As they arrived, they met extremely happy Hanabi and still concerned Hiashi.

"Hinata! Where have you been? Why did you ran away? Oh, forget it, you are safe now, it´s all that matters." Hiashi said and hugged his daughter.

"Yeah. I´m safe now." Hinata whispered and smiled.


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