Letters to Miss H

Written by: Synzunea / Xajmr

Summary: Riza's received an anonymous letter beckoning her to the library. Will she find out who sent this letter to her?

Disclaimer: I do not own FMA. Nobody here does. If we did, we wouldn't be writing fan fiction now would we?

Chapter One: Invitation

Riza Hawkeye had been sitting behind her desk for about three hours now. She spent this time wisely finishing all the work required of her. She would, however, look at the man sitting behind her from time to time.

This man was none other than the flame alchemist, Colonel Roy Mustang. Roy was Riza's superior yet he barely finished his paperwork. Most of the time, the colonel would be attached to the phone, flirting with a young lady he met that day and asking her out on a date for a Saturday evening and much to Riza's dismay, a mountain of unfinished papers would always be left on his desk for her to finish.


Of course, this blonde wasn't a pushover. Countless times she had scolded Roy and threatened him and on certain times he would be held at gunpoint just so he would finally do his job.

"Hey Hawkeye,"

Nothing annoyed Riza more than him but despite all this, her loyalty to this man is immeasurable. If required of her, she would be willing to sacrifice her life to protect him.

"Hey, are you okay?"

"Eh?" Riza then looked at Havoc who was standing in front of her. "I'm sorry. What's wrong?"

Havoc then tossed a sealed envelope addressed to "Ms. H" on her desk. The first lieutenant eyed the envelope curiously and then gave him a puzzled look.

"I found it in my pile just now. It has to be yours," Havoc blurted. "It can't be mine unless someone thinks I'm a woman."

"It could be addressed to Gracia." Riza replied, trying not to laugh.

"It can't be since she doesn't work here. It can't be for Hughes either, so it has to be yours" Havoc said firmly. "Ah, don't worry, I didn't read it. Anyway, I have to get back to work."

As Havoc returned to his station, Riza opened the letter. She wondered if this letter was really hers since no one has written her anything in years.

To the lovely Ms. H

Riza chuckled to herself, thinking about what Havoc said earlier.

To the lovely Ms. H,

Everyday I see you and my heart flutters so,

I cannot stop thinking about you,

May I see you today? At the library if I may.

When our clock strikes twelve, please come.

I wish only for you to see me in another way.

'This is such an awful prank,' she thought. 'It's such an odd letter. Someone in this room wrote it…The letter isn't a day old, who did this?'

All of the sudden, Roy Mustang stood up and exited the room without a word. Everyone glanced at his desk and unfortunately there was still a very large pile of papers left undone. Riza gazed at the clock and it wasn't even noon yet.

"Is it lunch already? It's only 11:50" Breda asked, breaking the silence that filled the room.

"11:54, Breda" Riza corrected, her eyes still focused on the clock.

Then it hit her, could Roy be the one who wrote the letter? Riza's eyes widened and her heart pounded so fast, she stared at the letter for a moment.

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